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Who Opened the Borders?

President Lyndon Johnson signing the (((Hart-Celler))) Immigration and Nationality Act on Liberty Island on October 3, 1965

White babies born today are already a minority. Also, Whites are projected to be a minority by the year 2045. So how did we get here? For those of you high time preference goys who are too lazy to invest the time to read the masterpiece that is Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, I will attempt to summarize his findings about the influence of Jewish intellectuals and organizations in fighting for a liberalized immigration policy.

The first question I am sure that some of you may be asking is, “Why would Jews want a multicultural society?” Multiculturalism serves both internal and external Jewish interests. Internally, it serves the interests of Jews because it allows for Jews to overtly advocate for policies in their interests rather than in a cryptic manner (similar to the NAACP and NCLR), thus legitimizing the preservation of a minority culture in the midst of a majority’s host society. Externally, it benefits Jewish interests because they simply become just another group in a sea of various ethnic groups, thus making it difficult to unite society in opposition to Jews. Historically, Jews have not fared well in ethnically homogeneous societies.

Now let us venture into the echoey history of American immigration policy.

One of the very first advocates for multiculturalism was Horace Kallen. In 1915, Kallen wrote an essay titled Democracy versus The Melting Pot, where he refuted sociologist Edward A. Ross, a Darwinian, who argued that different groups would be in competition for resources (the term “melting pot” was actually coined by Israel Zangwill in 1908). Kallen advocated that ethnic groups should be allowed to remain a genetically and culturally cohesive group while participating in American democracy. Kallen is credited with coining the term “cultural pluralism”. It is also noteworthy that Kallen went on to be involved in several important Jewish organizations: The American Jewish Congress (AJCongress) and The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Kallen’s ideas became very popular in Zionist circles, especially with Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, who was a prominent leader in the American Zionist movement and the ZOA.

So with that background information out of the way, let the games begin!

Immigration Act of 1924 (Johnson-Reed Act)

In 1921, the Emergency Immigration Act was passed and established quotas that used a National Origin Formula. This act was later revised in 1924 with the Johnson-Reed Act. It faced considerable opposition from Jewish organizations that advocated to open up the borders.

Our good goy buddy Edward A. Ross noted that Jews had a powerful interest in immigration policy:

“Hence the endeavor of the Jews to control the immigration policy of the United States. Although theirs is but a seventh of our net immigration, they left the fight on the Immigration Commission’s bill. The power of the million Jews in the Metropolis lined up the Congressional delegation from New York in solid opposition to the literacy test. The systemic campaign in newspaper and magazines to break down all arguments for restriction to calm nativist fears is waged by and for one race. Hebrew money is behind the National Liberal Immigration League and its numerous publications. From the paper before the commercial body or the scientific association to the heavy treatise produced with the aid of the Baron de Hirsh Fund, the literature that proves the blessings of immigration to all classes in America emanates from subtle Hebrew brains.”

Let us take a look at who the Director of the National Liberal Immigration League is. Why it’s Nissim Behar, Sephardic Jew and ardent Zionist. Behar was an irritation to Louis Marshall of the American Jewish Committee (AJCommittee) because they wanted to downplay the fact the it was only Jews involved in advocating opening up the borders. Herbert Friedenwald, the AJCommittee secretary, wrote that is was “very difficult to get any people except Jews stirred up in this fight.” The AJCommittee fought actively against any bill that restricted immigration to White persons. Louis Marshall, of the AJCommittee testified before the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization in 1924 stating that the bill echoed sentiments of the KKK and that “we have room in this country for ten times the population we have.” Similarly Rabbi Stephen S. Wise of the AJCongress testified at House Hearings saying “the right of every man outside of America to be considered fairly and equitably and without discrimination.” Also notable were the Representatives who were opposed to immigration restrictions: Sabath, Jacobstein, Celler, Dickstein, and Perlman (all heebs).

Luckily, the evil goyim won out. Calvin Coolidge signed it into the law and their efforts preserved White America for almost 40 years. Round 1 to the goys in the hood!

Jewish Anti-Restrictionism from 1924 to 1965

As you can imagine this caused a great deal of Yiddish butthurt throughout the land that they lost the 1924 immigration battle. To quote a writer from the Jewish Tribune in 1927, “We regard all measures for regulating immigration according to nationality as illogical, unjust, and un-American” (Oy vey!). Remember Representative Dickstein from the previous immigration battle, well between the years of 1933 and 1938, he introduced several bills to increase the number of refugees from Nazi Germany but the shitlord restrictionsists prevailed. Shitlords in the State Department such as Wilbur Carr and William Phillips were extremely influential in minimizing the entry of Jewish refugees during the 1930s. Jews became concerned that immigration restriction was anti-Semitic due to the 1924 Act which favored immigrants from NW Europe over SE Europe where many Jews immigrated from and because of the refusal to accept refugees from Germany during the 1930s.

Another immigration battle ensued with the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. The 1952 Immigration Act would retain the nation of origin quotas from the 1924 Act. Once again, they were at it again. Groups like the AJCommittee and Communist Party USA (CPUSA) both opposed the 1952 Act. CPUSA at this time was a hotbed for Jewish radicalism with about 40% of membership estimated to be Jewish. The AJCommittee played a major role in influencing recommendations for President Truman’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization (PCIN). The PCIN was chaired by Philip Perlman and the staff of the commission contained a high percentage of Jews. The PCIN report was endorsed by the AJCongress in their publication the Congress Weekly. Senator McCarran accused the PCIN of being a bunch of pinko commies and the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) opened a can of McCarthyist whoopass by releasing a report stating that “some two dozen Communists and many times that number with records of repeated affiliation with known Communist enterprises testified before the Commission…” The report referred particularly to communists associated with the American Committee for the Protection of Foreign Born (ACPFB) which was headed by Abner Green (heeb). Over two dozen commies from this organization met with the PCIN.

Even with all this, President Truman vetoed the bill but the veto was overriden. Later on, Based Senator McCarran (author of the bill) went on to state that subverting the national origins system “would, in the course of a generation or so, tend to change the ethnic and cultural composition of this nation.” Round 2 goes to the goyim once again.

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 ( Hart-Celler Act)

 The final showdown would be with the (((Hart-Celler Act))). Remember Celler from back during the 1924 immigration debate when I previously mentioned him? Yea, well he was the author of this immigration bill which abolished the National Origins Formula. The bill also deemphasized the criterion that immigrants should have needed skills. Finally, the bill also allowed for family-based emphasis regulations that have allowed for the “chaining” phenomenon where a single immigrant can generate over two dozen visas for in-laws, cousins, etc.

In the Senate hearings for the 1965 bill, Senator Jacob Javits would play a prominent role. Javits was Jewish. He previously authored an essay in 1951 entitled “Let’s open the gates” that proposed an immigration level of 500,000 per year for 20 years without regard for nations of origin. In 1961, he proposed a bill to destroy the national origins quota system. He also aimed at removing barriers due to race and ethnicity.

Emmanuel Celler, the author of the bill as mentioned previously, has been battling for 40 years now for open borders immigration. Jewish organizations (American Council for Judaism Philanthropic Fund, Council of Jewish Federations & Welfare Funds and B’nai B’rith Women) filed briefs in support of the 1965 Act. Also, organizations like the ACLU and the Americans for Democratic Action filed briefs (both had large Jewish memberships).

Both the House and Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the 1965 Act. The heebs won and the rest is history.


I agree with Kevin MacDonald’s belief that Europeans must start thinking of themselves as a group from here on out. We do not have the luxury to be individualists anymore. We should be thinking purely in identitarian terms. This is much more difficult than it sounds. Firstly, People of European descent have financial incentives to support their own dispossession. Also, people of European stock (especially NW Europeans like the majority of US Whites) have evolved to be extremely individualistic. We have built extremely individualistic societies over the centuries. Sadly, we have invited large numbers of ethnic groups who are nowhere near as individualistic as we are and they have no problem viewing themselves as a group. If we do not think of ourselves as a collective, then we will lose out in Darwinian resource competition to other ethnic/racial groups.


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MacDonald, Kevin. 1998.  Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review

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    Very enlightening!


    This information is very interesting. Why don’t we learn about this in school is the first question that came to my mind?!

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      the question becomes, who is in charge of our education?

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        We know who is in charge. The same people who opened the border.
        They are also in charge of our (((Media))) and most of the financial sector, especially the (((Federal Reserve))). The names of Federal Reserve Presidents are echoing through eternity! Currently it’s (((Janet Yellen))) before her it was (((Ben Bernanke))), before him it was (((Alan Greenspan))). The entire institution is a purely tribal project owned by their banks and operated by their henchmen.

        Just 2% of our society decides what you see and know. The situation has become utterly unbearable.


        • Mark Talmont

          Ever seen “They Live”?

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      You don’t have to learn this in school if you are intelligent enough.
      Unfortunately we are not over all.
      School ist just a propaganda machine or can be misused as such.
      If you have independent logical thinking abilities you can seperate the lies from the truth. Always look at the outcome and then draw your conclusions from it!

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    The U.S ended after the death of JFK. The government was overthrown and the idiot TV watchers were oblivious to the overthrow

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      The government has been driving the bus since Dulles took over the CIA/OSS. The government is bought by the interests. Some presidents and congressmen are with the government in understanding and intent. Others are not, and in difficult cases, are moved out or eliminated. There is announced today, a counter-coup against the government, which has been subverted by the tribe. The counter coup members are the men and women from the various federal intelligence and law enforcement community. They are revolted by the criminal corruption of the government, including, I hope, the grisly murder and torture being perpetrated on large swathes of humanity.

      The time is now. The battlefield is in the mind. Sunlight is the great disinfectant. Wake up, its morning.

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    I pray every day that more Whites will wake up to become conscious of who we do business with and choose to deal with our own, as the Jews do. That we will act proud of our heritage, reject PC egalitarianism and realize that our children’s future depends on our banding together socially to simply promote our own.
    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

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    The group with the greatest in group preference will always win any contest. Unfortunately the countries of the West seem to be doing the complete opposite.

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    Those that would do us harm only have to win once!

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    I am Jewish and want to know where these secret Jew illuminati groups are? I’m living pay check to pay check if there is some secret billionaire Jew society it sure passed me by.


      Who’s talking about secret illuminati groups in this article? You are not on Alex Jones Infowars. if you want to refute any of the facts presented in this article then bring information that supports the argument you want to make, otherwise: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ab2a919734b5c322db461ac7ca5f8bba2d20a477df9ab8954100d3cff01e7a13.png

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      You would of been one of the Jews eliminated (sacrificed) by the Zionist’s in WW2. There are just some really evil people in this world of all color and race. The average working Jew like any other person will always get screwed over. People should not even use the word Illuminati. It’s shrouded. Put a face to it like David Rockefeller, George Soros, the United Nations Dictator Club, (League of Nations) Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission Bilderberg. Look up the founders of these organizations they are not all Jews but in cahoots with them. This is just the US. There’s EU and it’s sister organizations. African Union and it’s sister organizations.

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      Only applies to Talmudic Jews, who reject Jesus Christ. Also, are you really a Jew? Khazar/Ashkenazi “Jew” is the false variant, nothing but a converted muttery centuries after Biblical times. Talmuds are nothing but racist, satanic supremacist who coincidentally hold financial power.

    • Mark Talmont

      The Illuminati legend is based on facts but the modern interpretations are less verifiable, probably due to some deliberate disinformation. You can look up Antony Sutton’s book on the Skull and Bones for the most reliable account which may have some relevance to the subject. However there are some others who go further


      web search that latter term and decide for yourself. You might want to consider that there are a few flies in the historical ointment that explain some of this, like the “transfer agreement” between the Nazis and the Zionists



      which is absolutely edited from every school history text I have ever seen.

      Ironic how the white Christians in America have been the best friends the Jews have ever had and yet the Soros types seem obsessed with their destruction. See Europe for what they have in mind for the future; if only they can “flip” the Mexicans into Islamist radicals!

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        The White Christians were never for the Marxist /globalist Jews unless they were Christian Marxist that the church is full of.

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    The Darwinian Theory in evolution is a crock. Man never evolved from hominoids. We are a species to ourselves.

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    Their cabal seized control of the money system. Look up the Warburg brothers. Most peculiar how they skillfully used Woodrow Wilson (eugenicist racist) to get the income tax (promised to only apply to the top…1%!) and the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and the beginnings of globalization with the little-know Webb-Pomerene Act which undid the anti-trust laws Roosevelt got passed by way of permitting the trust to simply re-organize offshore (where ARAMCO the “7 Sisters” oil trust came from).

    Some people I know who are marinated in this stuff all rave about the “Synagogue of Satan”–have not spent a lot of time on it myself but it is interesing to note the Star of David on the US seal. David Icke calls this cult the “Rotchschild Zionists”, Soros one of the public figureheads. They are a dangerous, hateful lot and sure seem to escape any terrorist attacks considering one would think the Islamists would have them targeted.

  • IHC

    The deep state via party and supporters are still at work having flooded this country with poor people while using them as tools to stay in power. Sadly – the deep state and shadow government is the true power not only in this country but worldwide. So is it here with opening the spigots pretending to care about anyone other then their own control of power which everyone jumping the borders is providing them.