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The Relentless Rightward March of the Overton Window


The American wing of the Alt-Right has good reason to celebrate and revel in the success of Donald Trump and the ensuing annexation of what was once the cuckservative GOP. The novelty of witnessing an openly nationalist candidate decimate gang of eight style, business as usual career politicians and expose the media for the treacherous corporate shills that they are is a sight to behold. However, as has been stated by others before me, we cannot let our enthusiasm for Trump occupy too much of our attention, nor can we allow ourselves to invest too heavily in one single candidate. I would take this line of reasoning a step further and implore our American camaraderie to take stock in promising developments in Europe. The Alt-Right is a global phenomenon with an ideological arm that reaches across many continents. Just as political pundits describe Trump as a ‘European far right style, blood-and-soil type nationalist’, I believe also that Trump and a resurgent and defiant America feed European nationalists and embolden them in a symbiotic fashion.

There is much debate regarding whether to be white- or black-pilled on Trump’s prospects; this article aims not to delve into that debate. I want to take the time to present the ultimate white pill, namely that the Overton window has begun its slow, steady and unstoppable march to the corners of the far right. When I first began my interest in politics, perhaps 10 years ago as a young teenager, I remember being enamoured by the more milquetoast conservative parties of Europe (think Front National in France). My being a Danish citizen meant that naturally I took the most interest in the Danish Peoples Party, which at the time was more of a fledgling new party than any established force to be reckoned with. I recall the way in which the media would play their usual smear tactics and the ostensible zeitgeist was that immigrants were to be welcomed and that they were an essential part of the new and improved national fabric. My, my, how times have changed.

Pia Kjærsgaard (the founder of the Danish People’s Party) once retorted to the Yes, Sweden government that: “If they want to turn Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö into a Scandinavian Beirut, with clan wars, honour killings and gang rapes, let them do it. We can always put a barrier on the Øresund.” Any newly initiated young nationalist would undoubtedly be thrilled by the expression of such sentiments. It was through this plain speaking common sense talk that DPP went from receiving 12% (413,987) of the vote in 2001 to a staggering 21.1% (741,539) of the vote in 2015. The DPP is now the second largest party in the country and the largest party in the ruling coalition. I remember a shitlib tutor of mine from many years past remarking to me that “the only way the DPP will become a large party is if bombs or guns start going off in Copenhagen.” This logic puts the left firmly on the losing side; you cannot mask the truth forever, and the cracks appearing on the ark of multiculturalism are being flooded with instinctual tribalism.

Enter Danskernes Parti (The Party of the Danes): the concrete proof that the Overton window is real and that even if Trump loses he will have set in motion an unquenchable lust for civic (for now) nationalism. Danskernes Parti have called for a complete repatriation of all non-Western immigrants, they espouse an unadulterated and unapologetic ethno-nationalism and their founder was a member of the National Socialist Movement of Denmark. Just in these past weeks they received the requisite 20,000 signatures to be eligible to stand for the Folketinget (parliamentary/national) election.

It is on this note that I wish to present the ultimate white pill. A recent Gallup poll found that 3.4% of respondents stated they would definitely vote for DP, and an additional 12.6% stated they were considering voting for them. To put things in perspective, if DP captured half of the 12.6% combined with the already secure 3.4%, they would become the fourth largest party in the nation. I could just as easily point to other developments in Europe to support my thesis (e.g. the upcoming referendum on migrants in Hungary), but I judge a case study from a prosperous Western European nation to be more encouraging and appropriate.

Just as the naysayers and shitlibs assumed that the DPP would never amount to anything, we can find solace in the fact that our struggle is righteous and unstoppable. The left have to maintain an increasingly untenable alliance of an amalgam of disparate tribes. We are united. The left have to rely on terrorist attacks diminishing over time. We capitalize on them. The left have to hope that an economic downturn does not occur. We thrive off of the open display of globalist decay and economic betrayal. We are selling a popular product in a time of scarcity and speaking the truth to an increasingly receptive audience. One does not need to be Bill Kristol to envision what the political landscape will look like a decade from now. We have seen that diversity fatigue has a tangible impact on a large enough swathe of our people. The truth is on our side, brothers, and the invaders will regret their failure to adopt a Fabian strategy.