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Requiem for a Dead Presidency

Today, this hallowed Day One of the Trump Age, we watch the man who has ran this country for the last eight years fly off into the distance on his presidential chopper and into the curio cabinet of political kitsch, a relic of a party that no longer exists.

The Party of Obama, the media-adored, elite-favored, swaggering group of cosmopolitans ushered into the White House and Congress on an blue electoral wave in 2008, is dead. It might be a bit easy to forget the political atmosphere at the time, considering how very different it is today. It was the golden age of liberal snark comedy. For eight years a bumbling Texas oil man had ran the country into the ground on a policy of goofy “compassionate conservatism”, which apparently meant Medicare Part D and massive, slogging, destructive warfare against a bunch of illiterate goat herders (to put it lightly) half a world away. Every week (((Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Stephen Colbert))), and others would go on television and TOTALLY EVISCERATE some neoconservative hack. Bush entered the Oval Office in the middle of a tech boom – he left in the middle of the mortgage bust. His approval rating was in the mid-twenties and congress was even worse off in that regard. The stage was set for Obama to radically transform America.

Did he? Perhaps he did, but if he did it was mostly by doing nothing. While the contemporary press will do everything in their power to lionize him, Barack Obama will go down in history as a rather unremarkable and mediocre president. His first two years were spent using every dirty trick in the book to jam Obamacare down our throats, and like everything else he did, it has proven to be a rather mediocre program at best, and wildly destructive at worst. He handed over foreign policy to Hillary Clinton and proceeded to completely destabilize the entire Middle East and watched impotently as Islamic terrorism gripped the region like never before and started running entire countries like Egypt, prior to their coup. His Wall Street reforms froze lending and slowed the recovery. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay and yet it remains open.

Obama was given the high honor of the Nobel Peace Prize only a couple of weeks after the election – he didn’t get it for any particular reason but much like every other honor, accolade, and praise Obama got it wasn’t based on what he did rather than what he represented. And what he represented is what made the Obama Era the Obama Era.

What he represented was the ‘final push’ of sorts, the cherry on top that proved to the world that we had entered a new world order. The old order, built by English settlers who forged an empire out of nearly untouched wilderness in the course of only a century and a half, a nation that would be at the apex of global power for a century more, had been replaced. The inmates for the first time truly ran the asylum. The Browning of America that began only a few decades prior had finally begun to bear fruit politically.

It’s hard to say when the Obama Era ended. Obama in many ways stopped being relevant in 2010, when Republicans were elected into the House of Representatives in a midterm tidal wave. He spent the next two years fighting and bickering with angry Tea Party Republicans and didn’t accomplish anything in particular that will be remembered as his “legacy”.

Perhaps it ended in 2012, when the obvious racial overtones of Obama’s presidency took a predictable turn for the worse – the tones of racial healing (“it’s time we had an African-American president”) had given way to the more naked anti-white attitude which always existed with his candidacies in some form. The smarmy White (and Jewish) pundits that ushered in Obama’s coronation started to fade more and more into the distance, to be replaced with brown talking heads giddy about White demographic displacement and counting down the weeks and months until it happened. Obama’s re-election wasn’t marked by celebrations of some sort of political milestone but rather something like pissing on the grave of White Civilization.

One of the most brazen examples of this was (((Sarah Silverman’s))) “White people” skit on SNL in late 2014, about a month before another nail in the Obama Era was delivered with the complete electoral shellacking they received, ushering the most Republican-dominated congress in generations. It’s probably the best summary of the attitude liberals had during the final years of the Obama presidency: open gloating.

We’re whites. And for now we’re on top. We’ve had a great run, from presidents to Senators — hundreds of years. But we know it won’t last forever, so for these final years of white dominance, we’re going to soak it all in.

Let’s never forget the things we accomplished. Because eventually, we’ll grow old and we’ll die. And then, it’s all yours, Mexicans!

Whites … still calling the shots till around 2050, 2060 tops.

Perhaps the Obama Era zeitgeist really did last all the way until 2016 – the final current year. Perhaps the rubbery old hag Hillary Clinton’s crushing electoral defeat represented its death throes.

Obama’s stewardship of his party has resulted in their utter decimation, having lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. The Republicans are now more powerful than they have been in over 80 years. Come the 2018 midterms they could win enough seats to have enough power to starting changing the Constitution, and this particular ball is all in Trump’s court.

By the time Trump had announced his run for the presidency, Obama’s age of smarmy bespectacled racially masochistic dweebs had drawn to a close, to be replaced with angry, shouting, rioting Blacks and Hispanics. The party of (((Jon Stewart))) has been replaced with the party of La Raza and Black Lives Matter.

As Obama leaves office and President Whitelash begins signing his first dozen executive orders undoing the legacy of his mediocre predecessor, I have only one message for him: don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  • Meme Magic

    Good article. I can’t tell what liberals are more in denial about:
    Trump’s election, or the fact that Obama was an unmitigated disaster for
    their party.

    In the beginning Obama was laughing https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16bb9b937a0cc904adf1fefa58d5f526d9a57058a23330d14d81a50002cc785a.jpg

    Now not so much anymore


    Obama’s obsession with his own blackness and ludicrous sense of self-importance limited the damage he could do. He really wasn’t anywhere near as bad as a president McCain would have been.

    Also, the fact that even the most mild criticism was met with charges of (((racism))) really laid the groundwork to get us towards discrediting the entire notion of protected classes.

    • clive

      If Obummers brains were dynamite,he couldn’t blow his nose.

    • clive

      If Obam’s brains were dynamite,he couldn’t blow his nose.

  • huntress

    Thank God Trump does not drink, smoke, drugs, and has lots of energy. He is going to need it with the disastrous dictator who has FINALLY VACATED!!!

  • Chris McMorrow

    Fantastic article.


    Perhaps sometime in the future, honest historians will look at the past 8 years and tell the story of how a narcissistic racist did all he could to ruin this great nation of ours. It is my prayer to God Almighty that He will once again bless our nation–if only we would return to His sound teachings.

  • PoliticalScience101

    Obama’s Marxist Ideology in a nutshell ..
    The thing is that Liberal Marxist Ideology comes in one package – human rights (minorities rule over local majority), LGBT rights (tyranny over a traditional family and straight people), non-racism and inclusiveness (again tyranny over the local majority), hate-speech laws (silent majority), feminism (men hating), Mindless consumerism, and no one is illegal (open borders).

  • RMS1911

    Barry soetoro the jugeared idiot has been great for killing the demonkkkrat party.
    I suppose he can always run back to the bathhouse.
    A little something for the commies….^_^