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Dhimmitude as Patriotism: The Inversion of Truth

Ibtihaj Muhammad photographed at the Fencer, New York, on feb 9, 2016.
Ibtihaj Muhammad photographed at the Fencer, New York, on feb 9, 2016.

There’s now a push for the U.S. Olympic team’s torchbearer to be a hijab-wearing Moslem woman.

I often wonder what it’s like to be in some class talking about our Founding Fathers, the sacrifices they made, liberty and manifest destiny and the American experiment and all the things that every schoolteacher taught until recently, and turn around to see Jamal, Sanjay, Juan, and Abdullimah. How can a person talk with any sense about a national community and “our” founders with people whose patriotism extends as far as they can prosper from a country that White men built?

It’s impossible, of course, which is why there is this need to redefine our past into a bland amalgamation of feel-good words. It’s necessary if people don’t want to constantly draw a dividing line between who is and is not a real American, which most don’t. How do you talk to hijab girl about how “we” secured the bridge at Remagen, or how proud “we” were of Charles Lindbergh’s flight on the Spirit of St. Louis? An Indian couldn’t speak comprehensibly to me about “our” ancestor Chandragupta Maurya if I became an Indian citizen, because I could never be an Indian except nominally.

This is entering Soviet territory of rule through humiliation. Any sensible American realizes that our supposed national ideals of tolerance, religious liberty, and being a beacon for all the world are contradicted by some girl in a niqab running around with the Olympic torch. The more you extend tolerance to such people, the closer they will be to extinguishing said tolerance forever and achieving sovereignty over dhimmis, as is their perpetual goal. With this knowledge, we are made to gesticulate and clap like trained seals waving their flippers at the symbol of our national destruction found in Hijab Woman, directly in the face of common sense. As Tim Wise often says, “we’ll get to your kids,” and they have done so, along with enough adults to destroy you if you refuse to praise the Emperor’s new clothes. These people are the two little pigs who built the straw and stick houses, which failed, and found their way into our brick house, only to insist it was theirs all along and now force us to pretend that this is so.

This system of universal adherence to obvious lies extends to Blacks, who are told by a Jewish media that cops are genociding them, and will kill them at any moment. These less-than-stellar minds buy right into it, being fed an inverse brand of unreality and reacting with far less tact or self-control than Whites, who are cowed into tacit, grumbling acceptance. The system is rigged in their favor, but they can’t compete, because of other lies about racial equality, and the unreality is enhanced by removing even the possibility of responsibility in a population by simultaneously spoiling them in a society they can’t compete in, while also telling them they have it the worst.

The more Moslems prove they are incompatible with the West in recent months, the greater the push to force us to pretend otherwise as their numbers increase. White businessmen aren’t real Americans, we’re told, they’re anti-real Americans, which are Moslems who are heroes that overcome our hatred of them to fight for us. More particularly the heroes are their fathers, who make population replacement and national destruction seem like the most patriotic goals of all. The hero is the young genius who came here for a better life and made clocks, not the narrow-minded bigots who judged people by appearances. None of these stories have a speck of truth, nothing about a Moslem woman carrying our Olympic torch is a positive sign, nothing about the mass increase of Moslems they’re preparing for with all this is positive, but we must jump through these hoops of untruth without casting even a glance askew. I’m getting real tired of living in a world where up is down, good is evil, and left is right.