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Our Pozzed Judiciary

My hare-again / gone-tomorrow relationship with all of you largely revolves around (a)having something interesting to say and (b)my ability to keep my identity unknown to the masses and protect my family (including my 2 boys due to be born in a few months.) All of that aside, we’ve managed to comfort our collective jimmies with the quaint notion that the 1st Amendment is still around (for now) so there’s little for most of us to worry about.

What I do is a little different than your average goy. I’m involved heavily in dealing with non-whites as a criminal defense attorney. I can keep my own views on race and our society separate from what I do. I routinely represent blacks and hispanics and treat them with respect (even if they may not deserve it) and try my best to get the most favorable result possible.

However, law school being the heavily subsidized debt-mill it is, I am still roughly 80 large in the hole from a JD degree I earned over ten years ago. (Thank God I’m not a recent grad, where law and college debt is larger than most mortgages but that’s another discussion for another day.) My anonymity allows me to contribute what I can online when I can and still pursue a career path that allows for a comfortable middle class standard of living. Even if I were outed to the general public, I should not be disbarred. What I say, while unpalatable to the tv-addled normie crowd, is still protected by the first amendment, and no bar association in the world would disbar someone for what they say, criminal incitement notwithstanding.

Well as they say on the interwebs, that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo:

The ABA has seen fit to poz the everloving shit out of my once noble profession in order to protect POCs and fags and trannies and every other piece of ovenable excrement by means of deleting the right to trigger Lena Dunham into a child-molesting rage and the right to tweet Ghostbusters Jones to go fuck her harambe-hole with a pointy stick. The courtroom is gonna be one big fucking (((safe space))) soon enough.

The (((ABA))) board of governors is a diversity wonderland, with leadership mostly held by (((womyn of color))) I have never given them a thin nickel since I got my free membership after graudation. Every time I get one of their publications I immediately send it to the circular file. But these people are extra sensitive to the needs of minorities to (((feel included))) and overcome (((white privilege))) which as led to their underrepresentation in the legal profession. (Note the urging of many non-white law students pushing the abolishment of racist bar exams.)

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct are generally non-binding on the bar associations of the various states. However, most state bar associations draft their own rules of conduct that closely follow the model rules. Also, federal courts follow the ABA standards, so once this monstrosity is shoved through on a “Si” or “Mm Hmm You Go Girl” vote fairly soon, this will bleed its way across the land. If the First Amendment cannot protect lawyers anymore, the people who study the constitution and swear an oath to uphold it, what hope do you plebs have of holding onto it?