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The Death Panel, joined by Master Chim, can’t help themselves and continue to revel in the liberal tears of #MAGA. Featuring Le Spoopy Autiste, Guess The Sound and The Merchant Minute Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, Bulbasaur, Intern Myne1001 Special Guest: Master Chim

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The Daily Shoah #103: Vice Shitty Stories

The Death Panel welcome Vice reporter Elle Reeve, and BULBASAUR! YES, BULBASAUR! REJOICE! So strap in an prepare your jimmies for an extra long, rustling presentation. Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Alex, Ghoul, Lauritz Von Guildhausen, BULBAFUCKINGSAUR! and Intern Charlie Hammer. 00:00  Intro / 2:00 Elspeth Reeve gets answers. [-didn’t take any notes here I was just crying the whole time fam smdh- Intern Charlie] – gymnastics tweet (Elle locked down her twitter, the images referenced are below) – Current Year Gymnastics/1988 Gymnastics 02:20:20 – Chateau Autiste More savagery, no chill 03:04:55 – Merchant minute -Catching up with Bulby 03:30:00 – D’nations & The …

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