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The Unexplained

I have been fascinated by the unexplained for, literally, as long as I can remember. Now, by “the unexplained” I do not mean such matters as what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, or Amelia Earhart, or the shot that may have come from the grassy knoll. I mean the really out-there, woo woo stuff that makes people look at you funny. As a child I was fascinated by anything witchy, and one of my fondest early memories is seeing the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Only later did I come to realize that this was actually a rather inept attempt by Disney …

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My Code

A few years ago, I decided I needed a code to live by: a set of principles to guide my life. Now, it’s not as if I hadn’t already discovered some principles that seemed right to me; it wasn’t as if I was flying blind, without any convictions. But I had never sat down and reflected on exactly what my “code” consisted in, and put it all on paper. So, I decided one day to do just that. But nothing I do usually turns out to be easy or simple. And my little exercise in reflection actually turned into a research project. …

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Introduction to Aristotle’s Politics

Author’s Note: The following introduction to Aristotle’s Politics focuses on the issues of freedom and popular government. It is a reworking of a more “academic” text penned in 2001. Part I: The Aim and Elements of Politics 1. The Necessity of Politics Aristotle is famous for holding that man is by nature a political animal. But what does this mean? Aristotle explains that,

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Voltaire’s Anti-Semitic (Philosophical) Dictionary Part I

Voltaire’s Anti-Semitic (Philosophical) Dictionary Part I Strap yourselves in, autistes. This week’s episode of KulturKampf is pure, concentrated Philosophical anti-Semitism from the guy we’ve all been told ushered in the destruction of traditional European values, Voltaire. The content is short but dense and packed with lulz for all. We even stumble across typical Jewish revisionism of gentile greatness! Crank your tendie-machines up to 616, grab your big gulp of ovaltine, and let the anger wash over you. All on this week’s episode of KulturKampf!

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