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Somebody’s Spreading the STDs

I was standing in the express line (twelve items or less) at Food Lion, one of the South’s low to mid-tier grocery chains. I prefer Food Lion over Kroger and Whole Foods because it’s genuinely quicker to get in and out when running errands – the bourgeois and intolerable SWPLs and organic-only non-GMO fanatics swarm the two stores and make the experience more than unpleasant. There is a tradeoff for shopping at Food Lion though, you’ll experience a mixed (and colorful) bag of humanity. On one hand, you’ve got your salt of the Earth – country folks, rednecks and blue-collar …

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Leaving The Fence On The Milo Issue

I do enjoy a bit of drama and Milo-Gate hasn’t let me down, I’ve spent more time than usual catching up with the latest discussions and podcasts, reading comments threads and various articles. Back in April when Milo Yiannopoulos began flirting with the Alt-Right I wrote an article  in which I expressed my dismay that a flamboyant gay Jew should be courting a movement which would see him deported to Israel, but if he was willing to help us achieve that goal then, hey, great!

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The SDQ (Sexual Deviant Question)

Why is sexual deviancy an undesirable thing? One such reason that I am writing an article on is the negative societal effects of the hermeneutics of gay suspicion. The prevalence of homosexuality in society has led to an increased suspicion of homosexuality between men when engaging in activities that used to be considered normal male bonding behavior. The männerbund is suspected by some to be the cornerstone of civilization, and when the männerbund cannot properly form due to distrust between members, society is harmed.

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