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Western Trophies 2016: Our Modern Marathon

The dated adage that those who abscond their own history are bound to repeat it has become all but a modern cliché. Like Our American ValuesTM, Santayana’s aphorism is often invoked by anyone wishing to appeal to history as a justification for policy aimed toward the future. But this worn-down aphorism has also had the unintended side-effect of obscuring a more meaningful and relevant message–especially for the White Nationalist Counter-Semitic Alt-Right. By the end of this essay I hope to have imparted that message so that you may carry it into your daily life and the larger fight for Western, …

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Red Ice Live – Israeli NGO Helping Migrant Boats Reach Europe’s Shores, Instructs Them Where to Go

Henrik & Lana expose IsraAID, an Israeli NGO that is helping migrant boats reach Europe’s shores by waving them in and giving them instructions on where to go. Meanwhile, Israel itself has the lowest refugee admittance rate of any country in the world. Why won’t they help Palestinians or take in these migrants from Syria, the Middle East and North Africa themselves?

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Introduction to Aristotle’s Politics

Author’s Note: The following introduction to Aristotle’s Politics focuses on the issues of freedom and popular government. It is a reworking of a more “academic” text penned in 2001. Part I: The Aim and Elements of Politics 1. The Necessity of Politics Aristotle is famous for holding that man is by nature a political animal. But what does this mean? Aristotle explains that,

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