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Western Trophies 2016: Our Modern Marathon

The dated adage that those who abscond their own history are bound to repeat it has become all but a modern cliché. Like Our American ValuesTM, Santayana’s aphorism is often invoked by anyone wishing to appeal to history as a justification for policy aimed toward the future. But this worn-down aphorism has also had the unintended side-effect of obscuring a more meaningful and relevant message–especially for the White Nationalist Counter-Semitic Alt-Right. By the end of this essay I hope to have imparted that message so that you may carry it into your daily life and the larger fight for Western, …

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Introduction to Aristotle’s Politics

Author’s Note: The following introduction to Aristotle’s Politics focuses on the issues of freedom and popular government. It is a reworking of a more “academic” text penned in 2001. Part I: The Aim and Elements of Politics 1. The Necessity of Politics Aristotle is famous for holding that man is by nature a political animal. But what does this mean? Aristotle explains that,

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