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How Blacks Changed Our School

A once-vital Catholic school is now is steep decline. I am a teacher at a small Catholic school, where I have taught for over 15 years. During that time I have seen a massive demographic shift in the student population. As you might expect, the effects have been mostly—and significantly—negative. This shift closely mirrors the overall trends in our society in terms of its effects on group behavior and identity, and the future of our country.

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Why Are Asians Invisible?

Because liberals want it that way. Every so often, someone in the media or academy asks, “Why are Asians in America largely invisible?” It’s a good question. Almost no one worries about the welfare and identity of Asians–unlike for blacks and Hispanics. You can see this discrepancy everywhere.

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Interview With Nathan Damigo Of Identity Evropa

Recently a new group called Identity Evropa has been making waves through the alternative Right underground through its formalized fusion of identitarian and alternative Right beliefs. We are fortunate to have interview responses from Nathan Damigo, leader of this group, for your reading pleasure today. What does “European” mean to you? Does this mean people who reside in Europe, or those descended from the indigenous people of Europe? What about mixes? Every day when I wake up I look in the mirror and see Europe. I see it in the face of my mother and that of my father. I …

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The globalist left keep telling us that “diversity is our strength™” and that we can only have it through a ridiculous policy of open borders, mass immigration, political correctness, and race mixing. Predictably enough the Rio Olympics and the largely miscegentaed nature of the host nation is being pressed into service in selling this message, but to see its validity, just keep an eye on the medal table. Usually host nations do particularly well. China won in 2008 and the UK was third in 2012. But don’t expect to see Brazil emulate any of that.

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