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Zulu – Men of Harlech!


    One reason the movie survives is that it gives a lot of credit to the Zulus for sheer guts. The accounts I’ve read that are more historical indicate that the Zulus engaged in a lot of sniping with their supply of firearms and then advanced at night. Ineffective suppression, but they were not completely stupid.


      Gotta second this about the Zulu.

      Savage and uncivilized? Certainly. Cowardly? Hardly.

    • Deplorable KEK

      Make sure your kids see this film…it is the best redpilling ever. Distribute bootlegs liberally.

  • Deplorable KEK

    Here is an Afrikaans film made around the time Baker made Zulu. It’s the same British forces from the Boer POV.


    Battle of Majuba Hill. The Anglo-Boer war takes place a few years after the events in Zulu.

  • admiral

    Saw Zulu in the local movie theater as a 10 year old kid. Great.