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Xenoskepticism is a Good Rule of Thumb

  • Deplorable KEK

    The Cultural Marxist Left gets much of their power from words. I think we should do the same.

    Just as ‘phobic’ is a Greek word, ‘skeptic’ also comes from a Greek word.

    Xenoskeptic; I like it.

  • Big Rod

    It seems throughout human history, that no matter how widespread or evil an uprising leading to war or revolution is, and no matter how many historical records or artifacts we collect to remind us all of these atrocities, future generations will repeat the mistakes of the past.
    There will always be those who question or get skeptical about historical events but only in recent centuries thanks to advances in technology, will these repercussions from global conflicts, especially if 2 or more ‘superpowers’ collide, lead to potentially the entire destruction of the one planet we know of that supports life… earth.

    The time for interplanetary settlement building is more paramount than ever before… yet resources get wasted fighting and arguing with each other here on the one and only plant we know of that supports ALL of us…very very sad indeed.