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Why I’m Not A Libertarian Anymore


    Libertarianism is just another form of white flight.

    I once pointed out to a libertarian the overwhelming “whiteness” of his clique.

    He became quite hostile.

    • therealtruthseer

      So when Christ Fled the mass for which it wanted Him for public government, why did he flee?

  • therealtruthseer

    So…. the argument is then how much of my life, which God gave to me, not man, is to be up for debate? So where is that demarcation? 10%? 20%? 50%? 75%? Where?

    • guard4her

      All of you appears to be up for debate.

    • guard4her

      I was just having some fun realtruthsucker. Briefly, the line of demarcation is worship. Your body is not your own, you were bought with a price. Giving your body as a living sacrifice is your spiritual worship.

      Taxation is based squarely upon ownership. Caesar’s coins belong to him, therefore he is entitled to payment for their use. That is the scriptural foundation for taxation. However, the IRS considers that the US government actually owns your physical body. That is why, for example, you have no basis in your own labor for tax purposes.
      It is therefore certainly no coincidence that the affordable care act is enforced by the IRS. They are attempting to get you to render your body to them. So look at yourself in the mirror. Whose image and inscription do you see?
      We are not allowed to voluntarily give our body or become slaves. “You were bought with a price, therefore do not become slaves of men.”
      So the final issue is the first commandment: worship and what worship means.

      • therealtruthseer

        It sounds as if you have given up. You, and others with similar convictions, giving up affects me; which is the reason I’m harbor libertarianism. Balancing philosophical convictions of the two parties, R and D, and with the precepts of what libertarianism means for social interactions, and with the belief that I am not subordinately bound by my neighbor’s assumptions, how else can a Christian resolve his connection with God’s commandments?

        • guard4her

          Sorry, I don’t understand what you say at all. Given up how or what?
          Are you talking about the conviction of worshiping God? Or the conviction of not becoming a slave?:
          You’d rather everyone were a slave? Or what?

          • therealtruthseer

            Giving up, meaning, unto Caesar blah, blah. It seems you advocate paying taxes, but then thank the government for not taking everything. I pay taxes without being physically combative. I voice my objection to the undue tax burden, yet it seems you object to my objection by saying the old bromide of what is Caesar’s.

          • guard4her

            The “old bromide” is a direct quote of Jesus taken out of the Bible. It is derived from one of the Ten Bromides of the Old Testament.

          • therealtruthseer

            Like thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s: success, wealth? The very favorite of mine is: Thou salt not steal.

            I don’t appreciate being talked down to. Because of that, being Christian means allot to many people. One of the many tenets is being responsible towards others and treat them with respect. You sir are not respectable towards me and who I am.

            A third commandment is do not lie. You seem to enjoy having others pay taxes without a limit, and then lecture others for government to do beneficial actions in your name. That is what Christ meant of what’s Caesar’s. Wealth is a part of me just the same as my being. If there are government infrastructures that need maintaining then that is what’s Caesar’s. Send me the bill and I’ll pay what is Caesar’s. For that is only a fraction of the government’s fiscal oblation, and what’s truly offensive is the payment to the national debt. Now tell me that bromide again?

            Further, that “direct quote” is not accurate. More likely a person may have heard what was said, but the author of the NT was repeating what was heard, not said. The reason it is accepted is that the author was spiritually guided and therefore respected as truth.

  • StukaPilot

    there is, of course, an ethnic reason why Libertarianism became the “Marxism of the Right”: the 3 principal icons of this atomistic faith are all Jews: Rand, Rothbard, and v. Mises, all peddling yettanother version of the Universalist Tikkun Olam.