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What Kind Of A Man Refuses To Take His Own Side In A Fight?

This post is something of a sequel to my recent post on Kraut and Tea into my exploration of this new breed of leftist popping up on YouTube, the anarcho-libertarian-socialist-individualist-whatever else- gobshites creating eloquent but vitriolic ‘content’ about us, such as this purely coincidentally jewish guy (((Wizard of Cause))):

I viewed the content, I understand the arguments, but I cannot for the life of me see why white men, particularly Germans! would be trying to sell this incoherent, paradoxical bullshit to the wider world. I watch this stuff and my mind is beset with questions…..

What kind of a man refuses to take his own side in a fight?

What kind of a man intellectualizes his way around what’s staring him right in the face?

What kind of a man sees the barbarism of the Third World horde encamped on his land then proclaims the virtues of ”radical individualism”?

What kind of a man seriously expects Somalians, Afghans, Turks and Iraqis to hold in esteem Enlightenment values invented by white Europeans hundreds of years ago?

What kind of a man views this casual savagery inflicted upon his own womenfolk and comes to the conclusion that it’s simply one free individual behaving abhorrently toward another, while being deaf to the idea he has more kinship towards one than the other?

What kind of a man gleefully sells out future generations of German children to ethnic hatred, minority status and persecution?

What kind of a man sneers at, insults and wishes failure upon men of his own kind who’re outraged by the present situation and striving to reverse it?

What kind of a man can think of himself as ”free” when the only freedom he is allowed is debasement before consumerism, porn and genetic oblivion?

What kind of a man proclaims ”freedom of speech” to be his highest value while never questioning the Holocaust Denial laws which ban historic investigation into his own country’s past?

What kind of a man manages to rationalize his way around the brutal fact that his masters have a clear and well understood agenda to gene-kill him?

 What kind of man can meet daily the arrogant grin of the invading conqueror and convince himself ”It’s fine, they mean well, things will be ok”.

What kind of a man can intellectually absorb the fact that the ”sane centre-ground” is set upon a historic course which will see him and his people disappear from the planet?

What kind of a man seriously thinks that in a society of ‘radical individuals’ nobody will ever rig the game and act as a group?

What kind of a man thinks millions of Muslims who’ve burned the world for millennia in search of women and plunder will suddenly embrace his Middle Class bourgeoisie decadence?

What kind of a man looks upon the people of all the world as family while the people of the world spit in his face in return?

What kind of a man advocates his ”Hyper-Individualist” clique come together as a mass block to fight the Alt-Right and not see the paradoxical irony of his own idiocy?

The answer to the above…is that he’s a rank coward and deserving of nothing but hatred, scorn and ridicule.


    He’s a Jew, that explains everything.

  • Grumpy

    Liberalism is a religion in itself. It is godless and its followers are unaware of their zealotry in supporting the globalist agenda as they have been hoodwinked into believing a pseudo Christian perversion from the pulpits of the Guardian and the BBC. Religious beliefs when ingrained are very hard to shift and the follower will cling onto these ideas that they have been brainwashed into for years, despite the narrative falling all around them. They are also stubborn arseholes that refuse to admit they have been duped. The mind is very good at protecting well held beliefs from reality as the mind subconsciously shields itself from the trauma of such deception.

    Obviously still a bunch of cowardly fucks that arent fit for anything.

  • Nemon

    This Bad Penny aging hipster pseudo-philosopher king shyster, and his arsenal of hand me down over simplistic 60’s cliches, is a sign that they are worried. The global compassion fraudster cult he is a member of has spent the last 50 years with almost no personal sacrifices, no risks and no opposition. For 50 years they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing. It is as Diana West noted in her book ” Death of
    the Grown Up “, ” the 60’s inaugerated a cult of permanent adolescence “— ” an entire generation has been rendered incapable of summoning up the harsh and effective measures that are needed to deal with very real and existing problems ”
    These are the people that Western schools and universities have mass produced , that

    (as Jonathan Bowden described) have been conditioned by political correctness , to ” look over their shoulder before making a remark, even if they are standing alone in the middle of a wood. ” They have been taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think. They have never had a controversial, unpopular, or risky idea in their lives. Nobody is going to chuck a brick through his window. Him and his ilk are a series of standard regulation issue kit knee jerk responses. ” Reductio-ad-Hitlerium ” = Reduce everything to Hitler. How fucking original. Did he spend years racking his brains to reach his conclusions ? No, they have been handed to him on a plate. He must have spent years carefully cultivating his phoney wise sage facial image and tonal inflictions in a mirror , and talks and talks but says nothing. Him and his LGBT
    (alfabet soup) friends- ” oh love him –he’s a Liberal.