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The Xir Response to Trump’s Inauguration

That is funny as hell. But again I cannot tell if a shitlib protestor is man, woman, or xir-beast. The modern Left is a Rorschach test. What sex and/or species do you see?

Leftoid protestors used to have a veneer of coolness (way back), until the internet thunderdome exposed them all as androgynous fatty crybaby loser fugs. They’re like a mass catfish operation on normie society; you think you’re reading about scary revolutionaries and then a phone camera catches them blubbering in the middle of the street as cheetos tumble out of their chin folds and you’re not sure if they pee sitting or standing.


Pudendum: Bill Clinton.

  • huntress

    Good lord these lefty loons are beyond a mental institution. I have a border collie with more connection to the real world than these nutjobs.