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The reality of identity

This is only the beginning. Identity>Culture>Politics. There is no more “Republican” vs “Democrat”. It is now whites vs non-whites and white quislings. All long-term strategies now need to revolve around demographics, not ideological policies.us_elections_2016_exit_polls_race_624-1

Note that the majority of white women voted for Trump. Less than one-third of non-white women did. This indicates that feminism and female suffrage, for all that they are a serious problem, are actually less dyscivic than diversity.


    What the chart shows is that there is outright ignorance concerning the meaning of a Republic. It also shows a hatred for all the positive accomplishments W.A.S.P’s are responsible for, and without them, the entire country would probably have ended up looking like modern day South America.


      This chart is actually misleading because Jews (80% voted against Trump) and Arabs are still counted as “Whites”. If you exclude them from the white category 70-75% of actual European Americans voted for Trump.

  • DepBicuspid

    Your analysis cannot be accurate. There is a huge difference between say, black male & latino male votin patterns.

    Trump has a better approach, of attempting to reach out and make these different groups feel enfranchised.

  • jem

    What the chart shows is prepolling data from a small sample size. We all know how accurate the polls turned out to be. Get better data, then we’ll talk.


      I’ve taken the Edison Research data now, it shows a general picture and includes Asians as well. The reality of identity politics ruling the day is clear.