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The Generational Decline Of The American Elite: A Physiognomy Photojournal

Funny and true and most importantly has real potential as a meme generator-slash-social science survey of generational decline in the American elite.

The Roosevelt clan as a case study in the atrophy of a family of great American men into low T cucks.

When I think of real American noblesse oblige, I think of a family like the Teddy Roosevelts, old-money American aristocracy who had power, wealth and status, but none-the-less did their duty at great cost. Read about Teddy Roosevelt, Jr.., the ultimate anti-cuck, who was in many ways more impressive than his father.

Neophyte supplies the photographic evidence of a generational shift in the Roosevelt family from shitlord physiognomy to neoteny/gaypedoface.

You can actually see the generational shift toward neoteny. It’s like some Animorphs type s**t. In case you ever doubted that ZOG is increasingly poisoning our water supply with estrogen:

Teddy Roosevelt Jr:


Teddy Roosevelt IV:


Teddy Roosevelt V:


And then it all f**king comes apart…

Ted IV, who started out so nobly, became an investment banker after Vietnam and now he’s a full-on cuckservative who supported Kasich in the primaries and feels that the Golden Don isn’t “right for the presidency or the GOP.”

And of course, his son, Ted Roosevelt V, is a 40-year-old, childless, Obama-fellating Democrat, faggoty, uber-SWPL hedge fund manager, who runs triathlons instead of serving in the military. He’s completely detached from ordinary people, a repulsively smug creature whose male ancestors would have found odious and unmanly. He is an avatar of our debased age and the utter dead-end of a noble line.

The degradation of America’s ruling class in form and function is so plain to see to anyone but the elite themselves. And that is why they will fall.

Trump will make America’s fortunate sons masculine and magnanimous again.

MAGA 2016

GALA 2016

thecunt 666


    In theory this degeneration can be reversed when resource restriction finally returns. But in the case of the Roosevelts…