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The Election Tragedy


Regardless of who wins the looming presidential election – and as of now, in an attempted psy-op to demoralize Trump voters, the media is heavily overweighting Democrat voters in its polls – this election has been a tragedy for a number of reasons.

The Stakes

It is a tragedy that the stakes of a presidential election have risen this high. The President is supposed to be subordinate to the Congress, not a king with the power of the purse and the sword in his – and hopefully not her – hands.

The Cuckoldry

It is a tragedy that the Right has grown so cowardly that Trump – a thoroughly compromised candidate, to be sure, although also the hero America deserves rather than the hero she needs – was the only one with the gumption to challenge it to stand and fight instead of retreat. “Cuckservative” is indeed the correct term for these losers: they have looked on as the Left had its way with their country, masturbating to the Constitution, Abraham Lincoln, and Israel all the while.

The Treachery

It is a tragedy that the Republican Party has refused to support its presidential candidate against the existential threat posed by mass-immigration from the Third World and world war between the East and the West. History will remember these Republicans not as men of intelligence and integrity, but as greedy, cowardly imps who chose to rule in Hell rather than serve in Heaven.

The Complacency

It is a tragedy that someone as wicked as Hillary Clinton is actually a viable candidate and seemingly impervious to any controversy – even while acknowledging that the Saudis and Qataris are backing ISIS while accepting their money and prattling about women’s rights. Whatever Trump’s seedy past (and the allegations are all either unfalsifiable or untrue) it pales in comparison to Clinton’s vile corruption and rank treason.

The Dishonesty

It is a tragedy that the media has, at long last, dropped all pretense of being the people’s guard-dog and has become the Left’s lapdog. The media has made the terrible discovery that in a democracy – especially a democracy of what WikiLeaks caught a top Clintonista calling “a compliant and unaware citizenry” – lying can be more effective than telling the truth.

If Trump wins, then Americans will have won a major battle, though not the rest of the war. Just as King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans sacrificed themselves at Thermopylae in order to buy time for the Greek armies to assemble against the Persian horde, so a President Trump would, by opposing illegal immigration and military escalation with Russia, buy time for the Right to reorganize as a populist movement (e.g. protectionism and nativism) rather than an ivory-tower ideology (e.g. corporatism and cultural Marxism) and finally go on the offensive against the totalitarian, collectivist Left.

If Clinton wins, then the Left’s march to turn America into a one-party state will be complete. She and her “coalition of the fringes” will act rapidly and ruthlessly to consolidate power by accelerating the displacement of white Americans, suppressing civil liberties, and expanding the number of tax-consumers over tax-payers.

Either way, the only hope for the historic, traditional America – that is, a country of white Americans, by white Americans, and for white Americans, governed on a spectrum from paleoconservative to paleolibertarian – is a dissolution of the Union or a revolution in Washington, D.C. Dissolution appears the plausible prospect, as the United States is massively oversized and bitterly divided between a white, right-wing heartland and multiracial, left-wing cities.

It is a tragedy that the American republic must now fall from within, but it is also true that the sooner this fall comes, the better for the future of its people. To quote the great American revolutionary, Thomas Paine, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my days, that my child may have peace.”

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    I will try voting this time, even if the election is rigged.