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The Alt-Right Are the Real Racists


In the wake of the Hillary Clinton alt-right speech, pundits and Twitter normies nationwide are making the provocative accusation that the alt-right is–and you may want to sit, fam–actually racist.

An obvious diversity hire at Rolling Stone wrote an article with the insulting title, “Call the Alt-Right Movement What It Is: Racist as Hell.” He speculates that the alt-right may be actually bigoted, declaring that “Calling these people anything less than vile racists would be morally reprehensible and intellectually fraudulent.”

Damn, Lincoln Blades. You always was a silly ho. Calling the alt-right racist is undesirable, unwarranted, undeserved, unflatulous, and unnarcocious. Retraction please.

And according to a Daily Kos writer, Donald Trump’s “alt-right supporters are very, very mad that people are calling them racist.”

Of course we are! Did you forget that we’re supporting a guy in the party of Abraham Lincoln, the lovely man who killed 620,000 of his countrymen so to stifle a peaceful succession in the model of the American Revolution? Do you disavow Robert Byrd?

In a report on the alt-right that included images from this site and Radix, doughy pedoface CNN reporter (((Brian Stelter))) said “[Alt-right] supporters claim they’re not racist or divisive . . . But that passion on these fringe websites, fringier than Breitbart, does sometimes come across as sexist, racist, and anti-Semitic.”

Wrong. CNN are the real racists because of the soft bigotry of their low liberal expectations. The alt-right acknowledges that all them block bois wuz kangz and sheet.

And hundreds of normies on Twitter are nailing us with a variation on this killshot: “weird how alt-right people say they hate political correctness, but still use the politically correct name ‘alt-right’ instead of neo-nazi.”

So unfair! We’re nothing like Nazis! They’re those bigots that killed 30 trillion innocents. The alt-right is much more akin to the Jews. That’s why every alt-right website has a prominent donate option.

I guess the time has come to determine whether or not the alt-right is actually racist. And in conclusion . . .

The alt-right is 100% actually racist. Which is leaving certain media outlets stumped. It’s a bit like the (probably apocryphal) story of the Aborigines who ignored the White man’s ships as they first approached the Australian shore because enormous wooden boats were so alien and bizarre to the ooga-boogas that they could literally not perceive them.

The alt-right is a little like that. We’re so acclimated to a society in which all people are linked by a primal fear of being called racist, that when a group of people admit to being racist, the media can only reflexively speculate that these guys may actually be racist, as they imagine us collectively recoiling in horror and rage at being pinned with the scarlet R.

The alt-right is not simply incidentally racist, or tolerant of racism. Beneath the ironic and insular surface of internet memes and in-jokes, the alt-right believes in the reality of human biodiversity. Being earnestly “racist”–which is to say that race is real and possessed of profound meaning and implication–is the doorway into our movement, the place where the alt-right begins, but certainly does not end. Acknowledging HBD and its fundamental importance is the crucial point where VDare deviates from Breitbart. Where David Duke distinguishes himself from Donald Trump. The point where Jared Taylor and RAMZPAUL separate from (((Milo))) and Paul Joseph Watson.

If you’re still talking about Black Lives Matter being the real racists, or if you think that Detroit looks like the set of an Escape From New York reboot because of Democrats instead of Blacks, this is the door; the (((“cultural libertarians”))) are that way. They’ll be very interested in your thoughts on the regressive left and boobs in video games. Just make sure not to ask (((Cathy Young))) why diversity is good for America but not for Israel.

The egalitarian “cultural libertarians,” like all who refuse to reckon with the realities of race, are responsible for upholding an absurd superstition that endangers our culture’s survival. At some point in the postwar era it became regarded as more abject to notice racial dysfunction than to be a dysfunctional member of a dysfunctional racial community–the taboo of thinking critically about race became cemented, and the “racist” took on the role of heretic in an increasingly secular west.

This was a (((top-down))) effort enabled by the (((academics and media propagandists))) who justified denying the reality of racial differences by citing what amounts to a semantic technicality: that the taxonomic parameters of where one race begins and another ends are vague and mutable. No one would claim that dog breeds are a “myth” because the names of breeds have changed over time, or because dog DNA is overwhelmingly shared amongst all breeds, or because mixed-breed dogs exist, or because some beagles are smarter than other beagles, but variations on those fundamentally unserious ideas are frequently used so to deny the reality of race. This Talmudic sophistry does not change the fact that, for example, Blacks–or, the people we currently think of as “Black people”–have considerably lower median IQs world-wide, as compared to the median IQs of Whites and Asians–sorry, the people we currently think of as “Asian” or “White.”

In reality, not only is race real and important, but one cannot truly understand America without thinking seriously about it. Consider Baltimore. In responding to a recent story on the New York Times website, a commenter named Jennifer wrote: I have walked the sidewalks in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood. Block by block of abandoned buildings and bulldozed vacant lots. The community has clearly not seen $1.00 of investment for anything in at least 50 years.

Sandtown-Winchester is seventy-two blocks, home to roughly 8,500 Baltimoreans. It is also a grim and blighted place that many Americans would find inconceivable in its squalor. It is understandable for someone to ascribe its appalling condition to economic deprivation.

In reality, more than 130 million dollars were spent in Sandtown-Winchester in an ambitious project of targeted urban renewal that lasted from 1989 to 1999. More than a thousand houses were built or renovated. Job training programs were launched and Sandtown schools were radically improved. The benefit was negligible, and today Sandtown has more residents in prison than any other region of Maryland.

In 2015, on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart said, “If we are spending a trillion dollars to rebuild Afghanistan’s schools, we can’t, you know, put a little taste Baltimore’s way. It’s crazy.”

Wrong. The Baltimore city school system has the third highest per capita expense in the country at $17,196 per student.

The answer for Black failure is always more investment, greater redistribution. How much more of our wealth do we have to rout to the incinerator? It will not end until Whites regain the courage to take their own side and tell the truth about race.

We too cannot understand the world without an understanding of race. Somalis have an average IQ of 68. An individual with an IQ below 70 is considered disabled. Somalis are permitted to immigrate to America and Europe in extraordinary numbers. We are afraid of telling the truth about their innate differences, and instead welcome in a class of people fated to parasitism, and doomed never to meaningfully contribute to our societies.

A better question than whether the alt-right is racist, is why racism is in fact bad. Racism does not imply hate or even hostility. It is simply the belief in something for which there is a great deal of evidence. An elderly White woman who may have been the victim of Black crime is “racist” for a learned fear of Black men. Her private anxiety is considered immoral in our strange new world. The militant anti-racism protected with religious fervor by so many individuals and institutions is an oppressive and unnatural project that we are correct to oppose.

Beyond simply being racist it is important that the alt-right admit that we are, by name, racist. A good argument can be made that the terms racist and racism are propagandistic and without real meaning. Sure, granted, but it remains tactically advantageous to declare ourselves to be racists. To say, “I believe in HBD” or “I’m pro-White” interests sounds euphemistic and evasive to the left. Acknowledging that we are racist leaves the opposition with nowhere to turn except to actually debate race with us–a losing proposition for the left.

Conversely, bubblehead CNN Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany demonstrates nightly that giving credence to the idea of racism while trying to deflect accusations of it is impossible from the right. By refusing to make an argument on behalf of her own people, Whites like McEnany–who routinely quotes Martin Luther King on air in support of Trump–perhaps believe that they are contributing to the death of racism. Instead they make the anti-White racism of the left more vicious, as even the most absurd accusations about White people go uncontested. The White race is on trial; our unwillingness to make a counter-argument is taken as tacit admission of guilt. Telling the truth about Black failure keeps the opposition honest. Anti-racist Whites strengthen the narrative of Black Lives Matter when they refuse to tell the truth about Black social dysfunction and crime. Cowardly Whites turn our people into villains–and targets–by refusing to explain why Whites move away from Blacks, or why American Blacks make less money than Whites and Asians. White silence equals violence, indeed.

The only justification for denying the reality of race is the utopian fantasy that by doing so, the natural tensions of diversity will dissipate. We have spent the last fifty years attempting to achieve social harmony through see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil racial denialism, and what has it produced? Race riots. European Jihadis. A countdown clock hanging over the head of White America. Anger. Confusion. Fear. So yes, the alt-right is racist, because only by being so will we save the world.

John Oliver was right. It is 2016, fam. Which means we are running out of time. We must stop apologizing for being racist.

  • Hapa

    I like the meme of allowing others to accuse you of being ‘racist.’ Try it out. It just means that you are conscious of racial differences, nothing more. There isn’t necessarily any value judgement in this. I’m proud of my race and it’s intelligence, though there have certainly been ancestors of mine who were evil, murderous bastards. I guess our only weakness is that shame for the behavior of our forebears. That’s kind of a trap. Gotta work on that one…

    Any hints from anyone on dealing with that reality?

  • dan

    white = racists, there’s nothing to say, you don’t have to defend it just accept it and move forward. Even the leftards are included, and some of them find that out when they go out to virtue signal alone without their safety wog to pronounce them down with the cause, and the dindus beat the shit out of them or better yet dust them.

  • Scout Wellsrain

    I am proudly racist. Objective reality and peer-reviewed science (facts) are as well.

  • dadbag

    HUH.. I am intrigued by the honesty. I’m white, 73, and did not grow up in this conundrum. I feel like you, that there’s war on white Christian males. Not alone i see. Never saw these writings before. I identify with you, kinda. I don’t hate blacks, although I hate the direction of my homeland. You’re right, say something CONTROVERSIAL, and oh no. He’s a racist. But as my late girl used to say, “I’m not a racist, I have a color TV.” She was funny., and horribly missed by Dadbag. And yes, something wrong here, lately. I remember Africa taking farms from the Dutch, only to go belly up run by black Africans. I despise BLM, as they are invited to Bigearspurplelips Outhouse, sucks. But Franklin Graham is not invited , ever, and I see racism, against us, I suppose you use a nom-deplume., otherwise you’re a big racist. And this move to change school names because G. Washington had slaves. WTF is going on. Interesting, you wrote Somalians low IQ, and shipping them to Europe. The mooslim mess in Germany, France et al, Can’t the libtard fools see the throwbacks will never assimilate. When Islam reaches 5 or 10% sharia will be demanded. Obummer is trying to dilute the US like Europe, hope he is stopped and Trump wins. Schools should kick out the gangbangs, if they can’t learn, fuckem. And YA, white men founded this country, Obummer thinks we have racism in our DNA. So what. I’m not KKK, just a California guy surrounded by Mexicans. But I’ll take a ton of beans over suicidal islamic dirtbags, allergic to baths and deodorant. I dig Larry Elder. He’s smart and black, on the radio.

  • dadbag

    And yeah, whites are smarter, on average, but lots of dumb whities. Still don’t get alt-white. Some libspeak from some pasty wimp., athiest, no doubt.