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The 4 Major Power Centers Of The Globalist Left

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    —But Whites are attacked on another front; by the teaching and indoctrinating of feminism.

    Feminism is used as a weapon almost exclusively and for the sole purpose of
    attacking White males. White women are taught that White men are the biggest oppressors in history, and that women have basically been ‘enslaved’ all these years under the Patriarchy.

    Richard McCulloch, in his obscurely titled The Ideal and Destiny (which I think I can safely assume none here have heard of, much less read), called it “the unkindest breach.”

    He was a perceptive thinker and (very) occasionally still publishes pieces at The Occidental Observer. The first few paragraphs of the chapter on feminism read:

    The potentially most divisive force which has recently arisen [he was writing in 1982] within the race of Northernkind can be seen in some of the more extreme manifestations of the feminist movement. Many women have been attracted to this movement for many reasons. The best among them have been motivated by an orientation towards productive achievement but many others, unfortunately, seem to be attracted to feminism due to a sheer hatred of men, and of Northern European men in particular. It is the latter women who have created the most pernicious aspect of the feminist movement: its exploitation as a vehicle to attack Northern European men and women, alienating them from each other, breaching the unity and solidarity of the racial front, and destroying its ability to successfully combat external threats due to its preoccupation with internal conflicts.

    The “generation gap” created primarily by the extreme anti-self altruist-egalitarian
    militancy of some young people was a very divisive, weakening and debilitating force, but the attempt to create an anti-Northern Man alliance between Northern European females and non-Northern European ethnic groups threatens to be infinitely more divisive at a time when the Northern European peoples need most desperately to be united. Those Northern European women who have leagued themselves with non-Northern European and anti-Northern European groups to attack Northern European men must be regarded as among the most unnatural of altruistic traitors
    to their race.

    The attempts to create an interracial alliance between women of different races against men, and especially against Northern European men, are unnatural in the extreme, and those Northern European women who proclaim their solidarity with their Armenid, Congoid, and Chicano “sisters” against male oppression are engaging in
    an unnatural and nonsensical form of rhetoric. The battle lines of the future will not be drawn on the basis of gender but on the natural divisions of nation and race and, to a lesser extent, on the man-made divisions of ideology and religion. These have always been the dividing lines in conflicts and always will be. In biological terms, race is the dividing line between competing groups, not sex, for the sexes are the partnership required to form a viable group. Race, not sex, is the mechanism of group evolution. Those females who betray and abandon their race to form an alliance with other races will find themselves isolated on the wrong side of the battle line. If their adopted, unnatural allies are victorious it will be a hollow and Pyrrhic victory for these treasonous females. The defeat of the men of their race will be their defeat and demotion, and the defeat and demotion of their children and their posterity, as well.

    Despite being written some thirty-five years ago, the book has lost none of its relevance. Professional economists would undoubtedly take issue with some of his economic commentary, and he at times veers into a sort of unlikely idealism, but all in all, his errors are minor and his idealismforgivable. He wrote as an unabashed nordicist (hence all the references to Northern Europeans).


      He was a prophet.

    • Michael Lamendola

      the writer is a moron,.

  • Deplorable KEK

    Progressive utopians needed to normalize gay men because gays act as nearly perfect shock troops to destroy healthy, traditional societies. They incorporate the Radical Enlightenment’s model of human life through their atomization, alienation, anomie, hedonism and lack of boundaries.They don’t care about their families, communities, race and nation; they don’t care about history or the future because they behave like addicts in search of their next fix and only care about the present; and they engage in a sterile parody of miscegenation through their willingness to bugger men of other races, often without bothering to learn these men’s names. The ones with money and passports go on sex tourism trips to the world’s poor countries to bugger the local boys, again without recognizing the personhood of these young men.

    In other contexts leftists of a philosophical turn would criticize this kind of behavior for exploiting the poor, dehumanizing the person, objectifying the human body and then using it instrumentally. But because gay men do this as their normal practice, they receive encouragement for indulging in their damaging and ridiculous compulsions.

  • Michael Lamendola

    wow, this is straight out of a kkk wetdream. what a bunch of racists. F%%% you.