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Skinning the Invisible Knapsack, Part 3 of 5


    white privilege: being able to shit on your ancestors and get “street cred” amongst your liberal, cosmopolitan peers and no one bats an eye.

  • Nemon

    21. “Speaking for your racial group,” is the product of almost every famous black
    outside entertainment being famous for being black, fighting for “civil rights,” etc., having nothing else to contribute to our politics, science, or anything else but demanding more without any reason beyond “gibsmedat” for the sake of “gibsmedat.”

    22. Yes, Whites are oblivious to the world while Blacks tend to be very interested in Mayan history, the practice of Jodo-Shinshu in Japan, always reading the Bhagavad Geta, etc. This is very true.

    23. Yes, blacks criticizing the government and demanding more is seen as a crazy, foreign, alien practice, not something we assume will happen before they even open their banjo lips.

    24. Yes, in no way is it true that blacks have been promoted beyond their capabilities,
    corporations simply do not have diversity departments and constant seminars to jam diversity in our faces, never happened.

    25. Yes, cops pull over blacks after pulling up alongside them and looking for melanin, it has nothing to do with swerving around, having expired tags,a tail light out, tinted windows, arrest warrants, etc.

    26. Yes, blacks are not over-represented by 6000000% in commercials, you simply
    can’t find these people anywhere jammed into our faces constantly.

    27. Yes, Whites being the majority population means there are more Whites around, shocking stuff. Blacks simply don’t have thousands of organizations dedicated specifically to them, while Whites have endless pro-White organizations that blacks are excluded from.

    28. Ah yes,those capable negroes rising up through organizations who get fired
    instantly for daring to disagree with a White. Happens all the time.

    29. Ah yes, that time that Tyrone suggested that Chang should get a promotion, and Tyrone got fired by an HR director glaring at him while suggestively holding a noose.

    30. Sure. We all know how the establishment rolls its eyes whenever a black dares to raise his voice, and dismissively murmurs about jungle bunnies.

    Everything she wrote about was bullshit in the 80’s, it’s even more so now. All the
    whining about not being inclusive enough, not listening to black voices, has been overturned toward our present culture of obsessive negrophilia, not because blacks ever had anything worthwhile to contribute, but solely because worthless people like McIntosh crooked the knee and betrayed their race because they sensed where the money, and hence the careers, were shifting. It has nothing to do with facts or logic, it has everything to do with this matriarchal need to coddle groids as they act worse and worse, because that will build up your career while opposing it will destroy you, simple as that. Hence the MacArthur “genius grants” which are now handed out exclusively to G-Money and his epic autobiography “My story of slinging crack, turnin my life around, going back to school and slinging truth to our White supremacist System.”