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Shia LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” Live Stream Ruthlessly Trolled by /pol/

The degenerate Jew Shia LaBeouf has no idea what he’s unleashed.

Shia LaBeouf the degenerate Jew best known for his role in many unwatchable Hollywood films, has launched a continuous four year live stream to protest Donald Trump. Setup in New York City outside the Museum of the Moving Image, LaBeouf is encouraging people to stop by and say “he will not divide us” throughout Trump’s presidency. It is perhaps one of the most retarded things one could imagine. You can check it out at the website hewillnotdivide.us.

I guess LaBeouf foolishly thinks he’s creating some type of clever anti-Trump propaganda by doing this. In reality, he’s doing the opposite. He has unleashed the forces of meme magic against him in the most powerful way possible.

Even though it has only been running for a short period of time, the live stream has been ruthlessly trolled by /pol/. LaBeouf has already gotten into a physical altercation with some of the trolls. Here are some of the trolling highlights over the past few days.

What is happening here is truly great. Through the use of meme magic, /pol/ is literally channeling the spirit of Kek through LaBeouf’s stream! There is little doubt that the stream is going to get continuously trolled. The results of which are going to be highly amusing and entertaining.

Praise Kek! Hail Victory!

  • huntress

    These complete and utter nutjobs need a rabies shot. They’re all foaming at the mouth.

    • Night King

      They certainly look like cultists when they chant in hordes.

  • Fleevy

    Update: Shia got arrested for assaulting someone on the stream. RIP my sides