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r/K Selection Theory Ends All Political Debate


If there was an easy to explain theory that caused a controlled demolition of your detractors’ entire political worldview and left it neatly collapsed into its own footprint, wouldn’t you like to know how to articulate it? Incredibly, r/K selection theory seems to be able to do exactly this. It shows without a doubt why a conservative, back to traditions type of sociopolitical system is the healthiest and most natural approach for the human species to embrace.

If you logically distill any idea that applies to humans down to how it biologically and evolutionarily affects us, you will generally end up with the most beneficial system of that type. For example most people would agree that science has confirmed that concentrated sugars and fats give a temporary burst of pleasure, and that the associated dopamine surge in our brains is an evolutionary mechanism that came about to help us seek out calorically dense food sources in the wild.

The problem with this mechanism is that it leaves us susceptible to the over indulgence of highly refined sugars and oils that are so freely available in our modern post-agricultural world. Over consumption of them is linked to a range of chronic diseases and so we have to do our best to temper our pleasure seeking food desires with the knowledge that these things are harmful in excess.

If the drive for calorically rich food can be so problematic, what about our sex drive?

The reproductive strategies of different animals are born out of different environmental pressures and what types of resources (mostly food) an animal requires to survive. Because the ‘r’ selected traits in these examples below emerge strongest when animals have a near limitless access to their food, it’s usually the more herbivorous and/or lower on the food-chain type of animals that fall into this category. As you see with the ‘K’ selected traits, since these emerge out of high competition environments, you get a lot more of the omnivorous and carnivorous animals that fall into this category. If you memorize the following two sets of 5 traits and develop a solid understanding of them, you will be armed with the most effective political debating weapon ever conceived.

The 5 Traits of ‘r’ Selected Animals:

  1. Risk-aversion
  2. Promiscuity
  3. Low-investment and/or single-parenting with lots of kids
  4. Early sexualization of offspring (compared to length of lifespan)
  5. Loyalty to family over the tribe

The 5 Traits of ‘K’ Selected Animals:

  1. Competition proficiency
  2. Pair-bonding
  3. High-investment in fewer offspring with dual parenting
  4. Late sexual maturation of offspring
  5. Equal loyalty to the family and the tribe

In nature r/K selection exists on a vast spectrum. On one end you have the least parental investment possible (such as a male fish fighting for territory and then spraying a cloud of semen over thousands of unattended eggs) and on the other end you have the most investment (such as two human parents raising their child right until adulthood, and even paying their way through University). Here’s a rough idea of what this spectrum looks like with a few different animal kingdoms used as examples:

(r) Insects <— Fish <— Most Reptiles <— Most Mammals —> Most Birds —> Canines —> Humans (K)

If you were to zoom in on the most ‘K’ selected end of the spectrum that features humans, you’d find various species of primates not far behind us. If we just focused on humans however, we’d see a range within just our species as well. In the ancient and even pre-agricultural world the closer to the equator you look, the more ‘r’ selected the cultures generally were, and often still are. This was shown through a greater tendency towards polygamy and other forms of non-monogamy because resources were fairly abundant for these cultures during their evolution over the last 10,000-50,000 years.

Some people are quick to point out there’s Kings and rulers all over the world, and specifically in Europe, who have practiced polygamy in some capacity. That’s certainly true as any ruler will concentrate wealth under their control and they can then easily support multiple spouses and offspring. This was not widely accepted by the highly ‘K’ selected European public however, so it was nearly always done in secret. Exceptions to the rule tend to get a lot of people’s attention, but individual examples don’t demonstrate accurate trends.

Maori PolygamyPolygamy was also simply completely absent from the non-royal artistocratic and middle classes in Europe, whereas in more equatorial regions those classes would frequently have a small harem, never as large as a Sultan or other ruler, but still often more than one spouse. This meant a lot of men in the lowest class were either slaves who weren’t allowed to have wives, or they were forced into battle to die and free up more women to marry up the ancient economic ladder.

Having a harem of women or multiple wives is seen as a status symbol in the Middle-East, Africa, and some parts of South America. In many cases child marriage is even still practiced in these regions (‘r’ selected trait 4. above). In the business world of these regions there are far greater rates of nepotism which has the effect of reducing competition in the marketplace (‘r’ selected trait 1. and 5. above). The value systems of the people in these regions has them unable to understand why this isn’t ideal.

Any time a business selects someone for a job based on any factor besides their proficiency, such as promoting someone because they’re a family member or having to adhere to gender/racial affirmative action laws, this causes a loss of potential economic growth within that company and then the larger market as a result. If a culture’s entire economy functions in this ‘r’ selected way it’s clear how technological progress slows down.

By contrast the further North you go in the world, such as Asia or Europe where these populations evolved for 40,000-50,000 years in climates that were resource scarce, K selected traits have been more strongly selected for over time. Monogamous pair-bonding (often for life), dual parenting, strong in-group trust for the tribe (family is important to ‘K’ selected people, but not to the detriment of the tribe), and a greater willingness to cooperate and trade rather than conquer and steal, due to high-trust having been a behaviour trait selected for epigenetically during the last ice age.

Arminius WifeIt’s important to point out that European conquest internally or externally didn’t really take off in a major way until after an ‘r’ selected Middle Eastern religion came in and subverted the native beliefs throughout Europe. Indigenous ‘K’ selected pre-Christian Europeans were definitely capable of war, but it was more rooted in self-defense and survival than a desire for conquest and empire building. Imperialism came about from extreme changes in social structure which can be explained with r/K selection theory.

While Christianity is far more ‘K’ selected than say Marxism, it’s still more ‘r’ selected than the pre-Christian European social orders. An exception to this would be the Roman empire which was based on a pagan belief system, but through its expansion and conquest it gradually became increasingly ‘r’ selected from things like the abundance of sex slaves they kept. This eventually turned into all out sexual degeneracy practiced by many Romans, but especially the elites.

“This is in the sense that the matrimonial bond was strictly observed by the Germanic peoples, this being compared favorably against licentiousness in Rome.”
“No one in Germany laughs at vice, nor do they call it the fashion to corrupt and to be corrupted. ”
-Tacitus, Germania (Ch. 18, 19)

51PDt6MFhCL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Annonymous conservatives book on r/K-Selection Theory sums up what will most likely be the defining political theory of the 21th century.

  • dadbag

    Interesting stuff. Never saw this before. Kinda like it.


      The first book in our literature list is about r/K Selection Theory. It literally explains the evolutionary political differences between Leftoids and Conservatives. After reading it, you will never again be able to look at Leftoids with anything but contempt and disgust.

      • But what you don’t get is that the leftist culture is perfectly suited to city life. And the culture of the right is suited to country life.

        Each is suited to its ecological niche.

        Your statement tells me you have been divided. On your way to being conquered.

        The culture war is most useful to whom? Not you. And not those you rail at that is certain.

        • I’m not much for Hegel but in this case he fits. When you have two irreconcilable opposites you need to take a “meta” view of the situation. Synthesis.

          How can the two cultures mutually benefit each other? Because neither is going away any time soon.

          • INFOCAT

            Leftoids are not adapted to our modern evolutionary environment whatsoever. Be it city or country life. In fact, evolutionary selection is taking place quite fast right now. The average Amygdala size is growing in the White population and leftoids are breeding themselves into oblivion. Whites are becoming more ethnocentric or as a leftoid might say, “racist”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8704820568cbf77f117ec2af9e8533f5e6e5f387d9f8888d41de8f0b7242fc1d.png

          • Thanks for the reply.

            Cities have almost never been a self sustaining population. They are near carrying capacity. They get “revived” by influxes from the countryside.

            “Country boy goes to the big city” is a very old story.

            What I would like to see is some kind of political organization that accepts the two ecologies and helps them operate in concert.

            We are a long way from that because we are not thinking about it. We are mired in culture wars instead.

            And just who benefits from pitting the two ecologies against each other? Work on that for a while. Then maybe you will get how you have been divided on the way to being conquered.

          • INFOCAT

            Ohh, i know (((Who))) benefits.

          • If you understand then you should be working on destroying the game not playing it.


          • BTW I’m doing a post. Your site will be linked.

          • Let me add that more than a few Red States are going Blue. If a synthesis is not arrived at the culture that you like will be buried – for a while. Perhaps even a long while.

            The Soviets held out for about 80 years.

            I don’t think I would care for that around here. Though as an old man death may save me. It will not save my children.

          • INFOCAT

            Yeah, we have articles analyzing the demographic situation in key states such as Texas: http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/ftn-analytics-texas/

          • INFOCAT

            I am and so is the entire Alt Right.

            Concerning your thesis of “Country boy goes to the big city” is a very old story.

            You still don’t understand that ideology is mostly genetic in origin. The Average Amygdala size is crucial in determining your “disgust levels” and your moral value level of sanctity (Jonathan Haidt’s research is very good in this regard http://people.stern.nyu.edu/jhaidt/ ).

            There are many other components like the average distribution of genes for ethnocentrism in a population
            ( http://www.truthjustice.net/hbd/ethnocentrism-around-the-world/ ) but the size of your Amygdala is by far the most important. For all who are interested in the topic i recommend you check out the blog of annonymous conservative: http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/home-page/

          • INFOCAT

            Two of the links didn’t work, i corrected.

          • Uh. I do get that ideology is genetic in origin. See my

            A Thermodynamic Explanation Of Politics

            Now you have to ask why both “r” and “K” persist. The answer is that they both have value in their ecological niches.

            I link to an article here; https://www.spartareport.com/2016/11/thermodynamic-explanation-politics/ that you really should read. The linked author looks at r/K from a point of view “outside” the culture wars. I have communicated with him. You might like to as well.

            By remaining inside the “war” you only insure the next round of city domination. It is inevitable. Look at what the Republicans did from about 2000 to 2008. By fighting the culture war in Congress they handed our government to the City people.

            And we got the Obama disaster.

            If Trump can do a synthesis “It is not the Federal Government’s Problem” we may get some improvement. If he heads a crack down on “liberal morals” we will just get another round of the culture wars.

          • INFOCAT

            Look at what the (((Republicans))) did from about 2000 to 2008.

            (((Neocons))) are hardly conservatives:

            All conservatives need to do is reverse the (((Hart-Celler Act))) of 1965: http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/who-opened-the-borders/

            Trump would have won in a 60-65% Landslide if it weren’t for the newly imported Democreep voting base: http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/non-whites-of-every-stripe-vote-democrat/

            Deporting illegals and a large chunk of legal Hart-Celler immigrants is literally the only way to safe America economically and culturally. If conservatives don’t do it the nation will definitely go broke and collapse like the Soviet Union: http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/hispanic-immigration-and-the-demographic-decline-of-america/

            Racial, ethnic and religious diversity creates endless strife and is a universal evil. It destroys social cohesion and leads to misery and suffering for all involved. By now we have so many studies on it i can’t list them all: http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/diversity-proximity-war-the-reference-list/

          • By fighting them you strengthen them. The best thing to do is to leave them alone (as much as can be done) and let them fail on their own. For the failure to be instructive it has to be seen as coming from their internal contradictions and not outside opposition.

            Trump – if he executes – has the right idea. Leave abortion to the States. Leave Drug Laws to the States. etc.

            BTW the crazy that energized the left was Terry Schiavo (sp?). And Republicans don’t seem to have learned that lesson.

  • dadbag

    Enjoyed the r/k thing, too. DB

  • Timothy Johnson

    Are the theories espoused by Andrew D. Basiago and Steven Greer examples of r/K selection behavior?


    Basic Alt Right reading material.

  • Philosopher

    This is way to simplistic, Sweden liberal as hell, along with Belgian, and most of Europe.
    Where as most blacks and Hispanics, reject abortion and homosexuality, but will vote for a democrat, for financial gain.

    I believe left- right has a lot more to do with social conditioning, and IQ than with genetics.

    Any person with an IQ under 130 really cannot understand how they are being lied to and manipulated.

    The above 130 bunch that make the rules and hold the power, are divided between good souls and despots, both sides struggling for dominance and influence over the less fortunate minds of the earth.


      You’re wrong, blacks in the US vote in their tribal interests. They simply vote for policies that will increase their evolutionary success and get them more resources. And since they have significantly lower IQs on average than whites and can’t compete in their society they vote for gibsmedat.
      As for whites. Europeans evolved to be individualists in middle-age Europe due to special selective pressures. A lot of white liberalism comes from these adaptations that even make a lot of white rightwingers heavily individualistic (“muh-freedoms”, “muh-constitution”, muh-libertarian society”).

      Here is a good article as an introduction to to the topic:

      • Howard Roark

        A lot of white liberalism comes from these adaptations that even make a lot of white right wingers heavily individualistic (“muh-freedoms”, “muh-constitution”, muh-libertarian society”).

        Yeah, and?

        I take it your some kind of ” Fashy ” ?? LOL

        • INFOCAT

          I take it your some kind of “faggot” ?? LOL

          • Howard Roark


  • I have been writing about this for years:

    A Thermodynamic Explanation Of Politics

    But I come to a different conclusion. There are two ecological niches. City & Country. The rules are different.

    The problem is that each “side” thinks it is right and tries to RULE the other. That doesn’t work. And that is why we get political oscillations.

    And the 1% who understand this? Divide and conquer works very well.

  • Well that is interesting. My comment got deleted.

    No matter. Here is an article with some good advice:


    The solution? Conservatives must face leftist extremists on equal ground. We must avoid the temptation of using government as a weapon to extinguish them. We must avoid stooping to their level. Otherwise, there is an serious risk that we will falter in our principles and become just as bad if not worse than the regressive left. And yes, this means a decentralized civil war — a war in which government is denied as a player. As long as conservatives refuse to wield government as a sword in our arsenal, we will win against all enemies. The second we wimp out and beg government to aid us in our fight, we will be co-opted and assimilated by the elites.

    It seems like the original design – libertarianism – smaller government, local decisions, is the answer.


      My comment got deleted.

      Which comment? Disqus sometimes bugs but i don’t easily delete comments myself. Try reposting it!

      • It is not important. It is reprised below in other comments.

        Thanks for letting me know.

  • DJ Mystery Twister

    r vs K,the Fundamental battle being waged.

    • Mexicano

      There is an FB discussion group on r/K if you´re interested – https://www.facebook.com/groups/187782054968995/

      • K Selected – Mr Twister

        I am interested…. but that would mean using FB… which I am not interested in…
        But thanks for the heads up all the same.

  • This is the article I promised.

    Two Ecologies

  • r/K selection theory as an application for human behavior and even racial differences in behavior is wrong because Rushton didn’t properly understand ecological theory, nor did he understand evolution, nor did he understand anything involving r/K selection theory which means one can safely disregard what Rushton—or anyone like Molyneaux who doesn’t know about the theory—says about it.


    I understand it’s now a buzzword in this part of the Internet and that it’s growing in popularity—but that doesn’t mean that it’s a correct application of said theory to humans! r and K refer to local populations. Where is the local population of liberals and local population of conservatives? How do you study liberals and conservatives in the ‘habitats that the selection was hypothesized to have occurred’? Do you see how dumb it sounds to apply r/K selection to the within group variation that comprises Man?

    People like Anonymous Conservative don’t understand evolutionary theory, nor do they understand how the r/K selection theory is applied to organisms. It’s just an arbitrary ‘this fits my preconceived notions so I’ll say this and that’, which is exactly what Rushton himself did with his application of r/K to humans.

    AC et al is right if and only if his theory can be applied to the within group variation of Man. I’ve shown above in the linked article that it doesn’t, therefore any claims from Rushton, AC, Molyneux, or anyone attempting to explain human behavior using r/K theory is immediately wrong. Though, money is a strong motivator so do I see AC et al saying that they are wrong in their interpretation of r/K selection to humans? Nope. They’re too concerned with money—not the truth.

    • T.I.J

      Phillippe Rushton is not cited a single time in AC’s book. In no way, shape or form does the Theory depend on his opinions.

      AC outlines a very coherent theoretical explanation for the differing psychological behavior patterns existing on a bell curve distribution in our population. Especially when it comes to the functioning of the Amygdala for which we have quite a lot of data by now.

      Leftists are indeed in favor of early childhood sexualization to increase the quantity of offspring which will inevitably reduce the quality and competitive edge of children. They rank significantly lower on the moral foundations of “loyalty”, “authority” and “purity” as outlined by Jonathan Haidt’s research into moral psychology. Making them more accepting of all sorts of degeneracy, deviancy, and disloyalty to the ingroup.

      They desire a redestribution of resources to the entire population to reduce competitive stress and advantage while giving far less to charity and being significantly more narcissistic to increase their own reproductive advantage.

      Their general mindset becomes more and more nihilistic, atheistic and anarchistic the further left you go on the bell curve. A denial of these biological realities in our modern age is ridiculous when we can easily measure their psychology and brain functionality in all sorts of ways by now.

      Does that now mean that AC is completely right in his opinions on r/K-Selection Theory? No, much more research is necessary to understand the psychological differences between leftists and rightists in full detail.

      But the general framework outlined by r/K-Selection Theory very likely applies to the bell curve distribution in psychological behavior patterns we see in our population.

  • Random Dude

    Isn’t R/K selection an outdated model?

  • Charles Crosby

    The dominance of the ‘r’ type in western civilisation just proves that the end is nigh and Yashua Messiah must come to wipe them all out with His harvest time bonfire – for ‘r’ type read Tares.

  • Mexicano

    There is an FB discussion group on r/K for anyone interested – https://www.facebook.com/groups/187782054968995/