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Rally ‘Round The Flag: How The Globalist Left Is Trying To Overthrow President Trump

It’s become clear that the Globalist and Cultural Marxist Left has finally realized that Donald Trump is serious about what he ran on, and will implement ‘America First’ Populist and Nationalist policies instead of continuing Globalist ones.

This has frightened the Violent Left to their very core, and they will not stop at anything short of President Trump being removed from office.

The Left Is Trying To De-legitamize Donald Trump’s Presidency

To delegitamize:

withdraw legitimate status or authority from (someone or something).

Ultimately, their goal of delegitimizing Mr. Trump’s victory as President is meant to undermine and ultimately remove him from power. By attacking his credibility through various means, the Left is trying to “prove” to the people that he isn’t fit to be President and thus is a danger to the country.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which the Left wishes to accomplish this.

1. Associations With Russia

— Leftist Argument: The purpose of the false accusations of Russia backing Trump, and that Russia ‘hacked the elections’ was only meant to harm the legitimacy of Trump’s Presidential victory. Hillary Clinton was beating the war drums hard in regards to starting a conflict with Russia, and thus was meant to show that Trump was friendly with the ‘bad guy’; in this case Russia.

— Reality: The ridiculousness of the Corporate Media trying to tie Putin to Trump after Trump made completely logical statements such as ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could get along with Russia?’ only shows how ‘fake’ the Media actually is. I believe the Globalist Left knew well before the election that Mr. Trump was going to win the Presidency, and that is why they tried so hard to plant the seed in the public’s mind that Trump’s victory= Vladimir Putin=Evil.

2. The Popular Vote

— Leftist Argument: Another huge talking point was that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and thus Donald Trump isn’t the rightfully elected President as most of the country wanted Hillary as President. The Corporate Media and political pundits spewed this talking point out all over the place in order to harm Mr. Trump’s credibility as President. Since he didn’t win the popular vote, this shows that the whole of America is against ‘racism, sexism, and bigotry’, and anyone that supports Trump is a racist, sexist, and bigot.

— Reality: You can see this is simply propaganda to attack Trump’s Presidential legitimacy, as anyone who has ever been through 5th grade knows that the popular vote is essentially meaningless.

Also, we know there are 12-30 million people in the U.S. illegally. Illegals can get drivers licenses and IDs in at least 12 states, and almost all Democrat states don’t even require any form of ID to vote. Mr. Trump made a statement that he would have won the popular vote too if so many Illegals didn’t vote, and has recently launched an investigation into voter fraud. I’m pretty sure he will come very close to even, if not outright win the popular vote once this investigation is concluded.

Not to forget, we also had then President Obama openly encourage Illegals to vote in this election.

3. ‘Fake News’, Hollywood, And Blocking Trump’s Nominees

— Leftist Argument: The Corporate Media has been pushing this idea that social media sites such as Facebook should be blocking links to ‘fake news’, as they believe “fake news” helped elect Donald Trump.

The Democrats and their allies in the Corporate Media have also done everything they can to block as many of Trump’s nominees as possible, as we are told that Trump’s cabinet nominees are evil racist White Supremacists.
The Corporate Media anointed Hollywood ‘celebrities’ have signaled hard against Trump as a racist, Islamophobic bigot. Hollywood celebrities try to appear as morally superior to President Trump and his supporters (while still living in their gated Hollywood communities).

— Reality: By “fake news” they mean anything that is associated with telling the truth and that goes against/challenges the narrative of the Corporate Media. In actuality, the Corporate Media is fake news propaganda.

(Trump: “I don’t watch CNN. I don’t like fake news.”)

The purpose is to try and show that the Democrats, the Corporate Media, and Hollywood are united against Trump, and view his whole government as illegitimate. They want to appear that they are standing up to a President who has “no right” to be in charge of the country.

4. Open Violence Against Trump Supporters

— Leftist (Not an) Argument: Anti-Trump and anti-American factions have agreed that (in their mind) they are 100% justified to physically assault and attack Trump supporters and anyone they deem as a ‘Nazi‘ (which by Nazi, they mean any White European person who does not agree with them).

— Reality: The Left has decided that it cannot engage and persuade with facts and reason. Anyone with a different opinion is deemed to be engaging in ‘hate speech’ and must be silenced; by force if necessary (and it appears they believe it is necessary).

The most recent example of this is when Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay Jew and self proclaimed “faggot”, had his speaking event cancelled and shut down at U.C. Berkeley because of violent rioting by Leftists who believe Milo and his supporters are ‘White Supremacist Nazis.’.

One young Trump supporter was beaten by 20 antifa and knocked unconscious. A girl wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat was pepper sprayed by antifa after giving an interview on camera. The Globalist and Cultural Marxist politicians, Corporate Media, and Hollywood will view the violence as ‘proof’ that Trump cannot be President, and that something must be done.

5. Openly Calling For A Coup And Removal of Rightfully Elected President Trump

Leftist (Not an) Argument: Trump cannot be allowed to be President, and must be removed by any means necessary.

— Reality: Calling for President Trump to be illegally removed from office was the only logical, final step that the Left could take. Here we have an ex-Obama official calling for a military coup against Trump.

The term ‘resistance’ has been commonly used throughout history to represent fighting against a tyrannical authoritarian leader. It’s no coincidence that ‘the resistance’ was also used in the new P.C. Star Wars films. In reality, ‘America First’ and President Trump are the resistance fighting against the Globalist system we have in place.

The Bad News, And The Good News

The bad news is that the Cultural Marxist Globalist Left is more than likely going to continue to push the idea that Mr. Trump is an ‘illegitimate’ President, and they will try to undermine him at every possible turn.

I also expect that the Left will be increasingly violent towards anyone they disagree with, and continue to call anyone that supports Trump a ‘Nazi, White Supremacist, Racist’.

The good news is that more and more people will see the Globalist Left for what they actually are: violent, repressive, and unwilling to engage in any rational conversations with people that disagree with them.

We also will see the words ‘Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist, etc’ turned into meaningless slur words, as anyone who is of European descent will be called these names if they disagree with anyone on the Left.

Another positive thing is that by the Left acting violently against Mr. Trump and his supporters, we can set aside any doubts that Trump isn’t going to do exactly what he said he was going to do: ‘America First’; Nationalism, not Globalism.

In regards to our President Trump, he will not tolerate this lawlessness and violence much longer. By engaging in political violence, instead of rational dialogue, the Left has already lost; we’ve won.

  • huntress

    Going to the Trump rally tomorrow. Here’s a warning to any lefty loons that attempt ANY physical violence toward me,…you will be looking down the barrel of my glock. I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THEIR CHILDISH BEHAVIOR.


      The vast majority of them don’t have the balls to attack a gathering of Trump supporters.

      They are like rats.

      Attacking the weak first and foremost.

    • 108nams

      Hope you live in a 2A friendly state!

  • Stephen J. Koach

    Such ignorance is the hallmark of the rank and file leftists. The diabolical treasonous murderers and musloid pedophiles who are attempting a coup need the useful idiots to stir the pot. Heads will explode when the truth about the gay musloid usurper is finally exposed.

  • Steve Perry

    the left need to move past this and get on with their lives. more here http://freedomnews.today/

  • 108nams

    Any news of the Berkeley rally planned for today?

  • Soldier Girl

    Cowareds only feel secure in groups- they are bullies! The left can not stand alone, they always go to the weakness – never do I see these left-nut jobs going into a red zone- why real men there will not sit buy they punch back twice as hard! I say bring it on!