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Raid on Eben-Emael

  • Some time you ought to look up – Crowley Hitler . Crowley was at one time an admitted British Agent. Also – Hitler OTO.

    My theory is that Hitler had MPD (now called DID) caused by abuse from his father and his experience in WW1.

    Intel agencies love making use of people with MPD. Or causing MPD by abusing people. Who later may have some use.

    • I don’t buy everything at this link. It does provide a good overview and more search terms:


      • Another interesting link:


        It corresponds (in the parts I know of) with what I know. I certainly will not vouch for all of it.

        BTW see how this link (and the one above) correspond to the current interest in the intersection of Satanic Rituals and politics.

        • Grumpy

          Dude. How about you write just one comment and put all necessary information inside it.

          • I am writing as I do the research so I don’t miss anything.

            Sorry to have annoyed you. I also include one link per comment as that is all some sites allow. And I do not care to do a test to see how many I can use here.

          • Grumpy

            I don’t know the limit but you can easily put a dozen at once in one comment. Try it out by clicking on the “Edit” option.

        • Also read about Hitler’s “incompleteness” in “Magick Without Tears” by Crowley.

  • Libraryguy

    You are correct. It does not matter what side they forces were on, bravery and skill can always be admired. Yes including some SS units, and wait, let me say I am very Pro-Israel and love the Jewish people, here and there. FYI I just found this site and have yet no idea what it is about, but refreshing to see something about German bravery in WW II. Its a minor hobby of minor to research this topic.


      You are on an Alt Right site.

      • Libraryguy

        Hmm looking at the titles of posts on the right, I see. I agree with lots of them and others, WTF! I must look into them. Gee, the MSM sure beats on alt-right but they are the biggest liars since Goebbels. Ha. Well, hey, y’ll from Florida!

        • INFOCAT

          What is creating the strongest WTF reaction for you?

          • Libraryguy

            Actually, INFO, it was the headlines more than the content. I just read 10-20 of them and it seems there is a real effort to state that which is not PC, to state about racial differences and the pro-white view. I work in a very PC environment at a college (nice place though) and these would make their heads explode, no matter how the topics appear to be legitimately researched. I guess it is that this kind of site wants to point out there are difference and yes the white race does come out ahead, hard as that may be to grasp, yet so far I see no overt racism. I work with too many fine smart black folks to even think that and have one married into a branch of my family. All fine people.

          • INFOCAT

            It’s not about simply pointing out that there are differences between the races, it’s about deconstructing an anti-white narrative and “zeitgeist” we live in since the 1950s. Europeans have just as much a right to exist as a unique expression of humanity as any other race or ethnic group. The Alt Right simply wants what every other race on this planet takes for granted, self-determination.

            Nobody is seriously complaining when the Japanese want to keep their borders shut and don’t accept more than 8 refugees per year so as to preserve their 99% homogenous nation state. Yet when Europeans want to do it we are suddenly racist? Epic double standard!

            If Israel can exist as a nation state for the Jewish people so can France for the French.

            Human Biodiversity is just one of the ways to point out to people that we live in an anti-white narrative were the failures of non-whites are blamed on white people. Much of the crime in America is a result of minority groups having lower IQs, higher time preference, more testosterone and a higher average percentage of genes for violent behavior like the “warrior gene” (5% of black males. 0,1% of Europeans, 0% of east Asians). There is nothing white americans can do about human nature and yet they are constantly being blamed for the failures of non-whites.

          • Libraryguy

            When phrased that way, it resonates with me, and with a lot of stuff I have been observing for decades. Thanks

          • INFOCAT

            How old are you?

          • Libraryguy


          • INFOCAT

            Living all those years and this is the first time you read a nationalist perspective on politics?!

            Certainly sad and lonely. But i know the feeling. I was like that a couple of years ago.

          • Libraryguy

            It is like a light bulb going off or your eyes suddenly getting opened, like when I first figured out I was a conservative back in late 80’s, while my idiot brothers were and are hard lefties.

  • Very interesting article and good read, but overwhelming Belgians isn’t a terribly noteworthy achievement.