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Experts agree: White identity politics is on the rise, and it’s driven by diversity and expressed through Donald Trump. That’s what a study by two psychology academics found:

In a study of white Americans’ attitudes and candidate preferences, we found that Trump’s success reflects the rise of “white identity politics” – an attempt to protect the collective interests of white voters via the ballot box. Whereas racial prejudice refers to animosity toward other racial groups, white identity reflects a sense of connection to fellow white Americans.

We’re not the first to tie Trump’s candidacy to white identity politics. But our data provide some of the clearest evidence that ongoing demographic changes in the United States are increasing white racial identity. White identity, in turn, is pushing white Americans to support Trump.

Why does it matter that whites’ politics are driven by concerns about the interests of their racial group? It suggests that racial bias increasingly reflects attention to the welfare of one’s own group rather than animus toward other groups. These collective concerns are only going to become more pronounced as the nation becomes more diverse.

Recent research in social psychology suggests that when whites engage in discrimination based on their perceived collective interests, it’s hard to convince them that such discrimination is wrong. After all, doesn’t every group have a right to prioritize its own members? We believe our results portend increasing difficulty in achieving the democratic aim of getting race out of American politics.

The Alt-Right has of course noted since the earliest days of the Trump campaign that his success could be attributed to a kind of White populism, which merges civic nationalism, White identity politics, and anti-globalism. This is distinct from White nationalism and from the formal Alt-Right, but represents a favorable Overton window shift. We’ve also argued that ethnic tensions wrought by ballooning vibrancy levels will only accelerate this trend further and lead to White political awakening. The rising tide of color will be met eventually, rather than completely swamping us, if identitarian trends persist among Whites.

In other words, we are set up to do very, very well regardless of what happens on November 8th. A Trump victory would probably do more to help the United States than it would to help our movement, as odd as that may sound at first. But if the polls are to be believed, and I think they are partially correct, Trump’s odds of winning have dipped sharply since the summer. As rational people, this is an outcome we cannot afford to ignore. A Clinton victory would solidify the demographic and cultural damage done during the Obama administration and reconfirm the position of the (anti-white) occupation government. It would result in open borders, the granting of citizenship to millions of illegal third world colonists, and the importation of millions more.

This despite all evidence that doing so raises White racial consciousness, which is the single greatest threat to deracinated neoliberalism and cultural marxism on both sides of the Atlantic. This despite the fact that by growing the ranks of their electoral supporters through mass immigration (the source of most population growth since 1965), the left has also polarized and increased the ranks of its revolutionary White enemies. This despite the fact that minoritizing the White population will actually undermine the profitability and stability of the host society as its numbers of dependents soars while producers shrink relative to them. Our enemies do not believe in making any sort of compromises with folkish White people, who merely remain an obstacle to be overcome.

Trump is probably the last chance to shore up the United States, and were more of our people in positions of influence, that would absolutely be a good thing. We would certainly want to play a role in reorganizing this country to the benefit of our people, something we are currently disenfranchised from doing. At minimum it would at least give us more opportunities to organize and spread our memes.

But that may not happen. Instead the United States may be headed down the path of a more radical transformation in the hands of leftists. Every year the country becomes less White as a proportion and a Democratic administration would accelerate this. We will start to enter a painful transitional period much faster if they are in power rather than civic nationalists like Trump, who we would be able to work with on some level and perhaps even lead ideologically as a radical foil. Think of the relationship between Hungary’s Fidesz and Jobbik parties for example, one being nationalist and one more ethno-nationalist. We aren’t anywhere near that yet. If Clinton wins, we may skip the political route entirely and procede straight to other forms of metapolitical struggle and civil institution-building.

But there is still plenty to celebrate. A Democratic victory will also be deeply unsatisfying for the hostile elite. Remember, 95% of the popular vote was supposed to go to Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. Instead, over two-fifths of the goyim will have revolted and called for one of their adopted own to be tribune. That’s extremely problematic. The fact that Hillary won’t win by 50%, as she has protested, was no idle banter. The hostile elite wanted a mandate victory and they won’t get it, thus undermining their consensus administration’s legitimacy. Prepare for the onslaught of coordinated media output blaming all White people for not doing more to stop Trump from unleashing the Pandora’s box of racism and hate. It was one thing for Obama to beat Romney by a few points, for both Romney and Obama were workable at worst (and ultimately part of the regime either way). But Trump? An insurgent since day one, and his campaign a black mark on the moral authority of American dildocracy.

And what will become of his supporters? Do they move left because they lost on their existential issues against a coalition of Davos men, overseas Israelis, and Hart-Celler Americans? Will these people dutifully rally behind Paul Ryan in 2020? Will Breitbart call for bipartisanship? Is anyone going to morally bend the knee for yet another traitor in chief?

But who knows, maybe the slumbering monstrosity we call the people have one last charge left in them. The British did earlier this year.

Author’s note: Hillary Clinton regularly enables negro violence and is a serial liar, ethno-masochistic xenophile, anti-white, misanthrope, and amnesty advocate who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Esoteric Kekists, 14.88 million members of an entire religion—from spreading dank memes.

  • Grumpy

    If this doesn’t give white people their “Holy Shit” moment, nothing will.

    • Ivgotda Kavorka

      By “holy shit” moment I assume you mean that the press has taken something as plain and simple as two people referring to the press as the “lying press” and tried to turn it into a “white power” moment to distract you from the fact that they are a lying press? Are you referring to that “holy shit” moment?

  • JamesYoungblood

    Alt-Right= Common sense. Leftist= convoluted reasoning, Anti-American

  • Per Einar Svendsen

    It seems like it’s more of a Americanism issue than a white man issue. I know that’s a lot of black a Hispanics on board to. Every reasonable person want equal rigth, jobs and security. It’s just lleftis who want globalism and anti Christian sosiety who use their racecard, the woman card to divide us.