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“Pussygrab” Hysteria Shows Beta Male Inexperience With Women Writ Large


The betaboys lining up to denounce Trump for his high T heterosexual male pussyhound shit talk unwittingly reveal how inexperienced they are with women.

Look at the reactions of men and women. Except for the bitterbitch feminists, urban yentas, and fatties, most women don’t care. They may not like hearing this stuff from the source (after all, most men don’t tell women their true feelings about the pussy grabbing high life), but they understand that “boys will be boys”, so they have reacted by dismissing Trump’s comments as irrelevant to the election.

Uncucked men are barely moved by this “””scandal”””. If anything, it has probably solidified male support for Trump, who are validated in believing Trump is “one of them” and most importantly “not a closeted gay like obama or tim kaine”.

The everyday cucks — the ones who aren’t maneuvering for political advantage — are the hopeless supplicating beta males and m’lady omega male white knights of the sexual market. They come to the rescue of the fair maidens with such alacrity you’d think they were born of a white steed (minus the horse cock).

These deluded suck-up betas think that random women should be “championed and revered” and that Trump’s raunchy locker room talk has horribly tarnished the pussy pedestals upon which betas tenderly place their unsullied objects of incel adoration.

Real women, naturally, are creeped out by this lickspittle beta male posturing when it goes into overdrive. Sure, women won’t actively fight the occasional white knighting (why should they? it’s free inconsequential flattery that makes no demands of them) but they sure aren’t feeling any tingles for men who anoint them with royal titles. Appeasing white knights are anhedonic in every way. Totally unsexy. They may as well be eunuchs for all the impression they make on women’s hindbrains.

Meanwhile, big bad charming jerkboy alpha males like Trump who speak their minds and gleefully kick the legs out from under pussy pedestals can’t keep the women away with a stick. And years later, those women he loved have nothing but good things to say about him. Five minutes of alpha and all that…

The beta cuck is so pig-ignorant of female sexual nature that he can’t comprehend why Trump men score all the time and “virtuous” white knights like himself are stuck in a sexless purgatory getting patted on the head for being a “good friend to women” while begging for meager pity fuck scraps.

There’s no getting through to hapless white knight betas. Some manlets you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here this weekend, cringeworthy pussy polishing by asexual pastor cucks. I don’t like it any more than you men, but it won’t matter. Women like it even less.

  • dean53

    Interesting. I recently attended the once-a-week community wide luncheon at the local Baptist Church. Afterwards in the parking lot, 4 of us over-60 ladies discussed the Trump Pussygate audio. We all defended Trump. One woman, a widow, surprised me by saying she liked it when men hit on her! Said it made her feel good. Later my 75-year old lady friend (with a colorful past) confided in me, sorrowfully, that men no longer hit on her.

    Conclusion: most normal women like it when men hit on them — assuming it’s done right. It makes us feel attractive and still sexually desirable, even if we’re old women. So there, libtards!