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I spent some time visiting friends recently and I was able to live the life of a normie American in a world of Pozivision. Pozivision is Television plus Poz. New Pozivision concepts are market tested in the U.S. before being rolled out to the rest of the planet for global pozzing efforts.

Poz Delivery Vehicle (PDV)Poz Delivery Vehicle (PDV).

During my visit I was exposed to multiple hours of Pozivision, something I’ve not experienced in untold years. It is easy to see how people remain hypnotized and cannot get out of the situation. Pozivision bombards normies constantly with degeneracy, bad life habits, and generally backwards and broken beliefs. Even worse, it poisons children from a very young age with sexuality, deviancy, and a hatred for European culture and history.

Pozivision lowers thinking ability and allows the ejaculations of the globalist elite to spurt deep into the collective rectum of the U.S. public. If you must watch Pozivision, you should carefully handle it as if you were handling deadly biohazard material lest you get infected as well.

Even as a righteous Alt-Right warrior I felt the effect of Poz wanting to seep in just with my brief exposure. I knew I would have to remove myself from the environment before I started feeling the urge to adopt an African child and post about how racist the world is on Facebook.

In the interest of science, I remained detached and collected my notes. Here are the common themes I saw in the ads and entertainment available just in one day of Pozivision viewing.

Lawsuit Poz

I saw a large number of ads on Pozivision for ambulance chasing attorneys. The clients were a collection of tatted up rejects, ghetto trash, and foreign nationals discussing their insurance gibs at the expense of everyone else.

One man was shown confined to a wheelchair. His claim was that he had an incurable medical condition and was not diagnosed early enough. I guess he just wanted to know as soon as possible that he was incurably screwed. How this garners a settlement I was unsure. Yet, I was happy to know that my 50% a year insurance premium hikes went to comfort his incurable pain. Other victims were equally down and out. All were represented by attorneys looking to help for a reasonable fee.

In terms of Poz impact, the threat of lawsuits hanging over everyone lowers social trust and puts citizens on defense. It’s hard to get a straight answer from a doctor for an illness when they are worried you are setting them up for the kill. Ditto that for all other businesses and individuals that live under fear of a frivolous lawsuit at any time. A lawsuit happy environment destroys trust and social capital. Welcome to the Land of Poz.

Debt Poz

Next, a large number of Pozivision ads show a trend of people loaded up with debt to their nostrils wanting to have even more debt.

One woman moaned that her massive credit card debt was preventing her from getting a new car. Life can be so hard at times. Apparently a reasonable 25% interest rate on her credit card debt was not enough stress for this buyer. Besides, economists will tell you that buying on credit things you can’t afford is good for the country. Pozivision shows that carrying massive debt is no longer a matter of poor money management. Rather, it’s patriotic.

The good news is these overleveraged people can buy a new car and that’s good for the economy. The bad news is it was probably only good for the Mexican economy where the vehicle was made.

Pharmaceutical Poz

From what I can see, there are three types of ads for pharmaceuticals on Pozivision: Pain killers, anti-depressants, and boner pills. In America, Pozivision wants you to dull your pain, make you happy, and get you laid (but, not necessarily in that order).

I do admit the thought of an aging baby boomer needing to pop a pill to get an erection while watching their wife get cucked by Pedro the pool boy is delightful. However the reality is that with the rampant porn addiction in America’s youth, these pills could very likely be for young men and not hippy throwbacks.

There was a fourth type of ad I saw on Pozivision as well: drug rehab. Clearly, this was unrelated to the other ads being shown. Besides, Pozivision informs me that drug rehab is fully covered by your insurance. This actually means it’s covered by everyone else’s insurance premiums, but those are minor details. Just shut-up and take another anti-depressant, you’re thinking too much.

Family Poz

San Francisco has fewer visible homosexuals than you will see in the magical world of Pozivision. By my reckoning, the number of gays shown on Pozivision would have you believe 50% of the country is gay (and the other 50% are white women dating black guys).

In this way, we are shown that the true Modern Family not only has gay parents who are better at raising children than a traditional family, but they also have transgender play dates. Here we learn what prime time Pozivision has in store for America:

“But that pride quickly diminishes when Lily insults her friend, which they use as a teachable moment.”

You know when the left says something is a “teachable moment” you are about to get a massive money shot of Poz:

“Lily’s playmate Tom will be played by 8-year-old transgender actor Jackson Millarker.“

Did you feel that teachable moment run down your chin?

That’s what a Modern Family is all about. Don’t you want to be modern instead of an old fashioned bigot?

Here’s an interesting fact I recently learned from a friend. Did you know that in some states a child of divorced parents is deemed to be able to decide which parent they want to live with only at age 12? Before that, only a court can make that decision for them.

So the courts won’t let a child make a custody decision until age 12 when they are judged mature enough, but Pozivision informs me that an eight year old can decide what sex they want to be.

Now sit your children down and let this family show sink into their skulls. If your seven-year-old son wakes up one day and wants his penis cut off, who are you to deny him? It’s all pure coincidence, transphobe.

Leftist Social Propaganda Poz

It’s amazing what else you can learn on Pozivision in a short amount of time.

I learned that speaking like a black ghetto inhabitant is respectable and mainstream.

I learned that the staffs of Pozivision Emergency Rooms are not white. Except of course when they were making a bumbling mistake that needed to be fixed by their People of Color superiors.

I learned that extremely violent homicides that you’d think would be typical of black dysfunction are actually committed by white businessmen on Pozivision police shows. These cases being solved, naturally, by women and chip on their shoulder hard nosed black detectives.

Finally, I learned from the news and comedy shows that Donald Trump supporters are idiots. Not just idiots, but unenlightened bigots. A typical 30-minute news show spent, by my watch, 15 minutes telling everyone again how stupid Trump supporters were. Another 5 minutes was spent on sportsball and how brave Black Lives Matter sportsball millionaire protesters were. A filler of 10 minutes were ads for the Pozivision messages I mentioned above.

Turn Off The Poz

The messaging from Pozivision is inescapable as Pozivision is on at home, in stores, and even in restaurants. As a normie it is almost impossible to escape if you don’t see what is happening.

Pozivision is the single most powerful weapon ever designed for culture destruction. The people that control the media are using it to maliciously manipulate our nations to commit suicide.

If you subscribe to Pozivision, stop. You can find content online for free and should never have to pay for it.

If your children are watching Pozivision, get them to do something else. Staring at the wall would be better for them. Pozivision has no redeeming value for adults, and is fatal for young minds. Many of us had to go through our own deprogramming from the Poz. We know how hard it can be. Let’s not make our own children suffer what we did.

For our movement to succeed we are going to have to get control of the media in any way possible. We are doing it through alternate content creation on the Internet with great results. We should however grow this into children’s content so parents have alternatives. Plus, we can red pill normie children that stumble upon our message randomly.

Finally, we must also work to get control of the broadcast media that is producing and distributing damaging propaganda into our homes and get it stopped. Pozivision is too powerful a weapon to leave in the hands of our enemies. We need to treat it with the respect it deserves and not let it get out of our control ever again.

  • Nemon

    I have seen so much (((Pozvision))) in my live, i simply do not believe i will ever be capable to fully recover from it.

  • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

    It can’t do you harm if you employ critical thinking skills and question it. We need to cultivate that. The TeeVee in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly it is a mass toll of social mind-control.