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Planting America: State-Sponsored Demographic Change and the Precedent of Ulster

  • Nemon

    I’ve been studying a lot of the wars of Spanish, Polish, and Austrian Succession, the Seven Years’ War, Thirty Years’ War etc., but I’ll have to work back into this period just before the Thirty Years’ War, that was a good bit of coverage on it.

    We see some of the same things here. They played cute with the “oh goy, you’re so paranoid that you’re going to be replaced, are you really going to freak out about a few Jews/Chinese/Mexicans etc. coming in?” They deny, deny, deny as the numbers grow, then immediately switch over to “yeah goy, you’re going to be replaced, but what’s the big deal? You some kind of racist or something?”

    They do the same thing with simultaneously calling us a white supremacist nation of people who genocided Indians and were xenophobic about foreigners, while also saying we’re a nation of immigrants and solely a nation of principles about freedom and human dignity, so let in these 100 million savage brown people, etc. The inherent whiteness of America was so established that it didn’t need to be remarked upon or codified into law, which allowed the remarkable step of going directly from inherently White to inherently non-White. I’m sure the Irish felt the same way every time the English just brought a plantation here and a lord there, but the slow creep just keeps on coming anyway.

    The real peril that’s hidden in our impending demographic doom isn’t merely in the people coming in, but their fecundity and the relative age of, say, Mexicans vs. Whites. The moribund baby boom generation’s deaths are going to skyrocket upwards while new brown births will do the same.

    We hear that “no need to worry, goy, brown people’s birth rates plunge when they enter the First World,” but not really. It’s not going to be a slow trickle to 59%, 57%, it’s just going to get faster and faster. They’ve moved back majority/minority status from 2055 to 2045 to 2040 for some, but I suspect it’ll be much closer than that.

    Same thing in Europe, they’ll say “immigrants are great guest workers who won’t be staying, they’re just refugees who need a home, but they’ll do the jobs we won’t do, they’ll pay for our retirements” out of one side of their mouths while saying “remember goy, ‘we’ bombed them so they had no choice but to come here” or just flat out say “ethnic nation-states were a 19th century phenomenon, goy, this is a new global world we live in now” without even pretending that it’s for the benefit of the native population but some kind of telos of progress and the march of history that glides along through intertia.

  • Anja M.

    I am really starting to dislike Murray’s essays. He writes nice factual essays but he takes those facts completely out of context and its all so obviously driven by WN confirmation bias. He fails completely to understand the nature of humans and he just refuses to look at our struggle beyond narrow political angle.


      Could you perhaps elaborate on what exactly he takes out of context and how he fails to understand human nature?!

      Ad hominems are typical for leftoid trolls.

      • fashinshoah

        Of course he can’t. Typical drive-by attack-the-messenger tactic by some leftist trying to sound intelligent.

        • INFOCAT

          He’s a non-white occasional commenter on some Alt Right sites, I’ve seen him before.

      • Anja M.

        My views of all this is different than most of white nationalists. I believe in superiority of laws of nature and that all whats going on now is merely mass psychological event that would unfold just the same in our absence. As it has happened countless times before. Murray presents the system as ultimate straw man. I am certain that without its peddling we would be facing much bigger problems today. White populations would be much bigger and our race would still be getting diluted, albeit at much slower pace but ultimately with same ending. Instead of being united against non-whites we would probably be at each others throats, different factions allying with non-whites. We are not yet fully united against non-whites yet, but system is doing its best to make it happen.

        As for failing to understand humans nature: I think he is a case of reverse Dunning-Kruger. He thinks that masses can be persuaded with rational argumentation. They cant!!! Sometimes Reductio ad absurdum is the only way.

        • INFOCAT

          Our traffic here at Truth is Justice and on other Alt Right websites is growing consistently. Masses can be persuaded with rational argumentation.

          As for your esoteric larping on the nature of our problems in the West. There will naturally be many different positions on this topic within the Alt Right. I certainly disagree with you. However, to fully understand your position i would need much more information on your worldview.

          • Anja M.

            The reason why movement is growing is not the rational argumentation but because existence of our people is being increasingly overtly threatened. People are merely falling back to their primal instincts. If the system really wanted to replace us it could have done it without us making a whim. But our government is telling us we need to give up vacant estate for Somalis fresh off the boat. Every amateur psychologist can tell them the outcome of such coercing. Do you really think they don’t know this? Of course your website is growing.

            As for my larping about problems of the west. Your site runs economy section. So you clearly know that our civilization is dead man walking and desperately needs to reform. And its problem white men created. Jew is merely exacerbating it, driving it to the end game much faster than we would have done it ourselves.

            I like the work that you and Murray are trying to do. But many of his articles lately are so morbid and depressing. There is no need for that.

          • INFOCAT

            The financial system in the West is a purely Jewish program from it’s outset in the 19th century till now. The London Bullion market for precious metals has been founded by the Rothschilds and has been under their direct control ever since. They managed to supress Gold price inflation with this control. The same goes for the Federal Reserve which was from it’s very beginning in 1913 owned by the major Jewish Banks in America and London. Shabbos Goys may play along to profit from the system but the main owners are still Jewish.

            I don’t think Murray is getting black pilled at all. He is trying to motivate people. His articles are quite popular amongst most in the movement.

  • Deplorable KEK

    Much of the government and most of our institutions are in the hands of this elite brahmin caste who follow the syncretic civil religion of third worldism, which is of Jewish-Calvinist origins.

    Modern progressivism has basically repurposed the Calvinist impulse to lecture, humiliate and punish sinners by turning it towards secular sinners like “racists.” It doesn’t necessarily follow from an atheistic world view.

    For some reason we just don’t see many atheists who take the tragedy of the human condition straight. Instead they muddle atheism with this childish utopian nonsense which requires believing in all kinds of imaginary things about women, nonwhites and sexual defectives, and then they call the whole mess something like “Atheism +.”

  • YaReally

    This just nailed it

  • spartacus

    i think all of you miss the ” elephant in the room” , no matter what your color or ethnicity the bottom line is humanity as a whole has no “CLUE” how to govern itself , look back at man’s/women’s history and prove the statement wrong ? we have reached critical mass and are overwhelmed by our problems , death and destruction is our history and our destiny . ( stinks ech ? )