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#OperationDeport Send Jose Antonio Vargas Back

Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal Filipino immigrant, has been a kind of icon representing the anti-white alliance of the top 1% of (((global capitalists))) and non-white people against the enemy: white people, particularly “Straight White men.”

  • Nemon

    Jesus Christ, this guy is extreme in his hatred for Europeans. Deportation squad right now!

  • solomonpal

    That little prick just drips with venom. Get out of my country you fuck.

  • WangDangDoodlinAllDayLong

    Their choices are few,
    1) Hang around, see what happens, GET THROWN OUT
    2) Head back to the border, THROW YOURSELF OUT
    3) Fly back over the border in plane, JUMP OUT
    4) Blast yourself back over the border from a circus cannon, BLOW IT OUT
    5) Just be creative, get wise and get real, this is not your Nation,

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