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Now I am become President, Leader of the Free World

A man was just memed into the White House. Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on November 8, 2016. There were just enough of us to pull this off. Just enough. The electoral college went to President Trump while the popular vote went to Clinton.

As I watched the polls close last night into the late hours with around two dozen goyim drawn from across the northeastern United States (and even a handful from Sweden), it became increasingly clear that we had a Brexit-style revolt on our hands. The ethnic core of the Empire had repudiated the rule of a hostile elite, and clothed a man of great contradictions, but also of great potential, in the purple. Lowland and Highland man issued forth from the rusted hills and glens to muster for the last roll call of American greatness. The polls were all wrong this year. (Your author in fact would not have been counted as a likely 2016 GOP voter, nor has he ever been contacted by pollsters).

On television, the pundits were looking increasingly distraught. Catladies, numales, and people of color wept before the world on camera. The room roared with jubilation and jeering as we realized we’d trumped these people. Some of us went up to the screen and mimed the licking of their delicious tears. Adrenaline, eudaimonia, and schadenfreude overtook the room.

But then came the numbers. I wondered aloud to my fellow travellers as we saw President Trump had leads of only a few thousand in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, “How many Syrians is that?” “How many Somalians?” President Trump would not have won if we’d gone four more years—those margins would have evaporated. But win he did. There were just enough White people to deliver us.

On the far end of Manhattan’s West Side, a different story was unfolding at the Jacob Javits Center. A massive convention hall named after former New York senator (((Jacob Javits))), it was supposedly chosen for its glass ceiling, which Clinton would symbolically shatter as our first female president-elect. Instead, it became a glass pitcher of liberal tears. The choice for Clinton’s ill-fated coronation symbolized something else as well. (((Javits))) was a major force behind the 1965 (((Hart-Celler Act))), which ended the country’s eurocentric immigration quotas and resulted in the rising tide of color we are currently grappling with. Each generation has become more “diverse,” and so in turn each cohort of new voters. It’s why New York was a solid lock for parachute candidate Clinton, and a hopeless cause for its native son, President Trump.

As the post mortems will surely tell us in the next few days, there just wasn’t enough turnout from voters of color. There just weren’t enough (((Hart-Celler Americans))) to stop President Trump. Not even the creation of an entirely new minority class over the last 50 years, Latinos, was enough to prevent a nativist and civic nationalist from being elected. But frankly, this was our last opportunity to strike back at the ballot. President Trump won by a wavy Caucasian hair. Having to literally drive the Amish to the polls in order to save the White race was poetic, though not a long-term solution.

But such problems are for another time, for now we celebrate. We celebrate the year that White populism shattered the glass ceiling of identity politics in the postwar West, as predicted. An article in The Atlantic puts it succinctly: “[President] Trump was carried to victory by a wave of right-wing populist nationalism, as working- and middle-class white Americans turned out in droves to vote.” President Trump’s victory is a monumental paradigm shift, or has the potential to solidify into one. The media called Teflon Don every name in the book and tried to tie him to all manner of anti-establishment heretics. President Trump did not waver; he undertook the hero’s journey and emerged victoriously in the name of the Amerikaner Shire.

It would seem the average White voter did not care that the luegenpresse told him President Trump was Literally Hitler™, or that they were the scum of the earth for not supporting displacement-level immigration and the spread of Islam. President Trump won the White vote, the helots and mamluks imported by the hostile elite be damned.

There is now a biblical flood of authors and pundits talking about “working class Whites,” “White voters,” “White males,” “non-college Whites,” “less-educated Whites,” “blue-collar Whites,” “rural Whites,” and even the unspeakable phrase “White identity politics.” This is yuuuge. We have a mandate from our folk for nationalism. The largest ethnic group in the West, the native peoples of Europe and their descendents in Greater Europe, is being recognized as an important political interest. Granted, it’s an interest that our rulers on both sides of the Atlantic insist must be vanquished, but that they must now name us explicitly is massively important to the spread of our ideas.

The concept of the enemy has returned to politics.

Get ready for the storm, because White people, this is your fault. Because of your existence, millions of members of designed oppressed groups must live in fear of being treated like outsiders. Because you voted, people who are here illegally, people who support people who are here illegally, people who believe you can change gender based on the roll of twenty-sided dice, people who support the expansion of Islam, people who support free trade agreements that export jobs overseas, and people who are (((dual citizens))) are all extremely uncomfortable that you’ve rejected their agenda. (Which you of course had no moral right to reject in the first place). If you don’t start becoming a better ally soon and shilling for your friends and family to fight against the existence of a heteronormative White majoritarian society, you are truly deplorable. You are all guilty for President Trump.

Americans will have to decide very soon—quickly—where they stand on President Trump. The choice now is pro-Trump or anti-Trump, and nationalists as much as anti-nationalists have made him into an avatar of American Whiteness. With his opponent out of the way (probably for good), where people stand on this choice will become much more salient.

Our position is not unassailable, but it is stronger than ever before. So we celebrate, that President Trump has given rise to nationalism, to America First, to formal recognition of the Alt-Right, to outing cuckservatives as #NeverTrump turncoats, to (((anti-globalist))) memes entering the public consciousness, to levels of shvitzing that shouldn’t even be possible, and more than anything else to hope for the future of our people, not just in the United States but around the world. This is as much a victory for White Americans as it is for Swedes, Australians, the British, the French, and other European peoples. We will make the world save for ethnocracy.

We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the shitlord scripture the Bhagavad Reeeeeeeta; Kek is trying to persuade the prince that he should save his people, and to impress him takes on his frog-headed form, and says, “Now I am become meme, the destroyer of cucks.” I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.

  • MMinLamesa

    1,000 TUs

  • Grumpy

    Obviously, Identity Politics is unavoidable in a Multiracial Empire, finally Europeans are realizing this.

  • Justaguy

    It’s strange reading things like this. You truly live on a different planet.

    • Deplorable KEK

      Whats your political orientation? What websites do you usually read? What race are you? Answer these 3 magical questions and you will receive an awesome Meme from KEK, the God of Memes.


    • Liberty Belle

      When I read comments such as yours, I realize that you have no clue about the immense corruption that has been in practice by elites in the U.S. government and around the world; OR, you don’t care. So which is it? Are you willfully ignorant, or do you enjoy seeing the oppression inflicted upon common people who work hard, have their hard earned money yanked from them and used for the purposes of padding the pockets of the elites? We vote for our representatives and expect them to do right by ALL the citizens of the U.S. We are tired of leaders who take care of themselves and the world first,……..hence, the corrupt Clintons, who don’t give a damn about you.

      • Justaguy

        I owe ya’ll an apology. First visit to the site and half-assed read the article and mis-interpreted it to boot. I am your side. I do have a clear and concise understanding of the ways in which we have been screwed. Again I am sorry.

        • Liberty Belle

          Well…I can’t say that I haven’t read something half-assed before. haha…..Welcome to Breitbart! You will enjoy it better next time. Hope we weren’t too hard on ya!

          • Justaguy

            Not at all! I made through the last 8 years, this is a piece of cake friend.

          • Liberty Belle

            Absolutely !!!

          • Justaguy

            I’ve been reading Breitbart since shortly before he passed but have never been to this sight. I followed a link from a comment on a Breitbart page but what’s the relation? If you don’t mind.

          • INFOCAT

            Breitbart is the main “hub” of the Alt Right, you are on one Alt Right site.

          • Justaguy

            Thanks cat, glad I finally made it.

          • INFOCAT


          • Liberty Belle

            Funny…I never knew I was an “Alt Right” participant until Hillary did her fear mongering about it. Now….I’m downright glad to be part of it.

          • Liberty Belle

            Interesting. I think that other sites carry Breitbart articles. I have seen them on “Drudge Report”, for instance.

    • solomonpal

      Not really. You are just a visitor here…

  • Deplorable Paula

    Can’t we just aspire to be Europe?

    • GaylePutt


      • Deplorable Paula


        • GaylePutt


  • Paul O’Brien

    Black America has to be the dumbest voting block in the world.

    • Deplorable CKAinRedStateUSA

      It’s whites, I think. After all, they gave us——I’m a deplorable, Southern, Christian, Caucasian male——Billary Clinton in the 1990s and Barack Obama for the past eight years.

      The blacks who voted for both, as well as Hillary, are dumb, though. They still don’t know they’re slaves on the Democrat plantation.

      • GaylePutt

        I also blamed the dumbed down younger generation. You’ve seen the man-on-the-street interviews….it’s pathetic how truly little they know or understand about the history of our nation. They just listen to those who scream loudest with no critical thinking on their part. It’s not funny, yet they laugh that they don’t It’s critcally important. We’re in the mess we’re in today because idiots in the past two elections liked the idea of a black man in office more than having the right black man. Thank you to the educators who have contributed to the dumbing down or our nation…turning out kids who can’t or won’t read, and know nothing about what’s really important,.

      • Julian

        Well i am proud to say i am one of the few black deplorables that voted for Trump! #MAGA 😀

    • De Plorables Unum

      Are black voters really that dumb? They get free healthcare, food
      stamps, rent/homeowner subsidies, school grants and so on…and they
      still manage to have the newest athletic shoes and the best cell
      phones, flat screen TVs while they barely work…and ‘we’ work sixty hours a week to make ends meet…I dunno
      guys, something tells me we’re the stupid ones.

    • Calvin

      Well Hillary is a fat white chick, none of the black males could resist

  • solomonpal

    Good post.

  • SantorumsNose

    This writer is an immature Duesche. You assail identity politics, then do the same with your “white populism” bullshit.

    Do you know Donald Trump got 38% of the Latino vote in North Carolina and even more in Florida, more then any Republican nominee since Spanish Speaking G.W.. without those Latino voters, Trump would have lost.

    Trump also got the highest percentage of black male voters of any Republican President in decades. He got the vast majority of religious Jews votes as well people who know Trump know he is not racist.

    Illegal immigration is wrong, H1B visas, when Americans can get jobs are wrong, legal immigration should be put on hold until the economy improves. A government should make it’s decisions based only on what’s best for its citizens, but this article is an immature piece of trash.

    • Deplorable KEK
      • SantorumsNose

        People are a product of their surroundings and upbringing. If you were born in an urban environment in a single parent home, you would be no different then those that live there.

        If you were told that Republicans were out to get you, you would hate Republicans.

        The media has been telling minorities that Republicans want to prosecute them for decades. The fact that 13% saw through the bullshit, as well as 29% of Latinos, is a minor miracle.

        With the exception of Obama in 2008, the percentage of Jews who vote for Republicans has been rising as the Jewish Population becomes more religious. The Orthodox Jewish areas of Brooklyn, have overwhelming voted Republican (29% of all Jews in the country voted for Trump, not 20%).

        The Democrats like keeping things the way they are. With minorities locked up in their urban ghettos dependent on the government, and voting Democrat. This will cripple America. You can’t have a successful country when 20% of the population is dead weight.

        Latinos are a natural fit for conservatives, many have a good work ethic, are religious, and have very strong traditional family values (although blacks used to be the same till the Democrats got to them).

        I do know people in Mexico, and they are extremely wealthy. Their standard of living is much higher then the wealthy people in America, with large staffs of domestic employees. So there is some truth to the fact that we are not getting Mexicos best people. Mexico has a large very upper class, that would never think of moving.

        The fact is in North Carolina, Trump got 38 percent of the Latino vote and would have lost that important state without them.

        We need to stop immigration for a while, until the economy improves. We need to stop immigration permanently from people who don’t share our values of freedom, limited government, and work ethic.

        But sites like this just feed the left wing propaganda of conservatives being racist.

        I like the author of the videos posted by don’t make the black kids angry, but that is not about race, that is about culture. A culture of destruction that was fed to them by Democrats and liberals. It is more destructive to them than it is to others.

        If you think that Donald Trump shares your views on race, then you are a tool.

  • Frank Energy

    Man those blacks are highly racist and sexist.

    however, I was surprised that asians joined that deplorable club

  • Christian West

    If the New York Times says “Good morning” I will look outside to make sure the sun is up. NO ONE BELIEVES THE MSM ANY LONGER. We are well aware they are the Ministry of Information of the NWO.

  • BRwoman

    Well, this is one Catlady that was celebrating Tuesday night! Trump/Pence 2020

    • Liberty Belle

      Whoohoo! Same here!

  • GaylePutt

    Just enough is still enough. You all need to STFU and give him a chance to prove what he can do. It might just surprise you. To be so combative is stupid when there is nothing as yet for which to fight. We all gave Obama a chance, two of them, and look where it got us. No where. It’s time to let someone else take the reins.

    • Derek Boss

      Come on! If those stats were accurate Hildabeast would have won. Simple graph, simple fact. Like the polls and everything else about this election, the information is fraudulent and deliberately so for no purpose other than to denigrate Trump. Too late, he won, he won big and you’re just going to have to suck it up.

      • GaylePutt

        I don’t have to suck it up, I voted for him.

  • Haiku Guy

    Who are the parents of these ‘kids’? Didn’t you teach them anything? Honesty, hard work, nothing is free, go earn what you want, don’t expect anything, save YOUR money, respect,
    If these are YOUR kids, then YOU FAILED

  • Ripsawww

    One can look no further than the Black vote for the answer……not just the “uneducated” whites. They voted for Obama 93-7. ….with nearly (conservatively) 14% turnout of the overall vote, which translates to 12 real percentage points. At 88-8, and a 12% turnout this time around, that translates into a difference of 2.4% real percentage points of the overall vote.

    Clinton lost Florida by 1.3%.
    Clinton lost Michigan by .3%
    Clinton lost Wisconsin by 1.0%
    Clinton lost Pennsylvania by 1.2%

    I could easily make a case that it was the Black voter who elected Trump…..

  • Deplorable HockeyConservative

    That picture is AWE-SOOOOOOOOOOOME!

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    When can we expect these Satan Islam worshiping Ped0philes the Democrats/Liberals to start packing their bags and leave America…
    #SpiritCooking #DrainTheSwamp

  • ej01

    What group do those 37% of “others” belong to? That’s nearly 4 in 10. The only people I can come up with that don’t fall into the other categories are Middle Easterners.

    If so, the question is how do we identify them? These people had to have seen through the smokescreen being laid down by everyone and voted in a way that everyone was screaming would be the end of the world for them.

  • sirjohnnyrotten

    Black America doesn’t do well working together , they always vote against themselves. Why do you think Africa is such a mess.One gets a Cadillac and the whole tribe wants to kill him because they are jealous.There dream is to make USA like S Africa where its illegal to hire a white now.

  • White people voted Trump over Hillary by 21% = RACIST
    Hispanics voted Hillary over Trump by 36% = OPPRESSED
    Asians voted Hillary over Trump by 36% = OPPRESSED
    Jews voted Hillary over Trump by 50% = OY VEY
    Blacks voted Hillary over Trump by 80% = OPPRESSED