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No More Globalist Wars

  • Big Rod

    No need for “boots on the ground” strategy these days as compared to previous historical wars. High tech warfare is the trend. Obliterate them from the other side of the world with any manner of new military technology.
    Research it, plenty of ways to inflict damage on perceived enemies from far away.

    • Porscheproletos

      Did u understand the text above? I doubt it.

  • guard4her

    Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel Jackson supposedly said.
    This is only true for the political leaders. For the average person, it
    is the last refuge of stupidity and cowardice.

    Which would require more bravery: Leap out of a trench at the Somme and run directly toward a machine gun to “prove” to everyone that you are brave?
    Or refuse to be conscripted, become a social outcast, be accused to cowardice and treason, and be hung?

    No, it takes much more courage to stand against tyranny than cooperate. I’m very sorry that people commit suicide, but it is an act of cowardice not bravery.

    • Darwin

      I wouldn’t so easily dismiss the mental problems among our veterans. They deserve help.

      • guard4her

        All men deserve love and respect at some level. The ideas that lead to mass destruction – not so much.
        They are misguided in the same way children might be. I like children, but they cannot be trusted with the lives of men and if they are threatening lives they must be put down, whether they understand it or not.