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No Bad Press: Media Damage Control & the Alt-Right


A Primer on the New Alternative Conservatism, or: Why Hillary’s Condemnation Of The “Far, Dark Corners Of The Internet” Was A Colossal Blunder

Much has been said in recent days about the growing political movement known as the Alt-Right. On August 15th, 2016, Hillary Clinton spoke in Reno, and propelled the Alt-Right into the global spotlight when she named it as a group of racist xenophobes who she claims have been emboldened and energized by the success of her presidential campaign opponent, Donald Trump. Clinton chastised Trump for emboldening trolls who harken from the “far, dark reaches of the internet”. She listed names of various high-profile members of the alternative press such as Alex Jones and Breitbart, and stated her dismay at Trump’s re-tweeting of a user named “white-genocide-TM”, who’s tweets she characterizes as “white supremacist” in nature.

In the wake of her speech, mainstream pundits have been scrambling to handle the explosion of interest that Hillary’s mention has brought to Alt-Right circles. Their primary agenda is to misdirect the curious masses who will inevitably seek information about this dank new phenomenon, pointing them toward news-sites which supposedly represent this movement, but in actual fact fall far short of the mark in terms of advocating the key tenants of Alt-Right thought (Milo, Alex Jones, Breitbart, etc.).  The other line of mainstream-media attack is to completely dismiss the concerns of Alt-Right’s mostly White male base.

A recent article by Keith Boag of Canada’s CBC, the state-run liberal media platform, uses this second strategy. It’s a tired, old line;  familiar to anyone in conservative politics: mock and diffuse the Alt-Right’s main constituents who are overwhelmingly comprised of the only forbidden demographic: the deplorable White males. Boag, in his September 7th article, “Make America White Again,” grabs the ball from Hillary’s speech and runs with it, full bore. Boag repeats the claims made by Clinton, with a by-line stating that “regardless of whether he wins in November, [Trump’s campaign] has empowered angry white voters,” who fear the demographic replacement of their people in America. Boag then quickly dismisses the fears of these concerned citizens, citing a decline in the overall crime rate over the last several decades. Boag’s main assertion is that because the crime-rate is trending downward, White people who are worried about the changing demographics of their country are off-base, deluded and enraged by a charlatan leader who promises to fix the problem: Donald Trump. Boag feels that the Trump campaign has taken advantage of the fears of the White electorate, and intentionally whipped them into a frenzy of fear and loathing. These powerful emotions, according to Boag, are harnessed to motivate voters to turn out for Trump at the ballot box on November 8th.

Hillary’s speech and the countless recent articles such as Boag’s have been celebrated within Alt-Right circles as a tacit admission of our growing influence. We in the Alt-Right are thrilled to be receiving so much press, negative or inaccurate as it may be, because it is driving curious people to our cause in droves. We suspect that despite decades of cultural programming from our enemy, the establishment forces of globalism and tyranny, many people still have eyes to see and recognize the truth when they see it. So for us there really is no such thing as “bad press”. Our ideas will never likely receive fair coverage via mainstream media outlets such as the CBC, but curious people in great numbers are reading these hit-job articles and then looking deeper to find a truth which speaks to them forcefully.

The conclusion drawn by Boag is a false one, characteristic of mainstream writing on the Alt-Right. He accurately paints a picture of the fears of White America but with a stroke of the pen dismisses these fears with a single citation of declining crime statistics. In doing so, he leaps around the fundamental topic of Alt-Right thought: opposition to European demographic replacement. He acknowledges the fear, and then says that because his statistics show a declining overall crime rate, that these fears are unfounded. This epitomizes rhetorical slight-of-hand, a conclusion founded on a non-sequitur, and is typical of attempts by the mainstream press to dismiss the concerns of the Alternative Right’s base, the White male. He presents the “Alt Right” as a scary boogeyman, and attempts to connect Trump to this movement in order to demonize the campaign.

The goal of the current article is to present a primer on what the Alt-Right truly represents. Many who will find their way here will have been exposed to the Milos and Jones’ of the movement, better known as the “Alt-Light”. These opportunistic pundits attempt to jump on the bandwagon of the Alt-Right while also playing it safe: They hit the easy talking points while refusing to delve into the most important and fundamental philosophical arguments of real Alt-Right thought. Many curious minds will have been led to this page as a result of Hillary’s speech, and interactions with the false “Alt-Light” who are attempting to lay claim to fame surrounding this revolutionary movement’s momentum. It is my goal here to set the record straight and help to define the true characteristics of Alt-Right thought, as apart from the pretenders.

To offer a small amount of credit to the CBC’s writer, Boag’s interview with Matthew Heimbach of the Traditional Worker’s Party accurately portrays feelings on the Alt-Right toward Donald Trump, our leader of choice: while Trump himself is not “one of us”, and we do not fully trust him, it is widely acknowledged that he does however help us to advance our ideas into the acceptable range of public discourse (a process known as shifting the “Overton window”). He appears sympathetic to our ideas on the whole. Conversely, we understand that a Hillary presidency will usher in the exact opposite of our goals. We feel that for demographic reasons, a Trump presidency commencing in 2017 is the last best chance to maintain America as a single, sovereign nation, and to avoid balkanization of the American continent.

The fact is that the Alt Right is not a “party” or any other kind of official or centralized movement. It is a loosely aligned coalition of pro-European people and organizations which recognize the threats we face and agree to varying degrees on a range of topics. There are many fronts within this group including researchers, intellectuals, new-media champions, as well as boots-on-the-ground fraternities. We are grassroots. We have no funding. But what we do have is a constantly growing base of young, energetic people who recognize the truth in our position, and who volunteer their time and energy to work toward the advancement of our cause in many ways. We do what we do because we feel it our duty to leave the world a better place for our children. We fight for the preservation of our people and Western Civilization as a whole. We fight against those who attempt to pressure us as a people toward degeneracy and cultural suicide.

Some of the core values of real “Alt-Right” proponents follow. Some of the following are merely starting points aimed at those looking to understand our position. Much has been omitted for the sake of brevity, but the key ideas of the Alt-Right are:

1) Complete rejection of Political Correctness. We see PC culture as the death of reason and free thought, and we refuse to submit to it’s ever-widening stranglehold on the range of acceptable dialog. We believe in an absolute free-market of ideas wherein all beliefs are debated freely and accepted or rejected according to their merits. The Alt-Right was born from several notoriously offensive “free speech” zones on the internet wherein controversial ideas are presented, attacked, and defended until they either fail or succeed and then gain popular acceptance. This mechanism of open dialog has been the breeding ground for the rest of the core ideas of the Alt-Right. We therefore believe that Political Correctness is cancer to free thought.

2) Racial realism. We believe in Human Biodiversity. We understand that race is more than skin-tone, and is rather a much more complicated set of inherited physical and mental traits. The races developed in relative isolation for the greater part of their evolutionary histories, and we believe it to be obvious that the result of this separation has been difference. We are not intimidated by name-calling by the established media. Words like “racist” and “xenophobe” hold no weight for us any more, because it’s clear that these slurs will be hurled against any person who openly speaks about the truth of racial difference. To our ears, the slurs fall completely flat. Further, we see quite clearly that other races very openly advocate for their own self-interest without any feelings of guilt, and are always lauded for doing so by a compromised media. For instance, you may have heard of attempts in Toronto to form a “White Student’s Union”. This move was instantly denounced as “racist” by the press and authority figures. Yet Black students enjoy a Black Student Union which unapologetically advances the interests of Black students. The key thing here, is that we simply don’t care any more if we are labeled in the expected way.

3) Gender realism. We believe that men and women are biologically not equal (ie: not the same). Not physically nor mentally. We believe (with the backing of countless scientific studies) that men and women are happiest and healthiest when operating within a spectrum of traditional roles. This does not mean that we believe women should live under oppressive circumstances. It means that we believe that the Feminists have convinced the last 3 generations of women to trade duty to their husbands and families (who have a vested interest in their safety and happiness) for duty to a corporate pay master (who regards them as replaceable). As a result, the state of marriage has suffered and fertility has dropped significantly among the European peoples. Here are some common talking points on the hypocrisy of modern Feminism:

  • Why don’t feminists protest the Rotherham incident? 1400 children were raped, kidnapped, and sexually abused by Arabs in a small British town and the media was totally silent.
  • Why do feminists only speak up when it involves White men? Statistics tell us that People Of Colour commit the vast majority of rapes per capita across the US and Western Europe, isn’t that a problem too?
  • How come no one follows the rape epidemic in Sweden? It comes in at number 7 among the countries of the world for most rapes per capita; shouldn’t we be talking about it?
  • Why do feminists support Islam? Women under Sharia law are property of men.
  • On average, there are 0 White-on Black-rapes and 22,534 Black-on-White rapes per year in the US. Why aren’t feminists talking about this? (source: FBI crime stats)




4) Nationalism. We believe in national sovereignty and self-rule. We oppose globalism. Further, we believe in the traditional definition of a Nation as being tied to the blood of the people themselves. The ethnic French are a nation. The Japanese are a nation. The Tibetans are a nation. The geography of a people is not that which constitutes a Nation: first and foremost it is the people. The Japanese produced Japanese civilization, and if they were to become extinct, so too would Japanese civilization. The same holds true for all people, including Europeans. We understand and expect that if Europeans become a minority in their own countries, the replacement populations WILL NOT take on European identity and continue the project of Western Civilization.



5) Opposition to endless war and mass migration. We see that our traitorous elite have caused the global wars intentionally to drive the current migration crisis (as well as achieving other goals such as exponential increase in national debt due to military spending). Further, we have found that this elite are following a long-established plan of demographic replacement of the European peoples. We see the Mass Migration Crisis as part of a long-term, openly declared plan to flood all European-founded countries with third-world immigration. Wars for the global elite drive the massive flow of migrants. These hostile elite benefit from the business of war, and use the fallout (mass migration) to achieve their openly stated goal of completely replacing the European genotypes by way of reduced fertility and encouraging admixture until there exist no more countries with majority White populations. Mass migration is ONLY forced upon European-founded nations. White people represent a mere 8% of the global population. At what point in our demographic extermination will we be “allowed” to speak out in our own self-interest?

6) Embrace of New Media. We are pre-eminent internet “Trolls”. We use the internet to push the window of acceptable public discourse, shift it toward our positions, toward an atmosphere of “safety” for our ideas. We mercilessly mock our opponents and use humor to expose the hypocrisy of their positions. We write articles, produce videos, and comment in public fora in order to shift attitudes in our direction. We largely despise establishment media outlets, but we use their own size and might against them by reaching their consumer base directly, via the comments section. It is akin to the primary idea of Judo: Using the strength of one’s opponent against him.

7) Historical revisionism. The great power of the internet for this generation has been to allow average people to gain access to massive amounts of information in the form of primary documents which are being constantly scanned and examined online. Access to historical information which was never before accessible to the average person has exposed countless conspiratorial plans by various groups to write the consensus world-history in their favor. We doubt and question much of mainstream history, and we notice how state and corporate-run media outlets conspire to prop up the lies. Topics open for debate here are broad and many, including the events of Sept. 11 and the wars to follow, the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, the history surrounding both World Wars, and many more such events. We have been able to uncover many primary documents which prove the fact that established “history” is little more than a lie agreed upon by the media-consuming masses.



8) Unapologetic advocacy for European Civilization. We do not feel guilt over the Colonial period. Conquest of Africa, parts of Asia, North and South America, etc. was an inevitable outcome of the march of time. If Europeans had not stretched out across the globe, then certainly a competing power such as China would have done the same and likely with far more brutal results. Further, we acknowledge that all other groups have committed similar conquests. The record shows that the legal practice of slavery was first abolished in White nations, yet continues openly to this day in many parts of the middle-East, Africa, and most certainly Israel.

9) Opposition to White Genocide. The United Nations document entitled, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Article 2, Part (c) defines genocide as:  (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group CONDITIONS OF LIFE calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. We believe that the above described conditions of mass migration and demographic replacement are intentionally formulated to do precisely this: to bring about the physical destruction of the European people by directly affecting their Conditions of Life. Encouraging decreased fertility, encouraging mass-migration, undermining the traditional family, and destroying the natural gender identity of the youth are all policies which our hostile elites have taken against us. Quotations from prominent academics and politicians often support this. They do not even pretend to hide their malicious intent, as they are confident that their full control of the media and academia effectively shelter the murderous nature of their agenda.

10) Skeptical observation of the (elite) Jewish role in weakening the European people for their own gain. Here are some common talking points on this topic:

  • Why does Israel promote open borders in Europe & the US, but not in Israel?
  • Why do dual-passport Israelis promote nationalism in their own country but multiculturalism in Western countries?
  • If diversity is so great, why is Israel building walls and deporting Africans to keep them out?
  • How many people died in the Holocaust?
  • How many people died in the Holomodor, the Soviet Purges, and the genocides committed by the Ottoman Empire? It’s 6 million, 60 million, and 2.5 million, respectively. Why do you know the history of one genocide, but not the history of others?
  • America is only 2% Jewish, but America’s billionaires are 48% Jewish–why are they so over-represented? America is only 2% Jewish, but they control 70% of America’s wealth.
  • The world is only 0.2% Jewish, but they make up 11% of the worlds billionaires–why are they so overrepresented?
  • All things equal, a Jewish student is 47 times more likely to be accepted in an Ivy League school than a White student
  • Did you know 6 Jewish-owned companies control 96% of the media?
  • Why are both the GOP and the Democratic Party supported by the Big Five (banks)? Doesn’t that seem a little shady?


In short, the Alt-Right is the little fear that has nagged at the minds of our hostile elite for as long as they have run their game. That one thing that they’ve worked to contain; far-fetched as it had become, a faint whisper on the winds, and what they’ve laboured for decades to prevent. The Alt-Right is the phenomenon of White people awakening to racial awareness and standing shoulder-to-shoulder in an act of righteous self-preservation. Hillary’s speech was an admission that our awakening presents a valid threat to the interests she represents, and the pearl-clutching by liberal media pundits to deflect our message proves that they fear the spread of our ideas. We have truth on our side, and the enemy knows it lives inside a house of cards. We have only to stay the course, keep bringing new brothers into the fold, and spread our message as far and wide as our memes can reach!

Hail Victory!

  • Nemon

    The Mass media still has far too much influence over the minds of the masses, there is a lot of work to do. We need to grow the traffic of Alt Right sites immensely and deprogram the hamsters that are all still inside the matrix! Too many conservatives are still spouting the “magic dirt” and “muh constitution” cuck fallacies. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4f732f5368d32cb311e1e89ccaa695707f4dc2decc10881fd6954b301dc899cc.jpg

    • Grumpy

      Well, at least we see a little bit of movement in our political life. Trump is the first new and substantial change to American politics in 5 decades. Reagon was a fake, he passed the first Mexican invasion amnesty.

      • David Eagen

        YUP, Reagan was and is no different. The “economics” that is claimed and practiced is bull. MOST of the gains that happened under him are attributable to what Volker did by rasing the interest rates. The public took the pain “depression” during the early 80’s. People don’t “know” about it because it lead to such great gains. Along with relaxing rules on savings and loans helped for the 80’s boom, but that blew up on them and was done/started before Reagan.

  • the watchman

    Does anyone know where I can get a bigger picture of “A brief history of the world . . .” shown in this article? Thanks


      The Article on TRS had a larger version of the map but it was still not a sufficiently big one i fear: http://therightstuff.biz/2016/09/21/no-bad-press-media-damage-control-the-alt-right/

      • David Eagen

        Sorry people. This banking conspiracy is NOT real. I don’t know all of the banking history and the foundation of money BUT I DO KNOW A GREAT DEAL. This can easily be falsified, just by the change of the gold standard to free floating exchanges.

    • warpz0ne ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Using google “reverse” image search yielded this behemoth:
      Can’t embed here as it’s above 5MB.

      • Scott825

        Thank you, that is MUCH better!


  • David Eagen

    This post and this website are funny. Hillary and what has been happening is why I am here and question things. I have found a wonderful source for actual factual analysis of some of 20th century history.

    Do people realize that with common sense that we have been lied to about World War 2. I don’t remember the name of Hitlers special Killing “experimenting” and everything else doctor. Just do your own research on that doctor and what is “accepted” fact on him. Just lay out all the details of what he did, how he lived during and after the war. How long did he live? What was said about him? ALL THE HISTORY BOOKS talk about him in great detail and what happened, just take what they say as face value and look at it on a whole in big picture.

    Just a tip. He was one of the worst people that ever lived. He sewed twins together to experiment on making congeal twins and many more “well documented and accepted as fact” as to what he did. He also “got away” and lived for many decades. “They” “knew” where he was but just coulnd’t find him. At one point many secret police were on his trail. “The widely accepted history” of his death and “verification” of his remains. NONE of “the accepted facts” add up! (just the very basics that are all widely accepted historical facts. I can go into details as to what they chronological order of them but it is all out there for you to see for yourself and many other smarter people have spent much more time and made many bid, deep, well researched books falsifying most of what we have been “taught”.)

    As for the banking system I completely understand it and just don’t know about the “history” that is being claimed here. Yes, there is “control” over our monetary system but it has evolved so far from what the picture references that I can for sure falsify that picture and its events. (I do question everything as that is science, but that does mean everything. I am not perfect and have emotions but when “coming to my conclusions” I am scientific)

  • Larry H

    Rotherham, UK sex abuses and rapes … East Asian men = Pakistani men.

  • Scott825

    Thank you for this article. If this is what the Alt-right is, then apparently I have been been “alt-right” my entire life, without even realizing it.

    I did not see anything even remotely controversial (except to the extent that politically correct people make everything they disagree with ‘controversial’) in the entire piece.


  • Alan

    Very good points. I’d have to say that the Jewish section is certainly speculative. As in the US there is the divergence between liberals and conservatives, with a strong bias where the well to do liberals lose all common sense about politics and the problems of ordinary citizens dealing with immigration, culture, and other everyday issues. The well to do PC crowd, whatever their race, get on their high horses and assume people of lower economic status are racist, selfish, and bigoted. It’s their justification for the erosion of liberties of others.