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Why is the Establishment so fearful and emotional about Trump’s temporary travel ban on seven countries? After all, Obama had a similar temporary ban on travel from Iraq. And Jimmy Carter even deported students from Iran with legal visas. So Trump’s actions on the surface are not really much different. But when Trump does it, they say “American ideals” are under attack. In a way, I would agree that they are right!

However, what the Establishment calls “American ideals” is really nothing more than their own agenda – nothing particularly “American” about it. In a nutshell, the agenda is a combination of “Invade the World – Invite the World” globalism and a psychology that tries to tell Middle Americans that they have no special place or say in this country; and to the extent that you believe you do, you are hateful, racist, and xenophobic or worse. And Trump is frustrating that agenda with every turn. They fear that Trump’s latest immigration move is not the same as the temporary actions of Carter and Obama, but represents a first step to a completely new immigration policy and American psyche. I think they are right.

Trump is making more and more people realize that there is no shame in an immigration policy rooted in preference for immigrants who are likely to assimilate and add value to our country as a whole, and rejection of those who don’t. It makes sense.

The latest Rasmussen survey found that 56% favor a temporary block on visas prohibiting residents of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Only 32% oppose the temporary ban. Whatever slurs they throw at us (and that is all they have left), the majority of Middle America seem ready to fight. Trump has removed a yoke around our necks, and has even shown with his recent negotiations with Saudi Arabia that there are actually better solutions available that will probably even bring better outcomes to the refugees as well.

Nevertheless, our opposition is going down, growling and biting like a wounded predator outmaneuvered by its would-be prey. In fairness, the majority of those who defend the establishment genuinely see no other way, as they project their darkest shadows upon us, and gain a sense of self-righteousness by feeling as if they support the downtrodden.
There are many reasons they oppose us and we cannot paint them all with the same brush. Many will come around in time. The escalating rhetoric of the left even helps some see the light and accept the red pill. But for now, we should feel as joyful as they feel sad and angered. When we tell them, “it is just a temporary ban. Obama did the same thing.” We should at least smile to ourselves with the knowledge that Trump is doing something much bigger.
  • john

    Great piece, well written and absolutely the truth!


      The truth is always simple.