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Know Whites, Know Peace

“The stats! The stats! The stats will tell! The past, the present, and the future as well.
The stats! The stats, oh soon you’ll see.
Take a little trip into your future with me…”

-Bismark, Walt, “Friends on the Alt-Right”

Statistics and other hate facts are the Alt-Right’s weapon of choice when explaining the painfully obvious truth that multiculturalism doesn’t work. These same stats also show the shitlib for what it truly is: a vessel for moral signaling at any cost. One of our most feared weapons, crime stats, got an update recently from the Brennan Center for Justice, and once again it proves our point. While crime itself only shows a modest increase, America’s most violent cities, where murder rates are skyrocketing, are America’s most vibrant.

The Brennan Center routinely produces crime analysis with the main goal of disproving the notion that crime rates are skyrocketing. Their final analysis of crime for 2015 indicated that year over year, crime was largely unchanged between 2014 and 2015 (a decrease of 0.1%). Violent crime rose slightly by 3.1% overall, with Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Charlotte providing the greatest increases by 25.2%, 19.2%, and 15.9%, respectively. The murder rate for 2015 rose 13.2% with 19 increases and 6 decreases. This rate was exacerbated most by Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, DC which accounted for a 62.9% increase (55.2 per 100K residents), 17.9% (17 per 100K), and 51.2% (24.1 per 100K) respectively. Keep in mind that some cities showed shockingly larger increases, but with much smaller numbers. A change in the murder rate of Denver, CO, for example from 4.7 to 7.9 is large by a percentage, but the overall murder rate is dwarfed by the listed examples. Also of note is that the murder rate in Detroit is second largest for total murder rate (43.8 per 100K) but had 0% increase in crime.

Why is the murder rate so high in these cities? Well, according to Brennan, correlation does mean causality: these cities are the poorest and the least employed and people are fleeing in droves. Funny that they seem to miss the GRAND UNIFYING THEORY of all of this: Baltimore is 29% White, Chicago is only 44% White, and Washington DC is 38% White, with Blacks being the majority in Baltimore and Washington. Detroit is 82% Black, if you were wondering. The simple undeniable fact is, the less White your city and more Black it is, the more violent it is. Let’s test the theory:

The 2015 Brennan study indicated the following cities with the least murder overall: Austin, TX (22 murders, 49% White 9% Black), Seattle, WA (24 murders, 70% White 8% Black), San Jose, CA (30 murders, 43% White 3% Black), Portland, OR (31 murders, 76% White 6% Black) San Diego, CA (37 murders, 44% White 7% Black) and Boston, MA (39 murders, 54% White 22% Black) Behind this are Denver, CO, Fort Worth, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK and even Charlotte, NC, though its Black population is around 30%.

This boils down to one basic premise: Know Whites, Know Peace. No Whites, No Peace.

So with the current year halfway through, where do we stand with our crime rates? Brennan’s 2016 preliminary offering gives the following conclusory statements:

-Crime is projected to rise by a modest 1.5% with Chicago (+9.1%) and Charlotte (+17.5% what the hell Charlotte I thought you were cool?) attributing the most to the increase.

-Violent crime is projected to increase by 5.5% with Los Angeles (+17%) and CHicago (+16%) being the biggest factors, but hey don’t worry goy crime is still very low.

-Murder is projected to go up 13.1% with Chicago attributing the most. Baltimore and Washington are actually expected to decrease, so there’s that. Nationwide, the murder rate went up 31.5% (!!) between 2014 and the current year with half of additional murders attributable to Baltimore, Chicago, and Houston.

-Chicago is an outlier because nobody can figure out why its turning into an African shithole, but its probably poverty, gangs and the fact nobody wants to be a cop in a war zone. On that same point, New York is an outlier because while it is expected to have 359 murders and is fairly vibrant (44% White 25% Black) it only has a murder rate of 4.2 per 100K.

So lets go to the numbers, shall we?
So far in 2016 the deadliest largest cities in America by projected murder rates are:

  1. Baltimore projected 309 total for 49.8 per 100K
  2. Detroit projected 293 total for a 41.5 per 100K
  3. Chicago projected 727 total for a 26.6 per 100K
  4. Washington DC projected 144 total for 21.0 per 100K

Brennan cannot possibly explain why these cities continue to be the leaders in death and destruction. The DR3 crowd may point to “librulz” but that doesn’t explain the relative peace and quiet in places like Seattle and Portland. The plain and obvious truth is that race matters. Demographics matter. If you displace or replace Whites and drive them out of your city, you are driving out economic force along with law and order. While further study might be needed to determine more precisely the peak dindu diversity tipping point, the overall trend remains the same. The fewer Whites there are, the more violence there is. Look into the future, White man, and see what’s coming.


  • Nemon

    Depending on how our politics develope its likely we could see a break up of the union and some sort of balkanization in America.

    • Grumpy

      I really don´t want that to happen. I love America and would like to see a succesful Trump Presidency.

      • David Eagen

        I am not from the alt right or USA so “maybe” an outside perspective. The USA will NOT have any problem with ANY president or “group”. I didn’t understand the pride in how it was formed (I still am partial to a parliamentary system BUT) the way that there is “separation” of powers I really didn’t (and still don’t) fully understand. It is POWERFUL though. The foundation and “structure” of the USA is one of the most powerful things ever on this planet earth, in any time of history. (I am still not completely aware of this, but just starting to see it).

        I am sorry I don’t want to live in the system but I do recognize the power that it is.

    • ej02

      I welcome the concept of Balkanization. It would create a buffer between countries, destroy the stranglehold of a tyrannical foreign government dictating to and taxing those of us far from the seat of power (the west, which suffers under the federal government like the original colonies did under Britain), allow for better trade deals, and generally make each country a stronger player internationally. California would be better off without the US, Cascadia would be better off without the US, and a few others I can think of wouldn’t miss them at all.