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Hundreds of Philly Blacks Launch Pogrom Against White Temple University Kids, Jewish Media Trying to Cover It Up

During the 1960s, a project unfolded through litigation, government pressure and activism by Jews, an ambitious pursuit that sought to mix the races not only in schools, but also in communities. Moving blacks in and around universities of high-repute is one of the most “daring” treads into “sociology,” where it was theorized that intelligence and White character traits would be transferred to blacks through close cohabitation… apparently through osmosis. Every year, local black criminals anticipate back to school season as excitedly as a nervous but eager freshman transplant, but for very different reasons.

More than half a century later, the neighborhoods surrounding the college campuses of schools like Temple in Philadelphia, Hofstra in New York, Rutgers in New Jersey, most of the “top tier” North Carolina and DC schools, are “No-Go Zones” for people of European descent, where gas stations have bullet proof glass and fast food joints have a direct line to the cops. School administrators have overlapping interests with media power-Zionists in lying about this, so a lot of students who end up going to these schools learn the truth the hard way.

That is why parents who have a daughter beaten and raped, or a son assaulted or murdered, ought to open up lawsuits against school officials whenever this kind of stuff happens.

The Tab:

A mob of kids have been attacking people near Temple’s campus

On Friday night, we received a TU alert of increased police activity involving a mob of young kids near Main Campus. Last week the same mobs of juveniles were seen near our campus.

At around 8pm and throughout the entire night, there were reports of assaults but only a few victims have come forward and many students at Temple are wondering what happened.

We spoke to students who came into contact with the mob:

A Junior, Environmental Science Major, told The Tab:

“My boyfriend and I were walking to his apartment at 8pm and we saw a lot of cops and like five kids middle school age and thought that all the police activity was extra but we didn’t have any kind of warning of what was really going on, so I thought it was because everyone was coming back from the Temple game or if there was an event at the Liacouras Center.

“We turned onto 16th from Cecil towards Oxford and halfway down the block, we see 10 then 20 then up to like 40 kids pour out from around the corner of Oxford and 16th and we then crossed the street but two kids followed us and hit my boyfriend. My boyfriend ran and got away but the second I tried to run, they grabbed me by my hair and started beating my head and back.

“I somehow got to the other side of Oxford Street by the time they got me to the ground. I remember shoes coming for my face and after that I heard other kids from the group saying ‘Yo chill, yo chill it’s just a girl’ and they pulled my attackers off me. I got up and ran in the direction of my boyfriend’s house but no one was interested in me anymore.


A student, Michael P told the The Tab, he witnessed the kids assaulting students and also heard a lot of stories of assaults.

“I only walked around it when the crowd first started forming on Broad in front of where Burger King and Koja Grille are. It had to be over 100 people, various ages from middle school to high school.

“The mob I walked passed by started to form around 7:45pm after I walked from Rite Aid to the IBC.”

Although only a few students have come forward with their testimony, there are more reports of these assaults.

These attacks occurred on Temple’s campus and it’s frustrating to hear that we were never informed about the number of incidents of students who are being attacked. Shouldn’t we be receiving a TU alert on this? Shouldn’t we feel safe or should we be expected to know that we are located at North Philadelphia and we should know ‘better’?

I was told to remember my surroundings, but my job is to be a student – not an officer.

The onus is always on the White to not get assaulted, and if it happens, to not tell anyone about it. But what happens when we run out of patience? Are we not human? This kind of racialized pogrom violence by blacks against Whites is hitting a fever pitch in 2016 America. The fathers and families of these students need to get more active and start getting riled about this perpetual problem nobody is doing anything about.

A father of one of the female victims is at least speaking out:

Don’t complain, ORGANIZE!

In order to get any kind of details about this incident at Temple, you need to read either local Pennsylvania news or Breitbart. Everyone else is trying to cover it up. Spread this story around, once enough people know about it it will force the Jews to report on it, albeit with spin. That’s alright, we want their usual blame-the-victim spin, as it further discredits the information manufacturers in the eyes of the people.

These attacks are apparently organized on twitter. Notice that the Anti-Defamation League has millions of dollars to pursue a politically incorrect cartoon frog on social media, and yet, there is no interest in stopping actual real world racially motivated violence (as long as it’s against White people) on there.

  • Doctor Who?

    Obama and his minions wanted to stir up racial minorities against whites.
    Before too long Obama’s schemes will backfire and white racial identity will be reawakened.

    Barack Obama, you cretin: Be careful what you wish for.

  • Porscheproletos

    I might sound brutale but our folks need this kind of events to awake finally out of the matrix. It doesnt matter what we tried to explain in the last decades, the brainwashing medias were to strong. Events like this let awake people. The father and his daughter will be lost forever for the ruling system. If not, such cases exist, it doesnt matter because we cant rescue everybody especially not against their will. But people will read the story….some might awake and some others already awoken will be…more motivated. The system doesnt understand the law of physics. Doesnt understand that pressure generates counterpressure. The megalomaniac ZOG is trusting to strong on the fact that they can manipulate always everybody. If the critical mass is awoken, people starting to questioning. Do you realize that more and more people calling “lord voldemort” by his name? Read the comments were its still allowed to comment. Read forums, read alternative “normal” medias. The questioning has begun. The only way for ZOG to controll it is an iron fist. More iron fists leads to more counterpressure.

    • kikz2

      this has only intensified whining of ‘anti-semitism’ for (((their))) own behaviors, especially on uni campuses where there is even a whiff of BDS, at our natural reactionary responses to such overt anti-Gentilism.

      what chutzpah! how dare the goyim critique ‘the culture of critique’ naming it and shaming it. oy! it’s the holocaust all over again! *spit between peace sign hand gesture*

      the latest eyeroll comes from NPR ‘mami’ Inajosa… one would think the heeb would scream ‘cultural appropriation’ in her usage of ‘holocaust’ as moral equivalent of the term ‘illegal alien’…..

  • kikz2

    a bit of shadenfreude shined my way recently. some larger city… Trump related ‘protess’, groid were beating the snot out of some jew, outside of a downtown tower, who was screaming ‘BUT I’M A JEW!’ in disbelief that the groid pack didn’t grok he wasn’t White, nor cared as to what he conveniently self-identified. he was finally rescued by another blak who dragged him into the bldg where security was watching from behind the glass. it’s past time (((they))) deal with the consequences of their lax animal husbandry where the groid are concerned.

    as to the Temple incident, i did note in what little coverage was afforded locally, it was never broached as to if any of the hyena cackle were students or simply local fauna.