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How Many Raped English Girls Is The Economy Worth?

There are some rumours going around in our circles about Theresa May, quietly, cautiously, they whisper discreetly, could it be possible, is it feasible that Theresa May might not be fully signed up to the Globalist master plan? she gave us the full Brexit and it looks like she’s going to try and curb immigration, the cobwebs have been blown off the Tory plan to reduce numbers to the 10,000’s and she signals toward a mild populism.

Time will tell, but it’s a depressing sign of the times when we can become excited because the Prime Minister is not explicitly trying to eradicate the native British population.

And yet even Theresa May’s rather pathetic attempts to ride the populist tiger are too much for The Independent who’ve now started up a petition against May’s proposed immigration reduction. In cahoots with ”Open Britain” a new Left Wing think tank, they’re attempting a rearguard action, the racists, bigots and little Englanders got Brexit, but we can’t have reduced immigration too, that would be outrageous.

The rationale they’re using in opposing immigration cuts is that it is precisely because of Brexit that our economy is now on shaky ground, therefore cutting immigration, which is obviously a massive economic positive, would financially cripple the country. If we refuse to allow in untold numbers of Afghans and Somalis our country will end up a dilapidated dump…just like Afghanistan and Somalia, who could fault that logic?.

Open Britain and The Independent are campaigning for the Government to drop their target to reduce net migration to the “tens of thousands”. If ever met, this would deny our country of skills and talent on which our economy relies.

 With Article 50 triggered and Brexit under way, Britain now more than ever needs to attract hard-working, bright, talented people from all over the world to support our economy and public services.

Keeping the current migration target would be economically damaging and potentially socially divisive, as it is based on the premise that migrants are a negative for our country when they are in fact the opposite, as centuries of experience demonstrate. The UK must always be an open and vibrant nation.

Offering her support to the far left, Conservative MP Anna Soubry also writes in the Independent:

That is why I am concerned about the Government’s continued policy to reduce the amount of net migration to Britain each year to the “tens of thousands”. This has been the declared intention of the Government for seven years now, and it has not come close to being achieved. Doing so would involve cutting the annual immigration figure by an enormous 173,000. Such a swingeing cut would damage our public services, our economy, and our universities. It will do nothing to prepare our economy for the difficulties it faces as Britain leaves the European Union. That is why, along with my Labour and Liberal Democrat colleagues Pat McFadden and Norman Lamb, I am calling on the Government to drop the target and adopt an immigration policy based on what is best for our economy, not an arbitrary number.

Despite the vote for Brexit last June, it is crucial that we do not turn our backs on the hugely important role played by immigrants in our country. For our economy, our public services, and our future as a vibrant and innovative country, we will need them just as much as before.

The standard practice of somebody such as myself now would be to respond by running around the internet collecting statistics and data which prove the economic argument to be false. I’ve always disliked such debates because they go nowhere, each side has access to ”facts” to back up their arguments and it inevitably descends into playing at a sword fight with balloons.

So let us assume they are correct, let us raise the bar as high as it can go and concede their point that without mass immigration the economy would collapse, that every Somali is a highly skilled chemical engineer, every Afghan a heart surgeon and every Syrian a captain of industry.

They can have it all!

But is it worth the mass rape of young English girls on this scale?

(And this list is far from complete!)


Rotherham (again):

Rotherham (and again):








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Bristol (again):
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All of the above represent ”grooming gangs” across England, it can seem a dizzying blur, so let’s single one case out at random and take a look at what happened in Dewsbury:

”A gang of “devious and manipulative” men who raped, trafficked and groomed two teenage girls has been jailed.Ismail Haji, 39, his brother Imran, 36, Ibrahim Kola, 36, and Mohammed Chothia, 37, all from the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire, were convicted at Leeds Crown Court of various sex offences.The four abused a 13 year old and a 15 year old at a flat in Dewsbury in 2014.West Yorkshire Police said the gang had preyed on “the most vulnerable people in our communities”.

 The prosecutions came after the 13-year-old victim told a school welfare officer she had been seriously sexually assaulted.She first met Chothia, a factory worker of Hirstlands Road, Batley, and Ismail Haji, a former taxi driver of Rotary Close, Dewsbury, in August in Thornes Park, Wakefield, along with a 15-year-old girl.The pair were later introduced to shop assistant Imran Haji, of Manor Way, Batley, and Kola, a factory worker of School Crescent, Dewsbury.The girls were subjected to sexual assaults at the property in Dewsbury.The 13-year-old was also abused at another address.”

 ”Ismail Haji – sentenced to 19 years for three counts of rape, two counts of sexual activity with a child, two counts of grooming and two counts of trafficking

Imran Haji – given an eight-year jail term after being found guilty of rape and trafficking

Ibrahim Kola – sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape and trafficking

Mohammed Chothia – jailed for 13 years after being found guilty of two counts of grooming, two counts of trafficking and one of taking indecent photos of a child”.

And Anna Soubry and the Independent are campaigning to actually increase the number of such people in our country!.

Even if we assume that these men were all architects and city planners or website designers, is it worth it? It isn’t is it.

There is no ”economic argument”.

If Britain was the most luxurious, prosperous and well ordered society on earth, and those fruits were based upon mass immigration, it is still not worth what is happening to English girls. The very idea that there seems to be a price tag on the safety of English girls is grotesque, if Muslim men raise the GDP of the nation by 10% but that includes having organized rape gangs in every town and city where they reside, then it is better not to have the extra 10% GDP.

About 10 years ago I spent a few hours wandering around Heathrow’s Terminal 5 waiting for a connecting flight. I was awestruck by the scale of it all, the sheer brilliance of the engineering and organizational prowess of funneling 10,000’s of people an hour to destinations across the world. I pondered that the people who created this technical wonder must be secure indeed, that the people who designed and built Terminal 5 had at their disposal an astonishing array of skills and expertise to be used for their well being and safety. If that skill-set was deployed against enemies in a hostile world those enemies would be crushed instantly.

And yet that simply isn’t the case, Heathrow airport serves no higher purpose at all, it just ”is”, and without a purpose beyond the material and utilitarian it’s not much more than a pile of junk.

The same can be said of the economy, what is the economy for? what is its purpose? if the current economic model demands English girls be sacrificed to satiate it, then that economic model should be abolished, indeed, it should be seen as an abomination and abolished as quickly as possible and with extreme prejudice.

But no, Anna Soubry and the slags at the Independent, and the liberal classes in general are, knowingly or not, offering up 1000’s more English girls to mammon.

Do they know?. At the beginning of this article I noted that the liberal classes in Britain see Brexit as a victory for the racist little Englanders, they know the people who voted for Brexit are terrified of Muslims and losing their country to foreigners, they are at some level aware of the grooming gang issue. So the question must be asked: Are they trying to dish out a punishment beating to working class whites for having the temerity to defy their will?.

But that’s an issue for another time…..

  • Othmar Regin

    What are 13-15y old girls doing in companion with strange grown up men, anyway? Wheren’t they told by parents “not to talk to strangers”? And how could those men abuse those girls more than 1 time, didn’t those girls run to their parents or police after the 1st time?!

    • T.I.J

      Many parents did go to the police but were accused of racism and prosecuted in return. http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/more-muslim-child-rape-in-rotherham/

      • Othmar Regin

        It’s still a total failure of parenting.. I bet most of those girls where brought up by single-mothers.. who taught them love and tolerance above caution and mistrust of strangers. This should have never happened in a normal society unless the girls would have been abducted by force in a van or something. That they willingly went along with those men to their houses and more than once(!) is beyond belief.

  • Othmar Regin

    The truth is much more shocking than this, where those girls not 13 and 15 but 18-19 they would have probably gave them selves to those pigs willingly and nobody could or would do anything about it.. I see plenty of “barely legal” sluts milling around with “older men” from the Orient and Africa openly on the streets, men who are easily 10y+ older than them. And it’s legal because those girls are 18y+ and nobody dares to even talk about it. This society is done, stick a fork in it and throw it in the fire!

  • Othmar Regin

    Remember what “barely legal” meant 5y ago? It meant 18-19y olds, because they where mostly virgins or “near” virgin, today it’s a total euphemism because “barely legal” means 13-15.. and I am sure it will be 10-12y soon. Many 18-19 year olds are used up sluts these days.