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General Flynn Dindu Nuffin Wrong

Here we are, barely a month into the Trump presidency, and the war party in D.C. is in full dander over those pesky Russians.

If the globalists had souls or even a smidgen of humanity, one could almost feel sorry for them. After all, we were supposed to be in the opening rounds of WWIII by now. “Madame President” was ready to extend the previous administration’s policy of escalation and provocation, deploying troops and missiles along Russia’s border and engineering color revolutions in her former territories. Pussy Riot was all but booked to play the Clinton Inaugural, and the great arsenal of sodomy was ready to march on Moscow to make the world safe again for pornography, feminism, and degeneracy. We were on the brink of a 1,000 Year Weimar, goyim! With Russia out of the way, anything would have been possible.

Instead, the unthinkable happened: White working class voters in the American heartland decided that they weren’t quite ready to commit racial and cultural suicide. By the thinnest of margins, they elected the notorious Russian spy Donald Trump, some of whose campaign aides apparently had the temerity to be in contact with a foreign power in order to work for peace rather than endless war. Silly, silly goyim. There’s only one foreign power allowed to meddle in our politics.

So now, the poor globalists are frozen out. They are like starving dogs being forced to watch people eating steaks on the other side of the glass, or one of the Podesta brothers being forced to keep his hands out of his pants while walking through Chuck E. Cheeses.

Just a few days after arch Neocon and international war criminal (((Elliot Cohen))) was given the Mitt Romney treatment, allied elements in the deep state retaliated by taking out Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn. Flynn’s alleged crime was to discuss the possibility of lifting the Obama-era sanctions against a nuclear-armed power whose leader has the audacity to represent his own people rather than sell them out to the international banker class. Citing an “erosion of trust,” Trump asked Flynn to step aside.

And of course, that stopped the story dead in its tracks, right? The press lauded Trump for his judgment and decisiveness. They quickly moved on to other, more important stories like which department stores are dropping Ivanka’s product line or whether the first lady was, in fact, a hooker. Having gotten their first scalp, they contented themselves with the realization that they could still bully Republicans despite having no real power at any level of (elected) government… Oh, wait. No, that’s actually not what happened.

What actually happened was what anyone with more than 2 minutes of experience dealing with the Left could have predicted: they escalated and amplified their attacks. A single drop of blood in the water, and Trump now finds himself in the center of a genuine feeding frenzy.

This was a colossal blunder, one that is likely to have severe negative consequences for Trump and his supporters for some time to come. Not only has the war party now made it significantly more difficult for Trump to establish a productive relationship with Russia, they have emboldened Trump’s enemies while demoralizing his allies. Michael Moore is demanding resignation or impeachment and Dan Rather is crowing that this is “bigger than Watergate.” Hillary Clinton is tweeting about Flynn’s past references to Pizzagate, making it clear that any acknowledgement of the existence of a pedophilia network at the highest levels of government will result in swift and certain punishment.

Whoever advised Trump to do this needs to be fired immediately. There can be no accommodation, no parley, no compromise with Trump’s enemies for the simple reason that they cannot be trusted to act in good faith. They have been routed at the polls. Democrats now control just 18 statehouses. They are an irrelevant minority in the House and face bleak odds in the 2018 Senate midterms. Over the next 2-4 years, it is likely that Trump will have the opportunity to pack the SCOTUS as well as rebalance the rest of the federal judiciary. Calexit looms as an existential threat to Democratic electoral prospects. These are desperate people, and desperate people cannot be trusted under any circumstances. They can only be defeated.

Trump won the primaries and the general because he refused to perform the well-choreographed dance of Cuckservative Republicans: sell out your base, apologize for every imaginary offense, accept the premises of the Left, and pretend that the media is not your enemy. He discovered the formula for success. Why abandon it now that he has actual power?

Thankfully, the mainstream media has already lost so much of its power and prestige that this will likely blow over in a matter of days or weeks. Even 10 years ago, this would have been a fatal blow to a Republican president. But even a diminished media is still a formidable enemy, especially when it is allied with elements in the deep state intent on destroying Trump. The one thing Trump’s team has gotten right in this mess is to focus on the danger of the leaks that led to Flynn’s ouster. The leakers need to be hunted down and punished. Wherever possible, they need to be prosecuted.

The more that the media and the deep state fixate on Russia, the more obvious it becomes that this was the central issue in the presidential election. Trump has disrupted the long-laid plans of the globalists to orchestrate a war with Russia, and they will not rest until they see those plans through.

What can Trump do, now that opposition party members and national media organizations are openly calling him a traitor and a Russian spy? The Cuckservative playbook is fairly straightforward: ball up, apologize, and bend over backwards to prove that you are just as bloodthirsty as they are. Bring the neocons in from the cold, and give them the war and death they so desperately crave.

This would be a grave mistake both politically and geo-politically. Not only would a war with Russia likely be the end of western civilization as we have known it, it would do nothing for Trump politically. Democratic voters are still so stuck in the 1960’s Nixon-McGovern paradigm that they think their party stands for peace. The inevitable consequences of a war with Russia would be forever pinned on “warmongering conservatives and right-wingers” while the Left, having achieved its objectives in toto, would once again wash its hands of the entire affair. They would, as always, be ready to step in and “win the peace.”

No, the correct response now is to echo and amplify. Trump needs to call for a summit with Putin. Hold it on neutral territory (say, the Philippines—I kid, I kid). Make it the geopolitical event of the 21st century. Set bold goals: full normalization of relations, military, political and economic cooperation against militant Islam, restrictions on “defensive” missiles deployed along Russia’s border, agreements by Russia to respect the sovereignty of Kievan Ukraine and other former satellites, and mutual non-interference in domestic political affairs. Establish a new cyber-security treaty regime so that the pedophilia habits of establishment politicians can never again be so embarrassingly exposed.

The entire campaign by the media, the Deep State, and the Left to portray Trump as a Russian stooge has been calculated to make such an event impossible. If we were dealing with a “normal” Republican, it would almost certainly have worked. But we are not dealing with a normal Republican. We are dealing with a man who has, for the last 18 months, taken on the entire global establishment and won. He has done so by being defiant and unpredictable, by doing exactly that which his enemies believe is impossible.

Make America Great Again, President Trump. Make a lasting peace with Russia.

  • Meme Magician

    Giving in to the establishment was huge miscalculation. Trump needs to start repacking the rosters of those federal agencies with operatives loyal to him, continue with the marginalizing of the MSM, and start going after all those commie/Jew supported NGO’s that are financing the social discontent. Draining the swamp needs to be a constant activity that can never slow down throughout his administration.

  • Mihilus

    Flynn and his team were very active in #pedogate. They have rounded up many street level human traffickers in recent weeks. Flynn rattled their cage with intent to infuriate the pedo-mafia. It worked. By long-kniving Flynn, they exposed their hand. Now, Trump
    has full executive powers to investigate the CIA, Mossad and the rest of intelligence community.

  • AmericaAwakens

    We still have left-over career Senators that cannot let go of Russia past. We need peace on earth, not more wars. John McCain, Lindsay Gram, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell are hell bent to start a war (wars) because they are in on the NWO….they are paid to bring down America. Anyone who gets in their way will have resistance: mainly President Donald J. Trump. What a sad state of the nation.

    On the bright side: 2nd Amendment people will not be afraid to fight the NWO to keep our God loving country alive and interacting with other countries to destroy the NWO.

  • Feisty Hayseed

    My Oh My! The ex-Obama Administration-Crooked Old Hillary for President Campaign-Democratic Party sure has been throwing a lot of crap up against the wall hoping that something / anything! will stick!

    It is Classic “If you don’t like the message, attack the messenger” with a twist – the Russians had NOTHING to do with the DNC or Podesta email leaks.

    But now that the ex-Obama Administration-Crooked Old Hillary for President Campaign-Democratic Party has officially blamed and punished the Russians for being the messenger, CAN WE PLEASE start asking John Podesta, Why he wrote so often and so bizarrely about Pizza in his emails? Not to mention “Spirit Cooking”. There is a LOT of Strange, Warped, Bizarre and Disturbing references in the Podesta emails that need to be explained (John, I’m looking at you.)

    For example, John, can you please explain what the following statements mean / are referring to in the emails below (and please explain it in a way that is understandable to a regular, average, normal American.)

    As Ricky used to say, “Lucy, you got some splaining to do.”

    1) In an email inviting you and dozens of other Washington political insiders to “Our Gang’s visit to the farm in Lovettsville” a disturbing situation has been arranged for the “entertainment” of the participants. Can you can please explain to us John, why three children in the pool would be described in the following email invite as for your “further entertainment”?

    “We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”

    2) Perhaps you can explain what “a map that seems pizza-related” means on a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that you admitted was yours as is described in the following email:

    “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus?” [typo in original]

    3) Can you please explain to an average American what “spirit cooking” is? You and your brother know what it is, can you please explain it to the rest of us?

    “Dear Tony,

    I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?

    All my love,