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Freedom, Liberty, Posterity: A Tripartite Case for Amerikaner Nationalism

You know the drill by now—English-speaking White Americans, some 200 million people in the United States, form a unique and diverse nation of pan-European descent that values freedom, liberty, and making each generation better than the last. Whether we call them Anglo-American, Amerikaner, or just White, our goal is to establish a national homeland for our people by any means appropriate, because the alternative is becoming a minority in our own country as a result of hostile government policies.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to best spread this message; all of us who are active in these circles do. We have grown a lot this last year, thanks to our skillful branding, memeing, and commentary on the Trump campaign. This is effective and it will continue to be effective. If Trump wins, we get to hound his every move from the right and point out why he is insufficient. If he loses, we get to highlight how the state, the media, and the purveyors of political filth fought a crusade against the White worker and family to install Clinton in power on the backs of a coalition of the fringes.

But Trump and election cycles cannot be the center of our commentary and message. That these things are happening now and we are covering them is all and well, but ultimately we need to do more than that, and we need to do it effectively. We need to make the simple case that what we believe in is what our compatriots should believe in, and this has to be a multi-layered and multi-angle approach that incorporates both our traditions as a people and whatever new innovations are necessary to secure ourselves a place in the struggle for survival.

The Alt-Right criticizes the Constitution fairly often, and more importantly the cult of obeying it beloved by constitutional (non-national) conservatives. But our founding documents are not completely worthless to the current struggle, or to winning hearts and minds. They contain values that are at the very least, not harmful, and even beneficial.

When we make the case for nationalism to our compatriots, we should highlight three key areas that our political program is about: Freedom, Liberty, and Posterity.

Freedom. We do not have freedom. We are not allowed to express our views overtly because of political correctness and a hostility promoted at the highest levels of our society towards only the ingroup loyalty and existence of Whites. Any other group’s tribalism is not only tolerated but promoted as a politically correct behavior. The government also favors the enlargement of these groups via mass immigration. Most population growth in the United States since the 1960s has been because of immigration, and most of that immigration has been non-European. Now a minority of births in this country are White and states across the country are being flipped to minority-majority. If you can’t speak out against your own replacement without bringing society down on top of you, do you have freedom? No other freedom matters if you are not free to exist in your own country.

Liberty. Liberty, all romantic language aside, was understood by the Founding Fathers to mean property. Property is one of the foundations of civilization, the ability to exercise private ownership over something and improve it for one’s benefit, or that of others should one choose to. All of our possessions, structures, transferable learned knowledge, and societies result from taking what is furnished by nature and applying human-centric changes to it, among other things. It is indisputable that in current-year America, property has been grossly violated, and so civilization suffers as a result. We pay obscenely high taxes for a “free” people, on everything from our wages, to our homes, to our transactions. We sink money into the welfare of communities that hate us and into migrants who will replace us, under threat from a government that compels us to do so. Your property is transferred by force to people who will soon outnumber you, in the name of unattainable equality. Your homes that you’ve worked your entire life to pay for and raise a family in are devalued by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development building tenements in your neighborhood. These policies erode our ability to build a better future, and thus threaten our civilization. There is no liberty when the government actively destroys your wealth by transferring it to non-producers. The American government is plundering us and neither we nor it have enough money to keep this going. The United States is trillions of dollars in debt, but it would be running a surplus without dependants of color. Nationalism would separate us from demographically rivalrous outgroups who live at our expense. It would restore our liberty as a people and result in a less thieving government, which would no longer have those clients to satisfy in exchange for votes.

Posterity. A typical conservative’s set of values stop at Freedom and Liberty, deemed sufficient enough to have a just society. In doing so, they have guaranteed that they will conserve nothing. These United States were declared a free political entity “for ourselves and our posterity.” That means our descendants. As I said earlier, our descendants are going to inherit a country where they are a minority, as well as one where they are denied an identity. This is a bad thing. Very bad. If you can’t figure out why it will be bad, take a few courses at your local college on privilege and social justice, and learn about how much our (((Hart-Celler))) replacements dislike us and our posterity. They will be the first generation to inherit a country worse off than the one their parents had. They will be the first to experience the end of the American Dream, the dream of a country where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are secured for ourselves and our posterity. They will be the first to be outnumbered by aggressively rent-seeking and ideologically hostile outgroups. All political debate will boil down to how much more gibs the voters are owed from their pockets.

It doesn’t have to end like this. Our children could live in a nationalist society that values freedom, liberty, and posterity, as opposed to an oppressive and anarcho-tyrannical one that is trying to replace them with a society of third world immigrants and leftists. After November 8, when we really have to start thinking about non-election based outreach, remember to spread the memes of our Amerikaner inheritance, those of freedom, liberty, and posterity.