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Election Reaction Makes the Case for Partition

Grief. Fear. Hysteria. Anger. Protests. Riots. Hate crimes. Arrests. The United States is reeling from the election of President Donald Trump. Ultra-liberal Portland and Seattle revolt as communists light fires and smash storefronts. Megadiverse New York City has to impose a no-fly zone over 5th Avenue. LGBT and Mexican flags wave in San Francisco outside high schools. Students in Michigan chant “Build the Wall.” Muslim women have their headscarves torn off. A White man is kicked in the head for being a suspected Trump supporter. Swastika graffiti appears anonymously on walls and doors around the country. Wow just wow, it’s the current year.

The results are still coming in from November 8th. President Trump won the electoral college while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a margin of hundreds of thousands. There are now increasingly loud calls to scrap the electoral college for being outmoded and ‘anti-democratic’. Moreover it is the second time in recent history that a Democrat has won the popular vote while losing the election.

Of course, there is a geographic context to all of this. Clinton got far more votes than needed to win in blue states like California and New York. In the West Coast outpost of Latin America, she got around 2.5 million surplus votes, while Shekel Island and its surrounding counties (sans Staten Island) returned around 1.5 million extra ballots. In midsized swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, President Trump won by much narrower margins, boosting Clinton’s popular vote even further. And the high margin Republican states have less population to begin with, yielding less popular vote for President Trump’s total. Still, there is a clear geographic component to where Clinton won the popular vote, and that is her carrying the urban corridors of the Northeast and the West Coast, and the Deep South’s black belt. President Trump won the broader swathes of the interior and the non-urban counties.

So what’s the path forward for a Trump administration elected due to a procedural quirk in the system (which usually doesn’t matter) while sitting atop a colorful demographic bomb? What’s the strategy for the American left, who even if they ride out the demographic trends and campaign as inverted paleocons next cycle will have a country where at least 40% of the population is viciously opposed to their coalition of Davos men, overseas Israelis, and their multi-ethnic helots? Is the future of the United States to go through the death throes of Empire as it swings radically left and right every few years because of ethno-regional partisan politics? Do we really want a vicious cycle of the coasts and the core fighting one another to convince a few border regions to flip one way or the other every four years? This is the best form of government we have? This is the best country in the world?

Well, there are a number of scenarios in which the United States survives intact as a darker or off-white world power, depending on who wins in the mid-game. But for now, President Trump holds power, with both houses of Congress and the executive branch at his disposal starting January. To the mock-horror of the left, there are “no” checks and balances against him (wrong). Even if that were the case, his position is the definition of tenuous, and unless he acts to entrench himself and his allies, it will have all been for nothing. A smart move for President Trump would be to lay the groundwork for an authoritarian and nationalistic deep state, given that he has four (and possibly only two) years of mandate to turn around a country which has had decades of misrule and cultural poison, one that only was able to vote him into office by the skin of its teeth. It could be done. After all, he did run on a platform of building things, bigly.

But I think there’s something to be said for a utilitarian solution, or at the very least a utilitarian starting point for the conversation on where this deeply divided behemoth of a state is going. What do people really want in this country to be happy, and how can those demands be accommodated? Let’s assume I care for a moment and am not a completely self-interested tribalist (which would frankly place me in the minority of voters). Let’s assume I want to bring about the greatest good for the greatest number of people regardless of ingroup-outgroup status while following the principles declared in the United Nations’ charter.

From a utilitarian standpoint, I don’t think the optimal solution to the American problem is endless political struggle between conservative Whites versus people of color and their liberal allies over control of an imperial state. I think that’s a recipe for polarization at the national level, and fueling radical ethnocentrism among Whites (who currently split around 60-40 on politics while other groups are as high as 90-10). How can these people share a country amicably where the rules of the game are winner-take-all, damn the losers to sit in the corner and lick their wounds?

I think the solution is patently obvious, albeit with a number of logistical hurdles (which pale in comparison to say, building nuclear weapons or the Moon landing). Partition the United States into multiple countries. There could be at least two multi-ethnic liberal countries and one more homogenous conservative country. Of course, each would have ideological minorities, but there would no longer be a high stakes competition to overturn society and reorder it along an inverse set of principles every few years on the basis of two camps of regional extremists attempting to sway moderates.

You may be wondering, if new states with different political alignments were created, wouldn’t that change the internal Overton window of each society and thus lead to new factions, ideologies, and tensions not even given consideration before? It probably would, but the trend would be of each society being able to pursue the policies it really wanted to before but couldn’t due to opposition from de facto foreign factions. If only there were fewer conservatives, Bernie Sanders could have dropped the “democratic” and been a full-tilt gibsmedat socialist. Donald Trump wouldn’t have had to give lip service to the concerns of blacks who refused to vote for him if they simply didn’t live in his country. The West Coast would finally be able to adopt third worldist cultural and economic policies and left-technocracy without reservations, without opposition from the interior. Boston-NY-Washington could have its dream bureaucratic welfare superstate, constantly seeking new clients to provide social services to at the expense of its signaling-addicted upper classes, with no significant anti-immigration movement opposing it. The Whiter, more conservative parts of the country would be able to adopt nationalism and traditionalism. Instead of having to compromise with people they dislike on a molecular level, these factions would be free to govern their regions with only minor internal opposition, as opposed to swathes of the state they control on behalf of the 51% being up in arms against them (metaphorically, and possibly literally).

But I am an ethno-nationalist. So I do want what is best for my tribe first and foremost. But I also happen to think that the same things I want for my own tribe would be good for other tribes as well. It is said that good fences make for good neighbors after all. What better place to put a fence than between the sanctuary cities that believe White people are devils and people of color are angels, and the rest of the country?


    California seceding would be a good start, we can get it back later after we cleaned the rest of the country.


      Big states force people of radically different views to co-exist under
      the same political entity. The best situation is a devolution into
      microstates and city-states. You don’t need large states to be wealthy
      and comfortable. Singapore is comfortable and has a higher GDP per
      capita than the US. Those who want diversity get diversity. Those who
      want homogeneity get homogeneity. Those who want Nazi economics get Nazi
      economics. Those who want Austrian economics get Austrian economics.
      Those who want Communism get Communism. Those who want something in
      between get something in between. Let these systems compete for the best
      brains, workers and talent. But of course, leftoids don’t want this competition to happen, they want a one world government.

      • guard4her

        But that would obviate the need for any political union whatsoever. The whole purpose of government is to oppress OTHERS.
        All voters only vote what will hurt others while helping themselves. There has to be minorities (e.g. white working men) to oppress or there’s no point.

    • Wanderer1896

      Our Civil War settled for all time that the country is Indivisible.
      Our pledge of allegiance to the flag has changed over time.
      “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands,
      one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

      • Lynette Johnson

        UNDER GOD cannot be removed

        separation of church and state is to protect the PEOPLE
        FROM the Governments interference in Church

        • Wanderer1896

          Let me remind you if you are a member of the Al Gore Church of Climate Change….LOL

          • Lynette Johnson

            Nope do not subscribe to “Global Warming” nonsense never have. I am old enough to remember the Government spiel to con American’s outa’ their hard earned money even before that one and it was called “Global Cooling” same fake narratives… When neither captured peoples attention they simply changed the name to “Climate Change” and indoctrinate our children in the schools to be good lil misinformed or unaware complacent citizens.

            Fluoride being pumped into our water supplies is another scary Government “control the masses” bit.

            But here is my ultimate favorite brain washing tool used on human population experimentation by government.

            GOVERNMENT MEDIA MANIPULATION http://bit.ly/2g2Yy17
            I dare you to watch all the way through any ever trust media integrity again.

          • Wanderer1896

            I am a speed reader, but I did browse through it. Interesting. Thanks for the Link

      • Gave

        California should secede to unite with Mexico.
        No more blue electoral vote.
        Excise all blue states from the Union.

        • Wanderer1896

          One Civil War is enough for any Country. The settled Law is that the Nation is Indivisible.

    • Gave

      Secede? A CaleXit?
      Great. No more blue electoral votes to worry about.
      Civil War? Excellent.
      Now, who would be eager to fire the first shot? Women don’t have No cojones.

      • underthepalms

        Don’t generalize…I’d be happy to be on the front line in THAT one. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll just fall of the edge of the continent after “the Big One”.

    • Skay

      ” Muslim women have their headscarves torn off.”

      I would like to point out that one of the stories with this claim is false. The Muslim
      18 year old student attending UL-Lafayette(Louisiana) has since admitted that
      she was not telling the truth. She is from the Middle East and so far the police have not said what her reasons were for fabricating this story so I guess we will be left with our own ideas. The school will not release any information because of student privacy concerns.
      I wonder if any of these claims are actually true.
      From one of our TV station’s website_


      According to Lafayette Police, the student, who fabricated the story about being robbed, is now facing a charge of filing a false police report.

  • Grumpy

    Well, bud, I’ve thought about balkanizing Canada as well. More or
    less just nuking the metro centers and letting Quebec run wild and free.

    Unfortunately, I can’t see it working out. They have to go back. For the “natives”,
    maybe carve them a chunk of land, cut off their welfare and liquor supply and see what they would do.

    I don’t think the people of excess melanin want to leave because white men, even though they bitch about us, pay for their gibs.

    So, my conclusion is that we must practice counter-subversion.

    • jazz monastery

      Love the Yuri vids. that man is a hero to the US it turns out.

      • Deplorable KEK

        He is redpilling quite a lot of normies with his old stuff.

  • flitetym

    “But I am an ethno-nationalist.”

    I am merely — and humbly — an American Nationalist. I believe in, and am faithful to, our laws, institutions and western culture. I brush, floss, wear collared shirts, and open doors for women out of choice, not compulsion.

    I see and hear twice as much as I speak, because God Almighty — in His infinite wisdom — thusly designed us. My joy in life comes from what I give, not what I have. I enjoy being alone, yet I am never lonely. My heroes are like Nikola Tesla, not Colin Kapernick.

    Focus not on my brown skin, for I have never once claimed to be anything other than a child of God with an open heart and eager mind.

    Call me “fool” if you must for I am truly what is left of “the minority.”

  • Wanderer1896

    America is a Republic not a Democracy. The Electoral College system is an ingenious system that allows ALL citizens representation, regardless of Individual state populations. So Montana has a proportional share of Electoral votes as does California.
    Trump: 60,265,858 votes Electoral Votes 290
    Clinton: 60,839,922 votes Electoral Votes 228

    The system has served us well for many years, which the democRATs have used successfully for many years. Now they are screaming change the system!

    President Obama said to Republicans on October 17, 2013:
    ” I won. Deal with it.”

    • Lynette Johnson

      Trump is at 309 now with absentee or early voting ballets he won MI

    • Jayjay

      There were 3,000,000 votes from illegals. Trump won the popular vote as well.

  • patterntrader

    I understand the tribal mindset because 2/3 of Latinos and 9/10 of Blacks, but 4/10 of whites do not share our conservative values.

    The ideal would be the creation of a national tribe that at least shares the same values/culture, not necessarily the same genetic makeup. I think that would be accomplished most easily by changing of the education system from the current Communist regime to a Nationalist regime. Unfortunately this is a process that would take decades and current dissidents would have to be dealt with via re-education. Gaining back control of the mass media from the far-left would be a good first step.

  • Lynette Johnson

    The states offering ANY sanctuary cities will have all federal funds cut (accept added police force to cope with illegals). If they don’t “eat their own” at this point and follow the United States Laws they FED’s should shut off all utilities on grid to them. Let’s see how quick they change those threats of protecting crimes and criminals. Essentially California or LARGE parts of it will all be fleeing migrants.

    • Stella

      A very erudite comment, but, please, it is “borders”. I see this misspelling more and more across comments sections.

  • Lynette Johnson

    shower thought:

    • underthepalms


    • Stella

      They are too busy taking care of dogs and cats – their “new” families.

    • Gave

      Unlimited talk and sex!

  • Gave

    Civil War: bloody, violent carnage.
    Left and Right, Red and Blue – KILL ONE ANOTHER.
    Let them bastards die for their anger and their ideology.

  • ElTigerTex

    The Democrats won the popular vote.. But only In sanctuary Cities …
    Trump won the vote in 97% of everywhere else.
    That is why Trump won. Thank goodness.

    • Jayjay

      They didn’t win legit. Hacks. 3,000,000 votes are from illegals.
      Trump won the popular vote as well.

  • Jayjay

    Shit don’t happen here in Phoenix flying Trump sticker, flags, the works.
    I assume that’s because I can pack heat here concealed an I most certainly am.
    Waiting for my Trump sticker to cost someone their life at this point…
    We absolutely are a divided nation. The common sense vs the missing chromosomes.

  • Rob

    Trump didn’t win because of a quirk… Trump won because he deserved it. the electoral college determines who wins–most electoral votes, not most civilian votes. Trump knew this and destroyed Clinton.

    screaming about popular votes only demonstrates a critical misunderstanding of how America’s presidents are elected because the popular vote is wholly irrelevant to the winner. America is a democratic republic, not a democracy.