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Either Jewish or Democratic: Kerry on Israel

  • Mihilus

    I believe for quite some time now that Jews actually arent running NWO agenda. They are just being used to spearhead the anti-white part of it in our countries. But Jews wont be rewarded with their ethnostate in return. Masters are planning to annihilate them as well. Without whites Jews are doomed anyway and Jews are to arrogant to understand that. At this point their total extermination is almost 100% certain no matter who wins in the end.

    This development is great for our cause. I like in particular Trump’s reaction. WNs need to wake up from Trumpism. I like what Trump has done and is doing for us, but he isnt the ultimate solution. Alas he mainstreamed white identity politics, he is preparing arena for us. But the system needs to collapse before alt-right can triumph. And Trump is just the guy to do it.

    • Darwin

      Worldwide Jewry is spread out across dozens of countries. It’s a very successful part of their evolutionary strategy. This increases their survival rates drastically. They will not be easily harmed in any significant way.

      When the fire heats up they can still return to their nuclear armed ethnostate.

  • Darwin

    Good Article,

    Trumps position appears to be quite consistent on Isreals question. I remember his AIPAC speech which was very celebratory and even Jingo. I believe disinformantionists are counting on our memory to forget that he was always celebratory of the Jewish state and even Jewish people. However, I think it’s more important to try to understand why he’s so supportive of the Israel.

    I have a theory

    As Lawrence implied, Trump may admire Israel for it’s virile nationalism. It’s plausible, but the only argument I have is of personal anecdote. Before I took the JQ pill, I admired Israel for it’s strong defence of it’s country even when all of it’s neighbours were actively hostile. The six day war was brilliant, something easily could’ve come out of Prussian chronicles, except with jets and tanks, so it’s even more awesome. Isreali attitude of ‘we will defend our people, even if that means the whole world is against us’ is very admirable. Of course reality is that they can posture like that, because they are backed by the biggest military power on the planet which will give them any guns and any amount of shekels needed, but that’s not the point here. What’s important is the ethos. And if Trump admires the same ethos as I did ( and still do, frankly, cause it’s not jewish) then it’s the best thing currently as far as the JQ goes.

    Let me explain why. This splits off the Diaspora. We all know, that jews work on both camps, they have their ethno-state and they have their Diaspora that both work towards the betterment of the Jews. But they do it in polar opposite ideological tactics. They can maintain this internal contradiction, if you will, as long as their goyisch peons are distracted by rhetoric and don’t analyse too much. But if you choose one ideological side and support them wholeheartedly, the other loses the argument and would wither. For White Nationalists, of course it’s much more important to destroy Diaspora and support the ethno-state. It’s also an important out option for Jews inside the west, they must have it, or else they’ll just go crypto and hide or just fight to the death, always leave an out option.

    So as nationalists, we should support strong nation states, everywhere, yes even for the scummy Jews. Because our cause is not to punish the Jews, but to save our people – whatever means possible.

    Going back to Trump, I think he can maintain consistency in his policies domestically
    and internationally. After all – “The nation state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony”. And if the diaspora jews protest – he can easily dismiss them – “they’re just global financial interest, resisting my policies of national revival”. And if he somehow submits to pressure, that deporting brown people and banning muslims is bad, remind him – Isreal, the country he admires, does it, so we can do it

    Just rinse and repeat for 8 years.


    “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic – it cannot be both.”

    My eyeballs just about popped out of their sockets when i read that line.

    The lulz gained from the butts hurt from this makes it worth while alone in my distended ocular organs.