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Donald Trump: American Legend

  • Grumpy

    Working hard to save America before he has taken office!

    Now let us see what he will actually do once in office. Hopefully a lot of shitlib tears will keep flowing all year long in 2017.

  • Deplorable KEK

    Why was Canada referred to as ‘she’ here?

  • Victor Bassoon

    Trump is bidding to be much more than a big, damn hero. More by far. He is bidding not only to save America, but to preserve what is left of Western Civilization itself. To do so he must defeat thedeeply entrenched, elite, political-parasite ruling classes. If he pulls it off, his feat will approach myth. God speed to him!


    “These liars, cheaters, and thieves sold their souls to the Devil and received nothing in return.”

    But don’t think for a moment that these sycophants will beg for mercy and stop their traitorous ways. Unfortunately we Americans need to be more vigilant than ever, because the enemy never ceases to gain a foothold. The attacks on Mr. Trump have only just begun.

    While the ‘Moslem’ residing at the White House has enjoyed the protections of the press, the President-elect will be afforded no such quarter.

    It is time to hit them where it hurts: the pocket book. Quit supporting their enterprises.


      You are referring to Breitbarts boycott of Kellogs.

      Their stock price is already suffering!

  • badswing

    “If demographics are destiny, then unless there is a drastic reversal of current demographic trends – 51% of the population growth since 1965 has come from Third-World immigration, with population growth to 2055 projected to be 82% by immigration – America’s destiny is dark.”……..this must change! perhaps through an enlightened populace, with a healthy economic outlook to the future, could it change. only with fly over country thinking that their future holds bright, could this possibly happen. we have a 12 year window. start popping out those young ‘uns!

    • Older Cow Girl

      Now we should understand the true consequences of abortion.

      • badswing

        well the true consequences of abortion really lie with the amoral choices americans make and then get cheered for making them, like it is an accomplishment or something. put demographics aside.

  • Honest Abe

      The Gorilla Avatar was funnier.

  • Christoph Resmerowski

    Sorry, Thomas Jefferson really did not have a good idea how much truth is “out there”.

    Truth will kill if given to the unprepared….and all of us are.