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Disgust vs. Phobia


    This is a much needed article on disgust vs xenophobia. It reminded me of a video I viewed some years ago on liberal-conservative notions of disgust/wrong. It should be pointed out that leftists are in fact in a minority around the world in pushing their leftist degeneracy. Unfortunately the majority of them are in the west which makes it
    problematic. They don’t know but they are essentially talking about r/K-Selection Theory.


      The phobia misdirection can also be thrown back in their faces as ableism. Genuine phobias are debilitating irrational fears that make people’s lives genuinely difficult. Equating a disgust reaction to the mind-stopping panic attack experienced by a claustrophobe in an enclosed space devalues the lived experience and very real struggle of the claustrophobe.


    I’ve been going toe to toe with somone about much of what is found in this article. I decided to to just cut/paste the link. I salute the the article writer. Thanks.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Phobia is an ‘irrational fear’
    Leftists project their irrationality onto others.
    Hence, everything they disagree with can only be a ‘phobia’
    Until they repent of their irrational nature, everything they are against will remain a phobia.