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Democracy Means Accepting Defeat (For You)


    I sure as fuck don’t plan on accepting my dispossession via the ballot box. Who the fuck would?! (((Hart-Celler))) was implemented against the interests of the majority of Americans in 1965 and at every stage of the invasion during the last 50 years polls clearly indicated the majority of whites were against non-white immigration.

    • Nemon

      Democracy is a failed concept. Especially in a multiracial empire like the US. A large part of the population in multiracial empires always feels betrayed, this completely destroys the little bit of social cohesion that can even exist in such constructs.

      • DataMatters

        I don’t know about that… The US may have grown too large to govern. At the local level and maybe the state level, I think elections work all right. Perhaps if we had people in public service who actually represented the people we might not be arguing about this? DC is bought.

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  • Luis Luna

    What’s the law on election fraud ? Does the cheater lose that state if caught if not they should


      If you look at the recent revelations by project Veritas, Leftoids have been rigging the elections for 50 years via “mass minority bussing” without ever being stopped. All these years we have not been living in a “real” democracy.

      • DataMatters

        I view that’s guy’s comment largely as a a boast meant to impress someone. There hasn’t been electronic voting machines to rig since Bush II. At least, not in any great numbers. Diebold was the first time and I suspect Bush made good use of it in Ohio. I also wonder if the “bussing” comment relates to how it was done in 2012?

        Election fraud is nothing new in this country, of course. I have no doubts it has been done for probably happened for 200 years and beyond. The danger is whether or not electronic systems can be centrally rigged on a large scale to dictate total outcomes.

        What bothers me about the events of the past couple weeks is the mainstream media’s complete avoidance of all the leaks and new information. It tells me everything I need to know about how real the situation is getting. This is all stuff that if we had good investigative journalists and a functioning justice department, we would have largely solved already. Instead, the cancer spreads. There is only one outcome of this cancer.

        • INFOCAT

          Project Veritas has clearly shown that Democrats have rigged the system for 50 years already. They openly brag about it in the undercover videos. If they say it themselves we better believe it!


        • Takiwa

          You post: “The danger is whether or not electronic systems can be centrally rigged on a large scale to dictate total outcomes”

          Most assuredly. It’s being done:

      • Luis Luna

        So Obama really lost but weak McCain and Romney put their heads down and said you won