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Dear Fellow White People…

I recently came across somebody on Twitter called ”HelloFellowWhites” who, I think, might just be a psychologist of some sort. You see, he’s put together a series of case studies, of sorts, into what we might charitably call an ‘Identity Crisis’ among our Jewish friends.

It’s almost as if they feel guilty for being ‘white’ one minute, and then suddenly take on a whole new identity just like magic!.

I selected ten of his case studies to see if we might be able to shed some light on this bizarre phenomenon….

Case 1.


Case 2.


Case 3.

Case 4.


Case 5.

Case 6.

Case 7.



Case 8.

Case 9.

Case 10.


  • Othmar Regin

    It’s called multiple-identity-disorder or just lying-to-your-face

    • Darwin

      Otherwise known as Jewing.

  • MaskOfZero

    The only officially approved racism of the far-left is that against so-called ‘white people’.
    Within the umbrella term of ‘white people’ there are many races and heritages, but the far-left lumps us all together by skin color. I believe the far-left are more racist than the most fervent KKK member because they think, they breath, they dream of race and race divisions.

    But why do they do this?

    It appears the answer is obvious: Unity. By identifying a common enemy by its visible skin color, the far-left can unify its disparate members, and by using the twisted logic of cultural Marxism, it can justify victimhood for all non-whites.
    Hatred against ‘whites’ is the key to this rainbow coalition, since without this common enemy, most of these disparate groups would have little in common, politically, culturally, or economically.

    I am always struck by how shallow the far-left is when the accuse ‘whites’ of every crime in the world since Adam. Evidently their studies in history have either been lacking, or they have been inculcated with a twisted Marxist version of history.
    No other group in history can claim such a vast amount of accomplishments in science, technology, philosophy, literature, art, music, medicine, economics, trade…the list of world-shaking accomplishments is legion.

    It is my guess that other races and cultures suffer from a serious inferiority complex–and thus, out of jealousy, and a lack of maturity, bear a chip on their shoulders for such an overwhelming successful group of humans.

    While these far-left racists focus on skin-color exclusively, I believe much of the success of so-called ‘white people’ is due to a preeminent cultural superiority. While there are also racial differences, I believe culture in all of its forms impacts the success of the groups of races known as ‘white people’.

    I respect most religions (not Islam) but I must point out the moral force which was unleashed with the coming of Christianity. Before Christianity, most societies and religions were basically selfish–but with the advent of Christianity, Christian nations cared for, shared with, and helped other nations in need, even of other religions.

    It is my belief that Christianity is the moral heart of Western Civilization, (with all due respect to other religions) and within its creed is the seed of democracy and liberty for which the West stands and fights.

    • El Wood

      Great points in this post. I’ve thought & agree with most of it.
      Do you think that as America moves further away from it’s Christian roots that it also moves further away from it’s seeds democracy and liberty, or further away from freedom?

      • MaskOfZero

        Yes, I do.

        I believe the ultimate source of morality is spiritual truth. I do not believe that one must be a Christian, but I do believe that intelligent people must realize that this existence relies upon too many coincidences aligning perfectly to be the result of a random chance.

        I think a spiritual awareness and spiritual values are essential for the health of a free democratic society.


        There is more here
        Than meets the curious eye
        Or resounds in the listening ear
        Or rolls off the tongue’s taste
        Or is aroused by a secret touch
        Out there–in here
        There are worlds
        Worlds in worlds
        Layer on layer
        Patterns over patterns
        Colors inside colors
        When I am lost
        In the panoramic scope
        I almost glimpse the artist’s hand
        But then I forget the awe
        And my universe becomes a bubble
        With the ends of vision
        Within easy reach
        Of the curled fetus
        Comfortable in confined space
        Floating in a secure perspective
        Until the bubble bursts
        And I am born again
        Crying out in sudden shock
        Squinting while staring up
        At the silhouettes of giants

  • mark g.

    Excellent reminder of the strategies and subterfuge of an implacable enemy that lives among us. ‘Hidden in plain view’.