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Correcting Goldstein


Jeff Goldstein of The Federalist has thrown up an article claiming the Alt Right is a mirror image of the New Left. There is some truth in that. Without the New Left’s full-frontal assault on American culture, history, and identity, the Alt Right would probably not exist. If America were still a White, Christian nation, we would still likely be humming along, ignoring contradictions in our society, and the biggest issue in politics would be the looming Social Security crisis.

Goldstein is worth responding to because he’s written a kind of comprehensive response thoroughly grounded in the “proposition nation” tropes of postmodern conservatism. The problem is, as many readers know, the “proposition nation” is itself completely ahistorical. America was not formed by sending questionnaires ’round the world, inquiring who might believe in the Sacred Propositions (whatever they are, no one has told me), and bringing them here. Nor has dissent from the Sacred Propositions ever been grounds for stripping anyone of his citizenship. The Declaration of Independence is grounded in the English character of the American nation. The Constitution was written for “ourselves and our posterity.” America was formed by Englishmen with a heavy seasoning of Germans and Frenchmen—the former of whom were required to jettison much of their German identity during WW1. The very first immigration laws limited naturalization to “free white men of good character.”

Thus postmodern, deracinated conservatism has a deep fear of history. You can argue until you’re blue in the face that America was founded on universal ideals and therefore will work equally well no matter its racial makeup, but the historical fact is that prior to Hart-Cellar, America was 90% White. Period. There is no actually existing non-White America in history that “worked.” The attempt to integrate blacks and Whites has completely failed. Every single measure of social rot among blacks is shockingly higher now than it was before we decided to save them. The mass of Hispanic immigrants brought to our country has not assimilated and has fundamentally altered the political and cultural character of every state in which it has settled.

Culture and race are inseparable by geographic reality. For a distinct genetic signature to exist, a group of people must be separated from another for thousands of years. If two groups of people separate for thousands of years, they will develop different laws, customs, religion, language, and morals. The longer they are separated, the more incompatible they become.

The Alt-Right begins with simply stating the obvious: Multiculturalism isn’t working. Then we look a little more closely. Turns out low IQ is genetic. Turns out that a propensity to violence is heritable. Turns out not everyone in the world actually wants liberty. Turns out that “liberty” as we know it evolved out of English common law. Turns out that millions—no, billions—of people around the world would more than happily vote away the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if given the chance, as they prefer Islam, slaughtering rival tribes, or sitting around and doing nothing all day. Turns out that Hispanics aren’t “natural conservatives” at all.

For Goldstein, “conservatism” is conceived only in purely financial terms. At this point, this should surprise nobody, and not because of the stereotype of the money-grubbing Jew. As Daily Beast writer Andrew Hermano wrote in How Jews Created American Modernism, Jews have always been separated from Western civilization and feel no sense of belonging to it. The only way they can feel they belong is if they purge those elements they find alien and hostile, what’s left being abstract and deracinated.

Really, Jews are America’s first failed attempt at assimilation. Unlike the nations of Europe, we allowed Jews full participation in our society, even the highest levels of education and government. The “reward” is Christianity banished from the public realm, sexual anarchy, feminism, and “conservative” redefined as conserving only Ronald Reagan’s tax code.