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Are Black People World’s Largest Liability?

Not as Individuals, No; Mainly from Dysfunctional Black Cultures and Large Concentrations in Populations

Statistical Low Intelligence and Poor Impulse Control of Blacks Puts World Assets at Risk

The world’s largest asset class — the American housing market — is by itself worth $26 trillion. But everywhere black people go, they depress property values. If housing markets represent much of the world’s value, does the threat of black people represent much of the world’s liability?

America’s housing market… It is the world’s largest asset class, worth $26 trillion, more than America’s stockmarket. The slab of mortgage debt lurking beneath it is the planet’s biggest concentration of financial risk. __ Source

But what happened to property values in Newark, Detroit, Gary, Indiana, Birmingham, The Bronx, East St. Louis, inner Baltimore, large parts of Philadelphia, etc. etc. etc. when the black people moved in? Well before the rioting and violent crime, property values had already plummeted. Why? Because residents and potential buyers could see the crime, delinquency, and lack of upkeep coming a mile away. Sometimes, profiling accurately predicts the future.

And what is now happening to property values in no-go zones of Malmo, London, Paris, Hamburg, and other immigrant magnets?

The burning of western cities by low IQ residents and immigrants destroys not only property, but property values of surrounding neighborhoods, townships, and regions. This is a “chain-reaction” effect which occurs far more rapidly than anyone anticipated when this plague of violence, poverty, and low aptitude was first unleashed.

Low IQ, High Violence, High Poverty Black People Carry These With Them Wherever They Go

Low IQ, High Violence, High Poverty
Black People Carry These With Them Wherever They Go

Low Intelligence Means that Statistically, Most Blacks are Mind Children

Mind children are easily led — and easily misled. People of low intelligence have very limited life trajectories, and cannot attain the middle and higher reaches of human vocation and achievement. Even with total access to the world’s best education — boosted by racial preferences under the misleading term “affirmative action” — blacks as a group cannot match the achievement levels of other population groups. Because blacks cannot match other groups, they find it easy to believe that they are being “cheated” somehow, and not allowed to reap their “rightful” rewards. They are right, in a way. They have been cheated by nature, and as a result nothing can give them what they think they deserve.

IQ Distributions http://electromontis.net/evoligion/_A/A01.shtml
IQ Distributions. The blue curve is the standard Wechsler distribution for the US and UK. All curves have a coefficient of variation (σ/mean) = 0.15, where σ is the standard deviation. The curves marked 67 and 81 are different meta-analyses of sub-Saharan Africans. The long leftward tail on the 115 (Ashkenazi) curve is probably not real and their distribution is not Gaussian, but the curve is representative of what we should be trying to reach.

IQ Distributions

Different populations have different IQ distributions. The populations with lowest statistical average IQs include Australian aborigines, sub Saharan Africans, most tribal peoples of Asia and the Americas, and inbred peoples such as Arabs.

What can people of different IQ levels achieve?

People of lowest intelligence cannot be left alone to fend for themselves, and must be watched and managed carefully. Allowing low IQ people to mix and mingle with the general population and make their own important decisions — including voting in general elections — is a recipe for escalating disaster. We see these things in North American inner cities, in the cities of SwedenGermanyFranceBelgium etc., and in the native source countries for these low intelligence peoples.

Every nation of the most advanced nations of the world — the nations of Europe and the Anglosphere — are threatened by a proliferation of low IQ, violence-prone peoples.

Throw in Poor Impulse Control and “Violent Genes” and the Plot Thickens

As we learn more about “the genetics of violence” we can gain insight into why some populations and family groups generate so much more crime and violence than western populations at large. The vastly disproportionate rates of violent crime committed by blacks in the US, for example, become more comprehensible when the genetic component is factored into the equation.

The George Soros – sponsored group — Black Lives Matter — that has spawned so much deadly violence and property crime by US blacks lately, is just one of the well organised and outside financed groups that are leading blacks to their more violently entitled tendencies. It is a form of “operant conditioning” and it is working very effectively among this statistically low IQ group. Like children, low IQ people are easily led — and misled.

The 2016 revised edition of the eye-opening report The Color of Crime, reveals that blacks commit crimes against other population groups far out of proportion to their numbers. When the numbers from the US Department of Justice are carefully scrutinised, it becomes clear that blacks are primarily the predators, while other races are being preyed upon by blacks.

Black People and Other Violence-Prone, Statistically Low-IQ Peoples Threaten Global Assets

Compare the fertility rates of the two time periods above across different geographical principalities and regions. Where are the world’s new people coming from? What does that tell you about future property values for the lucky places that will play host to these new people and their genetic descendants?

Who Will Maintain Tomorrow’s Infrastructures?

High tech societies depend upon their critical infrastructures for quality life, and their very survival. Here is a quick list of such infrastructures:

There is a good reason why countries of Africa, most of Asia, and the rest of the third world have such decrepit infrastructure. The underlying population IQ distribution does not contain enough persons sufficiently intelligent and conscientious to be engineers, physicians, technology specialists, managers, bankers, attorneys, forensics specialists, highly skilled craftsmen and maintenance men, and all of the other human infrastructure that supports high technology infrastructures of the more advanced world.

When seen in this light, the much ballyhooed “US infrastructure crisis” is more of an ideological talking point than an actual crisis. But only for now. As the plague of low-IQ, violence prone, poor impulse control peoples spreads more deeply into government policy-making and budget decisions, more critical infrastructure is likely to be neglected — as is commonplace in corrupt places such as Venezuela, Russia, Central Asia, Africa, Brasil, and India.

Why is Russia in the above list, when its population average IQ is close to 95 — well above all the others? Corruption and criminality in high places. Of course, ethnic Russia’s demography itself is on life support, with half the current population of ethnic Russians expected to evaporate over the next several decades without replacement (except perhaps by low IQ central asian muslims).

So It is Not Just Blacks Who Threaten Global Assets

No, alongside people of African descent, the people of tribal muslim nations and other low-IQ populations threaten to drown the world’s future prospects under a swamp of poverty, incompetence, corruption, and violence. So what is to be done?

An abrupt cessation of indiscriminate immigration from the third world to more advanced nations needs to be instituted immediately. Failing that, all government benefits to persons illegally in modern nations should be cut off, and efforts to deport such persons should be stepped up drastically. Any politicians and government employees who oppose such measures should be sacked, with possible legal and financial punishments considered.

As for the billionaires who sponsor the third worldification of the modern world, a long list of options presents itself — although most of them are worse than the status quo. But of those remaining, much consideration and weighing of options is called for.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

Special Note:

The problem the future faces is not black people or low-intelligence and violence-prone people exclusively. The problem is the combination of bad government policy plus dysgenic demography. The people of western nations are being crushed by social and economic policies of governments that seem designed to expand dysfunctional underclasses at the expense of productive and innovative founder populations.

Not all blacks or other quasi-tribal people share the same degree of dysfunction. Like all human populations, blacks in different countries and regions occupy bell-shaped distributions when it comes to intelligence, impulse control, executive function, tendency to violence, and other characteristics. More functional blacks often suffer the most from the less functional blacks.

Black people at the higher end of the bell curve often express many of the same ideas and sentiments discussed above. See the comments of Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, for example, on the decay of the black underclass under negligent leftist government policies.

  • Sven

    We’re in a catch-22 and a race against time. The stupider people get the easier they will be deceived by the politicians. I try and be positive and ignore the thoughts about the coming dark ages that dwell in the back of my mind.

    Of course this may be why the elites are so desperate to create artificial/automated intelligence. When humanity as a whole descends into darkness their lifestyles and the infrastructure they need will be provided for by automated slaves. That will leave the rest of us to destroy each other.


      Well, we dont exactly know in which direction the wind is blowing. All we can do is provide information to as many people as possible. Which is what this blog is for. All we can do is prepare ourselves as good as possible for the worsening situation. We can try to build a network of individuals in our corrupt societies who cooperate to survive the collapse if one occurs. The Alt Right is growing more and more, people are waking up from all the chaos that is increasingly going on right in front of their eyes.

      • BooBooBaby

        Exactly! You Nailed it!

  • WTF?

    Although many instinctively know this, they will push the TRUTH aside and completely disregard what is considered not PC at their own peril and destruction. When a society chooses suicide in favor of preservation, I don’t have much hope for it.

  • FkDahl

    As an experiment Sweden is interesting…. importing lots of low IQ high fertility Somalis (among others but they make for the clearest example). I know this will shock you but as immigrants their ability to learn Swedish is very poor, I have read of women who keep taking the very elementary SFI (swedish for immigrants) for 8 years and still don’t speak a world. However 10 kids are not uncommon…
    And they are making their mark in the crime statistics even though it is a taboo topic.
    Recently a young Somali man was cleared of rape because he was judged too unintelligent to understand his actions. More people in Sweden need to read what you show!