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Anomie, Anime, and the Alt-Right

  • Grumpy

    Brilliant and well-done. I’d probably debate the point about whether anime characters “look white” but it’s not worth nitpicking a fine article.

    Have a Karen and Chitoge

  • Deplorable KEK

    This is spot-on, Anime is one of the few places that one can find any sort of traditionalist storytelling. It often emphasizes national loyalty, and exalts rural life and community, and where modernity is present it is cast in a starkly critical light. In the West, that sort of thing only survives in fantasy/sci-fi, and even there it is a stultified vestige of what Tolkien, Dunsany, and Lewis produced.

    Everything in the West has withered, but perhaps the most tragic casualties have
    been our literary and poetic traditions. The fact that children school children today will never read Donald Davidson or Longfellow is just depressing. The percentage of Americans who can even name the author of ‘Evangeline’ is probably less than five percent, but the majority of them have been forced to swallow ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’
    during primary education.


    Speaking of animu, I’ve seen some hardcore and old school NS people signalling against them Cantonese Cartoons, but they forget one little detail: