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Ancapistanis Fail To Assimilate!

Not Sending Their Best

We have a problem on the Alt-Right. We have people coming here who don’t share our values, who don’t love our culture, who don’t want to assimilate. They come here and they don the trappings of the Alt-Right. They put names in parentheses. They justcallthemniggers.wav. They want to see a wall built on the southern border. They post ironic green frogs. But they won’t let go of the values of their mother-country that are completely antithetical to their new homeland. Like Charles James Napier before us, we are prepared to tell our carpenters to erect gibbets to hang all concerned, should the barbaric customs of our new friends persist. At some point we may even have to have a total and complete shutdown of Ron Paul reEVOLution refugees entering our movement until our leaders can figure out what the hell is going on.

They’re sending people with lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing usury. They’re bringing unfettered free trade. They’re merchants. And some, I assume, are Sound Money theorists. They don’t care about American manufacturing outside of their monopoly on quickly erecting big, beautiful straw-men at the slightest hint of resistance to their failed ideas of a laissez-faire past that never existed.

Without a Border, We Don’t Have A Movement

These AnCapistanis, these Libertarian Capitalists, they think that because they’ve recently discovered how fun saying “nigger” or “kike” can be, that they can not only join the ranks, but join the officer corps of our great movement. We appreciate that they’ve ‘unliked’ Cop-Block’s Facebook page because they have accepted that Philando Castile had it coming. We are encouraged by their enthusiasm regarding physically removing uneducated third world squatters from our economy. We are ecstatic that some of them have shed their “Voting is Violence” and/or “Voting Legitimizes the State” principles in order to support the first presidential candidate since Ike who is serious about immigration policy. We love that the Dude Weed LMAOser third party dork isn’t getting their protest-vote this time around. However…

Still bitterly clinging to their gold and praxeology, they won’t ditch the argumentation ethics. They won’t loosen the bow tie and increase the brain-bound blood flow enough to really allow the message to sink in.

(“Praxeology,” for good reason, elicits the dreaded red squiggly line of typo-shame in this word processor. Reflect on that a bit.)

“The Nazis were leftists,” they squeal. “Economic illiterates” who will plague the future ethnostate with “Aryan breadlines” they assure themselves. They explode into autistic purity spirals about the sanctity of their precious shopping mall at the suggestion that Kawahiva tribesmen hiding in the Amazon be forbidden from assembling injection-molded Bluetooth-equipped distractions for export to America. If our domestic injection-molded Bluetooth distraction manufacturers can’t compete, goy, well that’s just the sound of one invisible hand fapping! And if you’re thinking of suggesting that certain injection-molded Bluetooth distractions shouldn’t be manufactured or sold in the first place, regardless of demand, DUCK! (But don’t bend over. You can’t trust these types!)

NEWSFLASH: you’re standing in an Aryan Bread-Line right now, goy! How’s the student loan balance doing? What do you owe on your home? What’s it worth? How fractional is your bank account? Been to the doctor lately? Did your store burn down in Charleston?

Sit Down And Read A Book!

As an economic illiterate leftoid white-commie, I’d love to share with every one of these Moishe Come Lately “Alt Right” capitalists images of my bookshelves, both analog and digital, past and present. What’s on there? Thomas Sowell‘s Basic Economics and Economic Facts And Fallacies, Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson, Ron Paul’s End The Fed (we didden lissen!), Rothbard’s Man, Economy and State, and not only Mises’ Human Action, but also books about that book! Who reads a book about a book? Serious people, folks. Good lord, I have Garet Garrett novels! Ayn Rand! I even have kicking around in my Kindle the electronic dribblings of one Kevin Carson! Yes! I have disproved his precious Labor Theory of Value by downloading his wretched lefty-NEET apology bible Studies in Mutualist Political Economy without paying a dime for it. He labored for a long time, and produced something devoid of value. For me.

Nearby, there is a used bookstore that boasts the Sven Sontag Discarded Libertarians Cucklection. Next to the Kayaking section, one can still find my old SEK3 manifestos, Walter Block’s MUH ROOOOOADS paperback, some Kinsella and friends anti-intellectual property delusion digests, the Mises’ Press’s extremely silly Lysander Spooner compilation Let’s Abolish Government, and even a CD-R of Murray Rothbard’s college lectures in mp3 format. (Buying MP3’s and having them sent by mail…from a publisher that pushes anti-copyright literature and digital piracy! Only in AnCapistan!)

However, I still have, in my home, where my wife sleeps, where my children come to play with their toys, a signed copy of Jim Davidson’s Being Sovereign! Jim’s idea of free trade was having me agree to pay $14 for the signed paperback, only to tack on $20 to ship it from his Costa Rican agorist hideout after it was ethically and socially awkward to back out of the deal. What’s a $20 fee between friends? And what a tome it was! I weep every time I think of poor Jim in Somalia finding it impossible to import water filters to help out the potential slave-labor force in his newfound homeland. If only Alex Jones had more of an international presence back then! Somalia didn’t even have a State! Who the hell was doing the regulating?! Someone needs to tell Jim whose asshole needs to be introduced to his infamous broken beer bottle!

Protect Us From The Anti-Protectionists!

“We’re not discussing Economics! Cut his mic off!” was the REEEE heard ’round the world on The Daily Shoah a few weeks ago. Our fellow traveler friends discovered that perhaps we wouldn’t be traveling on the same publicly funded highway for much longer. No economics discussion actually took place, but the gold-bug strawman guild was ready to set alight their fashy scarecrows, and did they ever. Nazis Be the Real Commies, a less elegantly reducible cousin of the old DR3 argument, was hurled at TRS from AnCapistan, complete with the vile sacrilege of encapsulating our dear leader Mike Enoch’s name in parentheses (you Lolbergs merely adopted the echo). Ostensibly, solving the outsourcing crisis via tariffs on the importation of formerly domestically produced goods is the same as muh gommunizmz.

It’s bizarre that these so-called Level 47 Austrian Mages can’t grasp that labor isn’t the only product that can be devalued by allowing a cheaper foreign supply into the marketplace. Why can’t they deduce that allowing into our market the goods produced by cheap foreign labor is almost as bad as letting the foreign labor itself into our market? Why can’t they allow themselves to embrace that the State can and should use its resources to prevent both these things from happening without creating a Zeitgeist wet dream supercomputer-controlled economy? We’re talking about making Ford want to close their Mexican factories and reopen them inside our borders, not dictating how many Focus Hatchbacks they produce at what price! If Nissan can have rednecks like Bulbasaur build their gookmobiles in Tennessee, why can’t Ford? And if they don’t want to, why can’t we make them?

Can we make them? Yes! How can we do so without unintended consequences, regulatory capture, conflicts of interest, or all the other pitfalls of statecraft that drive libertarians to the bong? Each Libertarian’s proposed solution to the state power question is to avoid the question at all costs! Smash the state! End all regulation! Free the markets! Free up capital!

“And just tell me where in the world you find these angels that are going to organize society for us?” (((Milton Friedman))) asked, whilst taking a break from handing Chile over to his jewish friends to loot. The question was purely rhetorical, supposedly unanswerable and left unanswered since. What’s the point of doing a bunch of heavy lifting on an important question like this when you can just throw the baby out with the bathwater, and go back to tending to your own poppy field?

A quick reality check:
A. There will always be a State
B. It will never not regulate commerce

The trick is to make sure it stays in the right hands, and to realize that you’ll always have to fight to keep it moving in the right direction. There is no end of history. There is no equilibrium that will be achieved accompanied by the cessation of politics. It will remain our responsibility to maintain the moral direction of the State and its machinations. The temptation to allow corporate interests more freedom and profit at the expense of some subsection of the middle and working classes must be resisted. The argument that more wealth is created by freeing said corporate interests only makes sense if you completely ignore whose wealth it is that grows, and whose salaries either shrink or even disappear. Lower prices don’t help the newly unemployed.

And if ruining the people who make up the white working and middle classes doesn’t bother you, if you have some narrative in your head that they should adapt or die, you’re not helping to make anything great again. You’re engaging in Class Warfare. You’re seeking the freedom to rape profits from the unwitting. You’re a jew. You need more Fascism in your life, friend. Reconciliation. The Class War must end in a truce, a mutual understanding of who’s who and who does what, a mutual recognition that each class enables the others. Several free market libertarians fancy themselves as captains of industry who need to have their potential to earn freed from any responsibility to their nation. Because of their (rightful) resentment of the modern American mudperson dependent class, they view a class war that ends with decimating the working, middle, lower, and managerial classes, with them standing atop the rubble holding all the shekels, as the pinnacle of morality. This is high jewish fantasy and will not be tolerated in the Alt-Right.

Wat Do?

Some really evil and bad men, who were fond of goose-stepping and dressing nicely in matching outfits, sort of came up with an answer to this quandary, but they included the word “Socialism” in its name so no further study is required. No Jews? Privately held means of production? A strong State run by moral men whose first priority was preventing degeneracy of the nation’s folk, rather than maximizing the profits of a few nepotistic oligarchs? A State willing and able to settle class disputes in ways most beneficial to all involved? What Bolshevik nonsense!

The Austrians are right about business cycles and calculation.

However, when we ask ourselves how to manage it, we need only ask one Austrian in particular.