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A Gen X Lament: The Alt Right


Two of the questions that have baffled writers in our time: Why do we not fight back? and Why are we failing to reproduce? The same answer addresses both: our people are existentially miserable.

Existential misery refers to concerns related to existence itself. People who are existentially happy believe they have purpose, that the world is basically good or at least not headed toward failure, and that they will have meaningful lives.

These are the questions of purpose and meaning that disturb our sleep in the middle of the night. Those who feel existentially lost sense that their lives have no greater meaning than material consumption and labor, and tend to self-destruct if they are above a certain level of intelligence.

At the core of an existential question lies the troubling idea of hope. Those who have realistic hope, meaning that things will turn out for the best based on the sanity and stability they see in their civilization, tend to thrive and be productive, happy and connected to the world around them.

On the other hand, those who lack hope tend to destroy themselves by failing to reproduce, self-sabotaging, and other behaviors of unhappy animals. This shows us that the central question regarding European-descended people is Why are we so hopeless?

We have no faith that our lives are good or that the future will be good; in fact, even if we are afraid to articulate this, we believe the contrary. This is made difficult by the fact that on the surface, all is shiny and wealthy, happy and content.

People drive by in new cars. They go to jobs with fascinating titles. They always have new gadgets and objects to discuss, if not the 500+ channels of cable and internet. We have progress. We are good. Or are we?

Despite all outward signs of being good, we — the descendants of those who made this civilization — do not like our society. Its wealth is wonderful, but seems to mostly go to the wrong people. Its technology is great, but always glitches and then breaks down after only five years.

We want to escape it, in fact, which is why everyone dreams of getting rich and bailing out. An entire society is a hamster on a wheel, just for the chance to escape that society!

Our people are miserable is this is why they are dying out. Conservatives shut the door on the world, go back to work, pay their taxes and grumble to let off steam, then do nothing. Leftists find their Utopia empty, and redouble their efforts. No one is happy with the situation, but because they are atomized by social isolation, they engage in “compensatory” behaviors or those which make the individual feel better about the world rather than attempting to change it.

Nowhere has this hit harder than with Generation X. Growing up as “latch-key kids” who were the products of divorce and social breakdown, Generation X realized that they were going to be adults in a world without social order. They could rely on nothing, were targets of predatory business and government, and saw that their society was entirely without future. They retaliated with a dropout culture that matured into total rejection of society and a desire to destroy it.

The result is a nation ready to split in half, with one side belonging to the Left and the rest for the realists. The realists will identify the following as the fatal flaws of liberal democracy that have shaped the lives of Generation X and made them detest society:

  • Diversity. People want to grow up in a society where there is a strong social standard of what is correct behavior, and therefore, they know what to do in order to be rewarded. Leftism favors a social standard which changes all the time but reverts to the same core concept, equality or the individual being safe from the consequences of his actions. With even a tiny amount of diversity, the social standard is eroded by different customs and values, creating a hybrid standard that verges on the generic. Our people now have no idea how to participate in society, so withdraw, and this makes them neurotic and lowers their self-esteem.
  • Sexual Liberation. In theory, sexual liberation sounds like it removes the pressures of sexual selection. In reality, it ensures that no strong bonds form between people for whom each partner is merely another sexual experience. This ruins families by creating faithless marriages, and gives children no hope of the type of eternal, pure love that they crave. To the “liberated” person, marriage is an extended form of dating, and as in dating, the relationship is terminated when it becomes too inconvenient for the individual, ending any hope of strong love or long-term pairing.
  • Equality. When first described to us, equality sounded like pacifism applied to class struggles: everyone is accepted, and all are included. In practice it always means taking from the successful to give to the unsuccessful, which breaks the spirit of those who have achieved anything by watching the fruits of their work drain into the pool for support of those who do nothing and become destructive as a result. It punishes those who rise above, making it inefficient to be anything but mediocre, and then everyone suffers from the resulting wave of ineptitude and lack of comprehension.
  • Political Correctness. In order to accept the Other among us, we require Soviet speech codes in order to prevent the clash of values systems being noticed. Each group has its own self-interest, and that includes dominating the others so its own value system prevails, so political correctness is used as a weapon to silence the majority or even simply realists so that the conflict can continue.
  • Sexual Equality. As a result of egalitarianism, women entered the workforce, effectively doubling it and installing into it people who were masters of endless detail but prone to miss the big point. The result has been that all business initiatives converge on the same laundry-list of important details and miss what makes those products and services distinctive, lowering quality and making jobs mind-numbingly boring, while simultaneous decreasing real salaries and forcing everyone to work later hours to outpace the “class president” women of the Hillary Clinton archetype.
  • Disorder. Without values, social classes and a culture we can share in common, there is no social order outside of Leftist ideology and what police, public shame, lawsuits and fines enforce on us all. This makes people despair of ever being rewarded for doing good, and instead they focus on tangential personal hobbies that do not fulfill them and instead make them more alienated and less likely to relate to one another.
  • Make-Work. Beyond women in the workforce, the onslaught of unions and affirmative action resulted in all jobs being subdivided into detachable parts, like the “cogs” of industrial revolution lore made even more isolated and boring. People attend jobs more than work to an end, and spend most of their time cleaning up after other people, which penalizes the intelligent and makes them angry, vengeful and controlling.

This is the nightmare into which our Leftist regime launched Generation X starting in the 1980s. Back then, the disaster was just beginning to gain momentum, but none of us thought there was any future in this world. This created zombie citizens who wander alone through the world, finding nothing of importance and like a star before becoming a black hole, imploding on themselves.

Generation X is a group born without hope. Their parents, the 1968er “Me Generation” Baby Boomers, climbed up the ladder and then pulled it after them, leaving people stranded without a civilization that gave them any hope. In this hopelessness, they have begun to die off, having known since their early teens that this disordered, insane world offered nothing but death.

Along with millennials, Generation X propelled the Alt Right to prominence because they realized that the collapse was upon us. Society was dead when they were born. We are now just carving up the remnants. The only fix is to radically remove the insanity foisted upon us by tearing it down to its roots, and excising those. Extremity is no longer extreme; it is the bare minimum for survival, and this is why the Alt Right arose among Generation X.

Any solution will begin with peeling back the above policies. Remove affirmative action, sexual equality, diversity, unions and equality from the law, and leave it up to people — not government or ideology — to organize their lives. Only in this way can we back away from the abyss, and then run in another, more constructive direction.

  • Nemon

    “Hope is as hollow as fear.”
    Lao Tzu.

    • Justin

      There’s a saying I like about hope, “Hope is the poor mans gold.”

  • Grumpy

    What if there is no solution to the cultural decline in the United States? What if nothing can be done to repair the flaws in the modern West? If Generation X feels helpless about the future, maybe there is nothing to be hopeful about, no matter the proposed remedy.

    You suggest “remov[ing] affirmative action, sexual equality, diversity, unions …” – which would be a good fix in theory, but the authorities are not going to repudiate any of this social “progress” in the real world. The evil is too far entrenched in the system to be repealed.

    If we cannot stop our plunge into the Abyss, the only thing we can do is to enjoy the scenery on the way down.

    • David Charlon

      I don’t believe there is any stopping the plunge. The civilization of the West, as we know it, we collapse as all civilizations eventually do, and I don’t believe it will be in any way enjoyable. The more important question is, what will emerge? The disintegration of old paradigms presents an unparalleled opportunity. Now is the time to begin thinking about it. And more than thinking, to begin creating the world to come. If we wait until chaos encompasses us it will be too late. And if we don’t it, someone else will.

    • Dave Cockayne

      More children and less booze.

      • Clarese Portofino

        Lol, more like, “more children, and the need for more booze”

  • Justin

    I was born in 1980 – Gen X. Very accurate article. I realized 7 or 8 years ago (and fell into a pit of despair in the process) what you’re talking about here.

    The only real solution to the problems of the world all start with finding our way back to God. That’s the root of it. Until governments abolish central banks, the fed etc. nothing will really be fixed. Since people refuse to do what’s necessary it will be forced upon by them the Most High for His time is near.

    • Eduard

      Good point. And within your point, hope itself becomes manifest. With God there is hope. Without God, there is none. As a corollary to this topic, the very concept of Nature itself and its Laws fulfill our understanding of everything we are. It is through this understanding we find the secrets of the world and its awesome energy, which we can produce and live in accordance to the Creator’s Laws (as opposed to being in perpetual violation if it). Perhaps, this sounds a bit mystical, but its really not. The Greek translation of “Holy Spirit” itself sheds light on the premise I make. The word “Spirit” is derived from the Greek word “pneuma”, which means “breath”, “flow”, “air” and “Mentality”. In English, words such as “pneumatic” and “pneumonia” are derived from the Greek “pneuma”. This directly relates to “phusikos” or 1. of, or belonging to breath. (a) having the nature and characteristics of the breath 2. the principal of animal life, which men have in common with the brutes as governed by breath. It also directly relates to “psuche”, which is 1.breath (a) the breath of life (1) the vital force which animates the body and shows itself in breathing of animals and of men. (b) life (c) that in which there is life (1) a living being, a living soul.

      From the above, we can get a better understanding that we are intrinsically bonded to Nature and its Order to which we all are governed by. Gen X are completely ignorant of this reality and unfortunately treat the virtual world as if there were more secrets there than in Nature itself.

      • David Charlon

        I agree, except I would not limit it to Gen Xers. Nearly everyone in contemporary western society is ignorant of subtle reality. Even among those who are not completely ignorant, few are willing to commit themselves to living in that accord, to be compelled by the Holy Breath, to be instruments of Divine will.

    • Kendrick Jacobson

      Excellent point. I’m also from Gen X and I know we’re driving this movement. We’re young enough to have our lives ahead of us and old enough to remember a time when things were simpler and life seemed more normal, no PC. I broke into a deep depression after 2008. I wasn’t working, couldn’t find work and living with relatives. I slept all day and even thought God had abandoned us. I had a sinking feeling the day before the 2012 election that Romney wouldn’t win and BO had fixed it all, but then I knew that 2016 would bring about a big pendulum swing and I wanted to be there for it and fight.

  • Laurelmarycecilia

    No space for long essays but consider the following.

    1. My Momma said: Live in Hope, or you will die in despair.

    2. Without God there’s really no point in anything – even extreme hedonism.

    3. The Church is right about contraception and abortion…. being open or closed to life overwhelmingly and profoundly affects how men and women view themselves, each other and their culture.

  • Tony Cape

    If you believe the bible, Trump is just slowing down the world’s death spiral to a one world government run by the antichrist. If Hillary would have won, we’d be closer to that point. God in His mercy is just giving those people who don’t believe in Him a chance to hear HE IS REAL!

  • Stenka Razinova


  • This may help shed some light on what has happened.
    Benjamin Freedmans 1961 speech

  • Just as it is a conflict of interest for anyone living in DC to vote, which is why the Constitution prohibits it, it is a conflict of interest for anyone else receiving money from the government to vote. They just didn’t foresee so many people outside of DC receiving money from the government. I call this The Honest Voter Amendment. http://www.endofinnocence.com/2012/12/the-honest-voter-amendment.html

    • PaleRider1861

      That is an excellent point — if you’re receiving welfare (SS is not welfare, btw), you become automatically ineligible to vote in any election. Of course, many people would gladly trade the vote for the dollar, but I believe that would be a fair trade.
      Leftists would fight against implementing this system vigorously. Let’s have that fight!

  • ggetaclue

    I hate to tell the author, but in fact, this cycle of manipulation has been going on literally for centuries. Always, the objective is to lower labor costs. War, immigration, “religious exile,” etc — any time you see movement of large numbers of people you can be certain they are going to lower labor costs wherever they are moving to.

    The actual gains that should have been realized by two income families never were realized. Jobs were “compartmentalized” because they were designed to be. It is more profitable to hire low cost workers for skilled/semi-skilled positions. When women entered the workforce, they became a way to lower labor costs! At the same time, prices rose sharply, debasing the value of income and countering any gains made by having a second income earner.

    College lending became another “consumer market” for the banksters who have now managed to enslave an entire generation in unrepayable, ever-growing DEBT.

    “SOCIAL ISSUES” (race, gender, immigration, gay rights, abortion, etc) are a distraction. They are fanned by both left” and “right” along with the full cooperation of the globalist propaganda arm, the “mainstream media.”

    But it is now, always has been and forever will be, UNTIL and UNLESS we stop all this stupid infighting and realize that it really is US versus THEM. We just have the “THEM” wrong:

    It’s the HAVES versus the HAVE NOTS. Everything else is distraction.

  • Mikey

    I was born in 1995 I been through the hopelessness but I was able to break it’s chains and by a motivation that there are always a way to destroy the parasite known as the one present and carve out our own path. I take care of my siblings to prepare them for harsh reality and question everything, keep questioning everything, and not to believe what government tells us. It’s difficult break the chains of NWO but we out number them and we can destroy them in peaceful way by not except them and walk away but it takes unity, being brave, let go of material attachments that holds us back, let go of beliefs that makes no sense and causes destruction, stop voting for presidents, stop believing in the religion of the State, wake up the people behind the trigger of weapons that can incinerate the earth in minutes, take away our obedience from the ruling elites and they have nothing. I’m 21 years old and this is my opinion

  • ling chow ✓

    Great article, and a lot of great comments.